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1. Admiralty (1940). Map: Mediterranean - Tunisia North Coast - Les Fratelli to Cap Carthage [Inset: Cap Farina Anchorage]. London: The Admiralty. N/a pp. Map, very large format (70 cm x 100 cm), single sheet, folded vertically once, fair condition reading copy, reverse heavily marked (with annotation, rubber stamp), notable edgewear. Admiralty chart no 1381 (Zc 1951), copyright 1940, printing 1951. Data taken from French Government charts to 1936. Contains coastal towns, rivers and hills, as well as extensive depth soundings off the coast. Our Book No: 16862. $30 AUD.

2. Albert, J. & Son (1968). Albert's Hill Billy Songster, No. 2. Sydney: Albert J. & Son. 26 pp. Paperback very small, stapled pamphlet (staples lightly rusted), very good condition, minor edgewear. Estimated date, late 1960s (song copyright, 1959, printer's mark 1964, decimal transition sticker). The words and music of hillbilly hits. Most of the songs have been written during the 30s and 40s. Some of the songs are: Yellow Rose of Texas; Wagon Wheels; Old Shep; South of The Border. Our Book No: 24016. $10 AUD.

3. Albert, J. & Son (1968). Albert's Hill Billy Songster, No. 3. Sydney: Albert J. & Son. 34 pp. Paperback very small, stapled pamphlet (staples rusted), very good condition, top corner rear cover creased, minor edgewear. Estimated date, late 1960s: decimal transition sticker (original publication, 1947 - Age newspaper advert). The words and music of hillbilly hits. Some of the songs are: When The Cactus is Blooming At Home; Yippee Yadee Yi Yay; When The Tumble Weeds Come Tumbling Down Again; Gim-Me Crack Corn; I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen. Our Book No: 24017. $10 AUD.

4. Albert, J. & Son (1968). Albert's Hill Billy Songster, No. 4. Sydney: Albert J. & Son. 34 pp. Paperback very small, stapled pamphlet (staples rusted), very good condition, bottom corner front cover creased, minor edgewear. (Estimated date, late 1960s, decimal transition sticker.) The words of hillbilly. Some of the songs are: Frankie And Johnny; Shine On Harvest Moon; Carolina in the Morning; When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' Along; Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. Our Book No: 24018. $10 AUD.

5. Albert, J. & Son (1968). Albert's Hill Billy Songster, No. 5. Sydney: Albert J. & Son. 26 pp. Paperback very small, stapled pamphlet (staples rusted), very good condition, page corner tips little creased, pages toned as usual, minor edgewear. Estimated date, late 1960s (decimal transition sticker). The words of about 70 hillbilly hits. For example: Pine Tree, Pine Over Me; A Dear John Letter; The Little green Valley; Makin' Whoopee; My Blue Ridge Mountain Home; Roo Roo Kangaroo. Our Book No: 24019. $10 AUD.

6. American Army Y.M.C.A., Navy Paris Division (1918). Musical Festival Programme: New Years Eve, December 31st, 1918 at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees (1st ed). Paris: Theatre des Champs-Elysees. 8 pp. Paperback small trade, good condition, stapled pamphlet (single staple, rusted), cream pages with red borders, one black & white photo, good condition, light toning & foxing pages, small mark front cover, fold across pages, tiny tear spine ends, minor edgewear. This program for a musical festival is for the members of the American Expeditionary Force under the distinguished patronage of President and Mme Poincare. Principal choral works of Cesar Franck and The Beautiful Oratorio of TH. Dubois: "The Seven Last Words of Christ". Our Book No: 40119. $15 AUD.

7. Ampol (1962). Map: Ampol Road Map New South Wales. Sydney: Gregory's Guides and Maps / Halstead Press (Printers). 48 pp. Paperback small, good condition, stapled, colour maps, pages lightly toned, covers lightly foxed (front cover lightly scratched), minor edgewear. (Estimated date, 1962, stated on title page for estimated population.) A small booklet of maps of NSW produced for sale in Ampol service stations. Our Book No: 16413. $18 AUD.

8. Aris, E. [Ernest] (1908). Postcard: You Might Drop In: Wishing You a Merry Christmas [Star Series]. Accrington & London: Havelock Lonsdale Art Publisher. N/A pp. Postcard oblong, very good condition, colour drawing, minimal foxing, minor edgewear. Picture of two men on ice skates, one standing behind a sign stating "Ice Not Safe". Ernest Aris (1882 - 1963) was a prolific English illustrator of children's books, particularly for Beatrix Potter. He also did commercial art for postcards etc. Our Book No: 16810. $15 AUD.

9. Battalion A.I.F., 41st (1918). Remembrance Christmas 1918 (1st ed). Paris: Bishop & Garret, Printers. 4 pp. Ephemera, card small, pages attached to card covers by fine blue string, very good condition, light toning, light foxing pages, minor edgewear. This small card has the insignia of the Australian Commonwealth Military Forces on the cover. Remembrance on the cover. Christmas 1918 is on the first page. The message inside reads: "To you, our own dear loved ones, way o'er the other side. We wish the best and brightest to bless this Christmas tide. And tho' perforce "Somewhere in France”. In body we must stay, In spirit we shall cross to you. To share your Christmas day". Printed on inside page: "With Best Wishes from 41st Battalion, A.I.F. France". Our Book No: 40120. $25 AUD.

10. Bonn, Franz (1978). The Children's Theatre: A Reproduction of the Antique Pop-up Book (Reproduced ed). London / New York: Kestrel Books / Viking Press. Unnum 4 pp. Hardback small quarto, very good condition, pictorial cover, colour pop-up drawings, corners bumped, tiny scuff front cover, spine & bottom edge covers lightly faded, spine little slack (no loose pages), spine little creased. This book, originally published in 1878, by J. F. Schreiber of Esslingen, Germany, contains four scenes on stage: one from Little Red Riding Hood, one from Hansel and Gretel, one showing the nativity scene, and the final one with a family around the tree on Christmas Eve. All four pictures have all their parts in place which is unusual for a pop-up book. A charming children's picture book that can be acted out with family and friends. ISBN: 0722655363. Our Book No: 29662. $16 AUD.

11. Bosse, Abraham; Blum, Andre (1924). L'Oeuvre Grave D'Abraham Bosse [French language]. Paris: Editions Albert Morance. 94 + 44 pp. Hardback wide (folder), thick papered board cover, red cloth spine (gilt lettering), very good condition, ribbon ties, booklet & sheets (engravings) loosely inserted, booklet top edges uncut, cover corner little bumped (top edge little worn). (French language.)A collection of 44 looseleaf engravings by 17th century French artist Abraham Bosse, presented in a stiff card folder with ribbon ties, together with a 94-page booklet, being an introduction to the 44 looseleaf plates. Our Book No: 14380. $80 AUD.

12. Brittain, Julia (2006). Plants, People and Places: The Plant Lover's Companion (1st ed). Newton Abbot, Devon: David & Charles. 191 pp. Paperback trade (with flaps), very good condition, black & white drawings, black & white text-photos, minor edgewear. This book looks at the origins of the plants that are grown in gardens today. This useful readable book is illustrated throughout with archive pictures of plants and plantsmen. This book will be ideal for plant lover's and gardeners everywhere. ISBN: 9780715324219. Our Book No: 29260. $15 AUD.

13. Buxton, Dudley (1915). Postcard: May You Fall in for an Ice Time This Christmas: With Every Good Wish for the Festive Season [CWF Series 1282]. London: C. W. Faulkner & Co. N/A pp. Postcard oblong, very good condition, colour drawing, minor foxing & toning, corner tip creased, minor edgewear, annotation. (Estimated date, 1915.) Comic Christmas postcard showing goose with broom talking to fallen snowman wearing skates, with Danger sign in background. Reverse side: Split back, with written message: "To Will: Wishing you the compliments of the season and the best of good luck. From Mother, Xmas 1915". Our Book No: 17145. $10 AUD.

14. Chandris (1969). Menu: Chandris Lines - S.S. Australis: Hellenic Night. City Not Stated: Chandris Lines. 4 pp. Ephemera octavo, folded card, good plus condition, colour painting cover, light foxing, minor edgewear. Menu for S.S. Australis, a ship from Greek shipping line that carried migrants from Greece to Australia. Dated Wednesday, 10th December, 1969. Captain: I. Ikiadis. Chef: S. Raftopuios. Our Book No: 17590. $15 AUD.

15. Chichester, Francis (1981). 50th Anniversary of Sir Francis Chichester's Flight Across the Tasman [First-Day Cover & Photo]. Sydney: Australia Post. N/A pp. Ephemera, envelope, very good plus condition, pictorial cover, rubber stamps, memento sticker. Plus: photograph, very good condition, sepia (brown-coloured), minimal edge tear, annotation rear side. First-day cover: Has sticker signed by Capt. R. Ockenden, and J. Koch (Re-Enactment Party). Commemorates the 50th anniversary of the first east-west solo crossing of the Tasman Sea by Chichester in 1931: Auckland to Norfolk Island, then to Lord Howe Island, then to Jervis Bay, NSW. Photograph: Shows picture of aircraft ZK-AKK plus onlookers, perhaps on Lord Howe Island, plus autograph of Chichester (copy, possibly dated 1967 according to annotation rear cover). Our Book No: 16811. $15 AUD.

16. Circle, Map Collectors; Tooley, R. V. (1965). Early Maps of Australia: The Dutch Period: Being Examples from the Collection of R. V. Tooley with Bibliographical Notes [Map Collectors Series: Third Year, no. 23]. London: Map Collectors Circle. 27 + Unnum 30 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, full-page maps, card cover (minimal foxing), minor edgewear. Lists and describes 89 early Australian maps from the Tooley collection. The maps are collected in the second half of the booklet. Our Book No: 16422. $20 AUD.

17. Committee, Sports and Entertainments; Hocken, Captain A. (1960). Program: The Rangihahas in South Terrific (with Apologies). City Not Stated: R.M.S. Rangitata (Captain A. Hocken). 4 pp. Ephemera trade, folded card, very good condition, light toning, light mark rear cover, creases along fold, minor edgewear. Programme for a concert performed by The Rangihahas troupe on the R.M.S. Rangitata on Monday, 21st. March, 1960. Our Book No: 40106. $10 AUD.

18. Coxon, Michele (2000). Where's My Kitten? A Hide-and-seek Flap Book (Reprint ed). Sydney, Mascot: Koala Books. Unnum 13 pp. Paperback oblong quarto, very good condition, colour drawings (lift-up flaps), crease along spine, laminate lifting corner tips front cover, light imprint inside rear cover, minor edgewear corners. This delightful children's picture counting book has a surprise on every page. Lift the flap to help Mother Cat look for her adventuresome kitten. The exquisite illustrations are by the author. Written by the author of "The Cat Who Lost His Purr”. Novelty item: liftup flaps. ISBN: 1875846859. Our Book No: 27954. $14 AUD.

19. Cruikshank, George (1982). Hop-o' My-thumb and the Seven League Boots [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library]. London / Tokyo: Bodley Head / Holp Shuppan. 34 pp. Paperback small, very good plus condition, card cover, full-page black & white drawings, in cardboard slipcase. Facsimile edition. Facsimile of a children's story of a drunken father abandoning his children who then encounter an ogre: being an adaptation of an old fairy tale, but here rewritten to support the temperance movement. Charles Dickens severely criticised changing the words of old fairy tales. Originally published by David Bogue, London, in 1853, as part of George Cruikshank's Fairy Library. (One of a set of 35 handsome facsimiles in 28 slipcases.). Our Book No: 17011. $20 AUD.

20. Cunard; Watt, J. B. (captain) (1905). Cunard Royal Mail Steamship Lucania: Programme of Entertainment in Aid of Seaman's Charities at Liverpool and New York. City Not Stated: Publisher Not Stated. 4 pp. Ephemera tall trade, folded card, good condition, serrated edges, three single colour illustrations, light toning & foxing, tiny piece missing bottom edge front cover, tiny pin hole bottom edge rear page, minor edgewear. This program of entertainment in aid of seamen charities is dated Thursday, April 27th, 1905 at 8.30 p.m. There is a story of The Liverpool Seaman's Orphan Institution on the page opposite the program. Our Book No: 40059. $20 AUD.

21. Cyclops (1959). Cyclops Toys - 1959. Sydney: Cyclops & Lines Bros (Aust.). 28 pp. Paperback oblong large quarto, stapled pamphlet, very good condition, pictorial cover, black & white & single-colour photos, minor edgewear. A delightful illustrated catalogue of toys made by this Australian company, Cyclops & Lines Bros of Leichhardt, NSW (manufacturers of toys and baby carriages). Loosely inserted: Toy Price List, dated 1 July 1959 (4p). Our Book No: 15680. $180 AUD.

22. Day, Woman's (1997). Diana: Princess of Wales 1961 - 1997: Woman's Day: A Special Tribute. Sydney: Woman's Day. 24 pp. Ephemera, small quarto magazine format, stapled pamphlet, very good condition, many colour text-photos, corner tip rear cover little creased, minor edgewear. A photographic tribute to Princess Diana from the Australian women's magazine. Contains a montage of covers from the magazine featuring Princess Diana. Our Book No: 11930A. $10 AUD.

23. Dean & Son, Publisher (1982). Cinderella: Dean and Son's Pantomime Toy Books with Five Set Scenes and Nine Trick Changes [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library]. London / Tokyo: Bodley Head / Holp Shuppan. 10 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good plus condition, colour drawings (some pages smaller), adverts at rear, in cardboard slipcase. Facsimile edition. A children's pantomime booklet, originally published about 1880. The classic tale of Cinderella is told in verse. The centre pages consist of colour drawings on pages of different sizes which display a pantomime when the pages are flipped. (Pagination includes inside covers. One of a set of 35 handsome facsimiles in 28 slipcases.). Our Book No: 16934. $25 AUD.

24. Disney, Walt (1978). Donald Duck [Walt Disney Comic, no D254]. Sydney: Wogan Pty Ltd. Unnum 32 pp. Paperback octavo, good plus condition, colour cartoons, small edge tear front cover, tiny holes bottom edge some pages (not affecting text), edgewear. Australian edition. Cover design: Ducks marching. Three stories: A Bucket of Scones - The Mysterious Soap Bubbles - Moby Dock and Dimwitty: Undersea Swindle. Our Book No: 17296. $20 AUD.

25. Education, Department of; Morris, Katherine (illustrator) (1959). At the Farm. Sydney: Department of Education, New South Wales (NSW). unnum 50 pp. Paperback wide trade, good condition, dark blue flexible cover (lightly marked), stapled pamphlet, colour drawings, cover edges little frayed, staples lightly rusted, minimal foxing, corner tips covers & few pages little creased, pages faintly toned, faint stain bottom edge, small edge tears, minor scuffing, pencil annotation few pages, rubber stamps. (Estimated date, late 1950s.) Children's reader for New South Wales (NSW) schools. Cover sketch: farm animals. Fay and Don visit a farm and meet the Brown family and all the farm animals. Word list at the rear. No mention of the Infants Reading Committee. Our Book No: 29114. $15 AUD.

26. Elston, Glenn; Hocking, Greg; Woods, Tim (1992). [PLAYBILL] Hair: The Tribal Love Rock Musical. Melbourne: Elston Hocking and Woods / Production Hair 1990 Ltd. 32 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, card cover (stapled), black & white text-photos (some full-page), adverts, large crease top corner rear cover, minor edgewear. Playbill or souvenir brochure for this classic Pulitzer Prize winning musical, noted as starting a national tour by opening at the Footbridge Theatre, Sydney, January 1993. Staged by David Atkins, Graeme Blundell and Nigel Triffitt. Originally written by James Rado, Gerome Ragni and Galt MacDermot in New York in the 1960s. Our Book No: 16705. $15 AUD.

27. Express, Armidale (1970). Thunderbolt! (The Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser, Wednesday, May 25. 1870). Armidale, NSW: Armidale Express and Uralla Times. Unnum 24 pp. Paperback quarto, good condition, unstapled, black & white text-photos, many adverts, bottom corners little torn, pages very toned as usual, edgewear, in archival plastic sleeve. This supplement in the Armidale Express and Uralla Times newspaper celebrates the centenary of the shooting and death of the bushranger Thunderbolt by brave Captain Walker on Kentucky Creek near Uralla. Our Book No: 4203. $25 AUD.

28. Falk, Lee (1989). Phantom: Romance and the Vesta Pirates [No 925A]. Sydney: Frew Publications. 84 pp. paperback quarto, very good condition, stapled (rusted), black & white cartoons, pages toned as usual, some edgewear corners, sticker mark. The Phantom comic was first published as comic strips in the USA in 1947. The first Australian edition (Frew) was 1948 (The Phantom versus the Jewel Pirates), and has been reprinted since (various titles). This edition is the first collectors edition, containing the original complete uncut story. The earlier Frew printings had deleted the extensive love tangles between The Phantom and Diana (an unusual theme by Lee Falk). Our Book No: 17565. $15 AUD.

29. Forbes, Derek (2002). Illustrated Playbills: A Study Together With a Reprint of "A Descriptive Catalogue of Theatrical Wood Engravings" (1865). Covent Garden, London: Society for Theatre Research. 134 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, drawings (playbills), corner tips few pages creased, minor edgewear. Detailed study of some of the thousands of old playbills that have survived, thus contributing to our understanding of early theatrical practices. Has chapters on definitions and early examples, playbills featuring animal subjects, those featuring human subjects. Plus an introduction to the 1865 catalogue prepared by E. J. Bath, case-studies of selected plays and their illustrations. Part II is a facsimile of the Bath catalogue of theatrical wood engravings. ISBN: 0854300724. Our Book No: 15378. $20 AUD.

30. Gathings, Evelyn (1988). Cat and Kitten Bookmarks: 30 Full-Color Designs. New York: Dover Publications. 6 pp. Paperback large quarto, stapled, thirty large (2'' x 7'') bookmarks, perforated for easy removal, very good plus condition, colour illustrations, minimal edgewear, staples lightly rusted, few tiny dents front cover. These 30 delightful cat characters were created by noted painter and illustrator Evelyn Gathings. Each bookmark has a caption on the back giving the cat's name and describing its activity. These bookmarks (five per page, perforated) will delight children and adults. A very special book for book and cat lovers everywhere. ISBN: 0486257843. Our Book No: 22953. $10 AUD.

31. Goodall, John S. (1981). The Story of an English Village (Reprint ed). London: Macmillan Children's. Unnum 32 pp. Hardback small oblong quarto, two dustjackets, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), colour drawings, some rubbing edges, minor edgewear jacket (faint toning reverse side), endpapers little creased. This charming children’s picture book describes the growth of an English village from a medieval clearing to the urban congestion of the present day. Rural life remained unchanged by outside events, apart from the Civil War of 1642, until the advent of the motor car. This very special book has an ingenious half-page that alters the scene. A wordless but wonderful vivid lesson in social history for all ages. ISBN: 0333238354. Our Book No: 29998. $18 AUD.

32. Green, C. J. (1909). INVOICE: C. J. Green & Son, Wholesale Ironmongers, Melbourne. Melbourne: C. J. Green & Son. 1 pp. Ephemera, invoice, quarto, very good condition, page lightly toned, few small marks, some edgewear (mostly top right corner). A single-page invoice from this business at 368 & 370 Post Office Place, Melbourne, dated May 5, 1909. The customer is Messrs Castle Bros [Kyneton]. Text in ink, with extra annotation in pencil. Purchase of 16 items for total of Pounds 27.17.2, of which Pounds 11.15.5 is carried forward from a previous invoice. (The modern term for ironmonger is closest to "hardware store".). Our Book No: 4230. $20 AUD.

33. Groves, Derham; Ballarat, Black Jack of (1996). You Bastard Moriarty, Being a Consideration of the Collectability of Ephemera Related to the Greatest Detective that Never Lived: Sherlock Homes, Written by Black Jack of Ballarat. Melbourne: Littlewood Press. 180 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, marbled paper covers (with flap & title label), tipped-in pages endpapers, tipped-in letters & etchings, string bookmarks, autographs, looseleaf ephemera loosely inserted. (No 72 of a limited edition of 100 copies.) A handmade celebration of Sherlock Holmes, the greatest literary detective. With autographed tipped-in etchings and illustrations in colour and black and white. Tipped-in phone book pages on endpapers for Holmes, Moriarty and Watson. Ephemera, eg wine labels (J. C. Watson), inserted in pocket inside rear cover (access at base). ISBN: 1875718087. Our Book No: 16673. $80 AUD.

34. Hickmer, J. (1907). INVOICE: J. Hickmer, Wholesale Manufacturer and Importer of Art Photo, Frames, Mouldings, Overmantels, Picture Frames, Pictures, Mount Boards, and all Trade Accessories, Melbourne. Melbourne: J. Hickmer. 1 pp. Ephemera, invoice, quarto, fair condition only, many small edge tears (with foxing), piece missing top left corner, page lightly toned, bottom right corner creased, edgewear. A single-page invoice from this business at 118 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, dated August 2, 1907. The customer is Castle Bros, Kyneton. Text in ink, with extra five-line note in pencil at the bottom of the invoice. Our Book No: 4226. $20 AUD.

35. Hill, Edwin S. (1918). INVOICE: Edwin S. Hill & Co., Court Hair Dressers & Perfumerers, Cutlers & Silversmiths, London. London: Edwin S. Hill. 1 pp. Ephemera, invoice, small quarto, good condition, page lightly toned, front & rear marked along edge, some edgewear, rubber stamp. Single-page invoice for this London business, 23 Old Bond Street (and at the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall). Customer is Richard Buesley(?), being account rendered. Text in ink. Payment received rubber stamp. Our Book No: 4224. $20 AUD.

36. Hughes, Sydney G. (1965). Beautiful Calendar Queensland. Brisbane, New Farm: Sydney G. Hughes. 12 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, colour photos, hole near centre top edge (for hanging), pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. A scarce self-published pictorial calendar for Queensland. January to June are turned over, then the calendar is reversed, and the other six months are turned over. The photos (Jan to Dec) are: Double poinsettia - Aerial view of Brisbane from New Farm - Surfing area, Greenmount Beach, Coolangatta - The cloisters of the University of Queensland - Aerial view of Surfers paradise - Mena Falls, Innisfail - Aerial view of Rockhampton - Illuminated city fountain, Townsville - Prize winning home garden in Toowoomba - Fossicking on the Great Barrier Reef at Heron Island - Cane train at the Moreton sugar mill, Nambour - Waltzing matilda memorial, Winton. Our Book No: 17349. $40 AUD.

37. Jamie, James (2011). Rimbaud in Java: The Lost Voyage. Singapore: EDM: Editions Didier Millet. 128 pp. Paperback small, very good condition, drawings, colour photos centre spread, novelty cover design (rounded corners). A fascinating blend of biography, travelogue and fiction charting renowned French poet Arthur Rimbaud's lost voyage. In 1876, he joined the Royal Army of the Dutch Indies and sailed for Java, where he promptly deserted and fled into the jungle. In the first book devoted to Rimbaud's lost voyage to Asia, novelist and critic Jamie James reviews everything that is known about the journey - from there he imaginatively reconstructs what the poet must have seen and what he might have done, vividly recreating life in 19th-century Java along the way. ISBN: 9789814260824. Our Book No: 15727. $10 AUD.

38. Jolliffe, Eric (1978). Jolliffe's Outback, no 105: Cartoons and Australiana Study to Frame (1st ed). Sydney, Dee Why: Eric Jolliffe. Unnum 80 pp. Paperback quarto, card cover, good condition, stapled pamphlet, black & white cartoons, pages toned, staples little rusted, cover corners & spine little creased, small stain few pages near base spine, small spots foxing covers. Saltbush Bill and friends get up to their usual tricks in these popular cartoons. Our Book No: 29952. $10 AUD.

39. Jolliffe, Eric (1986). Jolliffe's Outback Featuring Saltbush Bill, no 119. Sydney: Jolliffe Studios. 82 pp. Paperback oblong quarto, very good condition, full-page black & white cartoons, two colour postcards rear cover, staples rusted, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. Lots more cartoon fun with Saltbush Bill and family. Black & white text-photo of Eric Jolliffe on reverse of front cover. Commentary on Cooma Cottage (Yass), grasshoppers, goannas. Rear cover consists of two colour postcards. Our Book No: 3647. $15 AUD.

40. Jolliffe, Eric (1987). Jolliffe's Calendar 87 [1987] [Jolliffe's Outback Series]. Sydney, Dee Why: Jolliffe Studios. 24 pp. Paperback quarto, stapled pamphlet (with hole for hanging), very good condition, full-page colour cartoons, minor insect damage top edge first page, minor edgewear, minor annotation & small sticker on calendar. A calendar in an annual Jolliffe series, each showing a full-page colour Jolliffe Outback cartoon facing the monthly calendar on the adjacent page. Our Book No: 6110. $25 AUD.

41. Jolliffe, Eric (1989). Jolliffe's Outback Calendar 1989. Sydney, Dee Why: Jolliffe Studios. 24 pp. Paperback quarto, stapled pamphlet (with hole for hanging), very good condition, full-page colour cartoons, tide marks top corner tip rear cover, minor foxing edges few pages, minor edgewear, no annotation on calendar. A calendar in an annual series, each showing a full-page colour Jolliffe Outback cartoon facing the monthly calendar on the adjacent page. Our Book No: 8379. $15 AUD.

42. Jolliffe, Eric (No Date). Jolliffe's Outback, no 98: Cartoons and Australiana Study to Frame. Sydney, Dee Why: E. Jolliffe. Unnum 56 pp. Paperback quarto, good condition, stapled pamphlet, black & white cartoons, pages toned, small tear base near spine, staples rusted, covers little faded & foxed & creased, minor edgewear. Saltbush Bill and his family get up to their usual antics while keeping the farm going. (Undated issue.). Our Book No: 29916. $18 AUD.

43. Kellogg (No Date). [BROCHURE] Kellogg's All-Bran [Kellogg's Pep Wheat Flakes]. Sydney: Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd. N/A pp. Brochure, single folded sheet, good plus condition, colour drawings, small repairs archival tape. This advertising brochure contains cereal information and nursery rhymes. Front text: "Clap hands. clap hands / Till Mother comes home./Mother has Pep / and Father has none./ Tear all along cut lines." The sheet (13 x 26 cm) is folded into three panels. The two outer panels are cut into three horizontal parts that can be folded over onto the middle panel to produce different scenes. Our Book No: 6615. $10 AUD.

44. Lands, Department of (1974). Map: Queensland Four Mile Series (3 maps: Cooktown, Atherton, Mossman) (New, provisional ed). Brisbane: Department of Lands, Survey Office. N/a pp. Each map: Ephemera, large format folded map, very good condition, black & white drawing, minor edgewear. These three topographical maps are of the Cooktown, Atherton and Mossman regions of northern Queensland (nos 14, 25 and 19 in this series). Our Book No: 4490. $35 AUD.

45. Lehar, Franz (1975). [PLAYBILL] The Merry Widow. Sydney: Australian Ballet / Playbill Pty Ltd. Unnum 28 pp. Paperback quarto, stapled pamphlet, card cover, very good condition, adverts, minimal foxing, minor edgewear. Drama performed at the Opera House as a ballet which was directed by Sir Robert Helpmann. There are a few full-colour drawings of the costumes that are used in the ballet, making this a very nice playbill to have in a Australian drama collection. (Loosely inserted: Three one-page brochures.). Our Book No: 20635. $10 AUD.

46. Line, Aberdeen and Commonwealth (1954). Menu: Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line: T.S.S. Largs Bay Fancy Dress Dinner (1st ed). City Not Stated: Publisher Not Stated. 4 pp. Ephemera tall trade, folded card, good condition, colour painting cover, base of fold creased, fold rubbed, light toning & foxing, few marks rear cover, few creases front cover, minor edgewear, autographs (owner’s written name, etc.). Menu for T. S. S. "Largs Bay", a passenger ship on the Britain - Australia run from the 1930s to 1950s (scrapped in 1957). The menu is for a Fancy Dress Dinner on Wednesday, February 24th, 1954. (Autographs: Owner’s written name and cabin number on front cover, page full of numerous passenger written names on rear cover.). Our Book No: 40056. $15 AUD.

47. Line, Shaw Savill; Milne, N. S. (Captain) (1954). Program: S.S. Largs Bay Grand Concert. London: Shaw Savill Line. 4 pp. Ephemera trade, folded card, good condition, colour illustration front cover, light toning & foxing, few age spots, light stain rear cover, fold rubbed, minor edgewear, minor pencil annotation. Programme for a Grand Concert on S.S. Largs Bay, held on Saturday, February 27th, 1954. There is an amusing poem on the back about the concert. Our Book No: 40057. $15 AUD.

48. Lines, Orient; Lamb, Lynton (artist) (1952). Menu: Orient Lines: S.S. Orontes (3 cards). City Not Stated: Publisher Not Stated. Each 4 pp. Each card: Ephemera small trade, folded card, good condition, black & white drawing cover, stewards name (1 card), small mark bottom spine, light toning & foxing rear cover (2 cards), light foxing along fold line (1 card), minor edgewear. Menu for S.S. Orontes. Two cards are Orient Line at the Equator. One card is dated April 30th, 1953 has a Davy Jones His Majesty's Scribe stating that the passenger has crossed the "Line" at Longitude 85 Degrees, 45 Minutes East on this day and is duly admitted to the Ancient Order of the Deep. The other card is Tourist "B" dated 5th February, 1952. The third card is one of a series of menu cards designed by Mr. Lynton Lamb to commemorate various national days, this one being New Zealand Day with a Kiwi on the cover and is a Tourist "B" card. Each card has a different dinner menu. Our Book No: 40053. $30 AUD.

49. Lines, Orient; Garrad, S. A. (designer); Cornwell, H. (chef); Lane, G. (baker) (1953). Menu: Orient Lines - S.S. Orontes Coronation Cards (2 cards) (1st ed) [Coronation Series]. London: Baynard Press (Printer). Each 4 pp. Each card: Ephemera small trade, folded card, good condition, colour illustration front cover, light toning & foxing, light stain bottom edge (1 card), minimal insect damage (1 card), minor edgewear. Two menus for S.S. Orontes Coronation series, designed for the Orient Line by S. A. Garrad. Each card has a different dinner menu. One card has the The Sovereign's Orb on the front and a description on the rear. The other has the Ampulla on the front and a description on the rear. Our Book No: 40054. $30 AUD.

50. Lines, Orient (1953). Menu: Orient Lines: S.S. Orontes (1 card) (1st ed). City Not Stated: Publisher Not Stated. 2 pp. Ephemera small trade, folded card, good condition, light toning & foxing front & back cover, light foxing along fold line, few creases pages & along fold line. Menu for S.S. Orontes. Dinner menu card for Monday 11th May, 1953. This card has a point of interest stating that S.S. Orontes is due in Backstairs Passage about 10.00 p.m [a strait lying between Kangaroo Island and the South Australian mainland]. Our Book No: 40102. $10 AUD.

51. Lines, Orient; Constable, John (menu designer); Hatch, Peter (partnership); Rogers, G. H. (chef) (1971). Menu: Orient Lines - S.S. Oronsay. England: BKT Printers. 4 pp. Ephemera octavo, folded card, good plus condition, colour painting covers, minor insect damage fore-edge, minor edgewear. Menu for S.S. Oronsay. The main menu is printed on one side and the wine list on the opposite side. The menu is for Friday 2 July, 1971. One of a series of six designed by John Constable Peter Hatch Partnership. Our Book No: 40047. $15 AUD.

52. Liquid Fuel Control Board, Commonwealth (1943). Tickets: Three Ration Tickets for Motor Spirit. Canberra: Department of Supply & Development. N/a pp. Each ticket: Very small oblong (4 x 6 cm), very good condition, single colour, blue or sepia (brown-coloured), minor marks & perforation defects. Three ration tickets issued by the Australian Government during World War 2 (WW2). One gallon, blue coloured, no expiry date . Two gallons, sepia coloured, no expiry date (2 copies). Our Book No: 17110A. $30 AUD.

53. Littlewood, Robert C. (2006). Six Bookplates Engraved by David Frazer (1st ed). Stoke-on-Trent: Lytlewode Press. 18 pp. Hardback small quarto (in slipcase), dark pink cloth covered boards & slipcase, very good plus condition, tipped-in original wood engraved black & white bookplates, autograph (author’s written name). This book is no. 19 of limited edition of 150 copies, numbered and autographed by the author and publisher, Robert C. Littlewood, who is President of the Australian Bookplate Society. The engraver is one of Australia's finest wood engravers. This finely produced monograph on his bookplates is a tribute to his skill and the art of contemporary bookplate making. ISBN: 9781905611065. Our Book No: 30107. $180 AUD.

54. Lloyd George, Rt. Hon. David (1914). The Great War Speech at the Queen's Hall, London (1st ed). London: Clerkenwell Press (Printer). 12 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, stapled pamphlet, light toning, spotted foxing pages, staples rusted, foxing front cover, small mark last page, rubber stamp front cover, minor edgewear. This pamphlet is the authorised edition of The Great War Speech delivered by The Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George, M.P. (Chancellor of the Exchequer) at the Queen’s Hall, London on September 19th, 1914. He spoke about: Why Our National Honour is Involved, France and Belgium in 1870, A Scrap of Paper, Germany's Perjury, Belgium's Crime, The Right to Defend its Homes, The Case of Serbia, Serbia Faced the Situation with Dignity, Russia's Turn, The Little Nations, The Test of Our Faith, German Civilisation, A Philosophy of Blood and Iron, The Road-hog of Europe, Through Terror to Triumph, A Welsh Army in the Field, The Sacrifice, The New Patriotism, and The Vision. (Rubber stamp of Orient Line of Royal Mail Steamers.). Our Book No: 40118. $18 AUD.

55. Macqueen, Kenneth; Duhig, J. V. (letter); Lahey, Vida (biography) (1948). Adventure in Watercolour: An Artist's Story Written and Illustrated by Kenneth Macqueen: With a Letter from Professor J. V. Duhig, Biographical Summary by Vida Lahey: Also an Explanation of Technique by the Artist Himself. Sydney: Legend Press. Unnum 48 pp. Hardback folio (33.0 x 26.0 cm), dustjacket, very good condition (in good plus dustjacket), yellow cloth cover, colour plates (paintings) tipped-in, bottom edge untrimmed, top edge little marked, edges jacket toned & little soiled (piece missing top spine, edge tears mostly small), base spine bumped, some edgewear, non-author written dedication. Heavy, and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. (No 293 of a limited edition of 1100 autographed copies.) The renowned Australian artist was also a farmer from Queensland. Each of the 16 watercolour paintings is accompanied by a description on the facing page. They have a lyrical and decorative quality, and are inspired by his local countryside of the Darling Downs and the Moreton Bay area. Loosely inserted: greetings card (1p). Our Book No: 12596. $150 AUD.

56. Malouf, David (1987). Blood Relations. Sydney: Playbill (Australia) Pty Ltd. Unnum pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled, black & white & colour text-photos, minimal edgewear. Program (playbill) for Malouf's play, directed by Jim Sharman, and co-presented by the Sydney Theatre Company and the State Theatre Company of South Australia, at the Sydney Opera House, 24 June 1987. Features artwork by Ian Fairweather on the front cover. A scarce item worth buying by the Malouf collector. Our Book No: 4941. $40 AUD.

57. Mapping and Surveying, Department of (1979). Map: Town of Chiilagoe, County of Lynd, Land Agents District of Cairns. Brisbane: Department of Mapping and Surveying [Queensland]. N/a pp. Ephemera, very large format folded map, very good condition, black & white drawing, some toning & edgewear. A map of real estate lots and subdivisions in the town of Chillagoe, Cairns region, north Queensland. Stated as within the Chillagoe Mining Field, though specific mining tenements are not shown. (Chillagoe is the site of retired heritage-listed mineral smelters, the subject of the Mungana corruption scandal.). Our Book No: 4484. $15 AUD.

58. Mapping and Surveying, Department of (1980). Map: Queensland 1:250,000 Series Cadastral Maps (2 Maps: Walsh, Hann River). Brisbane: Department of Mapping and Surveying. N/a pp. Each map: Ephemera, large format folded map, very good condition, black & white drawing, toned (1 map), minor edgewear. Two cadastral maps, which show all the cadastral (survey) plans for two north Queensland regions. Map 1 (1980) is the Walsh region. Map 2 (1978) is the Hann River region (largely toned orange-brown). Our Book No: 4492. $20 AUD.

59. Martin, Megan (1994). Slazenzers Shipyard on the Parramatta River at Putney [Local Studies Leaflet Series]. Sydney, Ryde: Ryde City Council. 4 pp. Folded trade leaflet, very good condition, two black & white photos, lightly toned. This leaflet has been written by Ryde City Council Local Studies Librarian, based on resources held in their local studies collection. There is a lot of interesting information packed into this leaflet which would be of interest to anyone wanting to learn about early local maritime history. Our Book No: 40100. $10 AUD.

60. McKenry, Keith (2014). More than a Life: John Meredith and the Fight for Australian Tradition. Sydney, Dural: Rosenberg Publishing / Fanged Wombat Productions. 488 pp. Hardback thick octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white text-photos, colour frontispiece, colour photo rear flap jacket, CD inside rear cover, minor edgewear jacket (top corner front flap creased), autograph (author's written dedication title page). Heavy (1.2 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. This is the fascinating story of John Meredith who was born in Holbrook, New South Wales, in 1920. As a young man he set out on a bicycle from home, determined to make his fortune. He discovered old-timers who told him about unknown bush songs. He became one of the world's great song collectors and a key person in the fight to preserve and celebrate Australia's developing folk heritage. He established in 1952 the original Bushwhackers Band and performed in the landmark Australian musical Reedy River. This biography includes a CD containing the best of Meredith's field recordings, together with classic performances by leading Australian and International folk artists. ISBN: 9781925078145. Our Book No: 29906. $40 AUD.

61. McLachlan, Noel (1989). Waiting for the Revolution: A History of Australian Nationalism. Melbourne: Penguin Books. 388 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, full-page black & white cartoons, spine little faded as usual, page edges toned as usual, minor edgewear corners, old price marks, autograph (on loosely inserted compliments card). A controversial book by an academic historian, who traces the origins and distinctive features of Australian nationalism, and contends that the Gallipoli myth fulfilled Australia's revolutionary cult of the blood sacrifice. (Loosely inserted: Compliments card from the author, apparently to an unnamed historian cited in the book, stating that some historians will be displeased with this book.). ISBN: 0140089268. Our Book No: 3883. $25 AUD.

62. Melba, Nellie (1914). [PLAYBILL] Melba Patriotic Concert: Exhibition Building, Adelaide, 21st November, 1914 (Souvenir). City Not Stated: Publisher Not Stated / H.C.C. Print (Printer). 8 pp. Paperback small folio, very good condition, card cover (overlaps page edges), colour title page, single-colour borders, inside covers toned, staples rusted, minor edge tears, minor edgewear. A scarce patriotic playbill during World War 1 (WW1). The title page lists artists who have generously given their services: Madame Melba, Miss Doris Madden, Mr John Lemmone, Mr Fred C. Collier, Mr W. Burrell and the Adelaide Choral Society. Contains a programme guide, including the complete words of three popular songs: "God Save the King" (National Anthem), "The Old Hundreth", and "The Empire Flag". Our Book No: 16957. $120 AUD.

63. Mines, Department of (1978). Map: Mining Lease Atlas: Mossman 1:250,000 Series. Brisbane: Department of Mines. N/a pp. Ephemera, large format folded map, very good condition, colour drawing, minor edgewear. This colour topographical map of the Mossman region, northern Queensland (dated 1973), has superimposed current mining leases indicated in red (each lease identified by number). Our Book No: 4487. $15 AUD.

64. Mudrooroo; Seruzier, Christian (translator) (1995). Le Maitre du Reve-Fantome (1st French ed) [Master of the Ghost Dreaming]. La Tour d'Aigues: Editions de l'Aube. 200 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, edges & endpapers lightly foxed, minor edgewear, autograph (author's written dedication), card loosely inserted. French-language edition of a novel based on Wybalenna Aboriginal mission at Flinders Island, the life of G.A. Robinson and his wife, and Truganini Wourreddy. Dedication reads: "For Tom, with heartfelt thanks for bringing me the Master. 7-3-95". The card (l'Aube editions imprint) reads: "Tom: Here it is at last - my first publication, thanks to you and I'm sure you'll understand how I feel today! A thousand thanks." Both are signed "Colin" [Johnson, his English name]. ISBN: 2876782146. Our Book No: 14799. $15 AUD.

65. Newton, T. (1982). The New Game of the Mansion of Bliss: In Verse [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library]. London / Tokyo: Bodley Head / Holp Shuppan. 16 pp. Paperback very small, very good plus condition, folio (very large) folded colour game sheet (superior cloth) loosely inserted, pictorial cardboard sleeve, all in cardboard slipcase. Facsimile edition. Facsimile of a children's game and instruction booklet (both fitted into a facsimile pictorial cardboard sleeve), originally published by W. & T. Darton (map-seller), London, in 1810. (One of a set of 35 handsome facsimiles in 28 slipcases.). Our Book No: 16939. $25 AUD.

66. Nucolorvue (1965). Postcard: Port Fairy, Victoria's Complete Holiday Resort. Melbourne, Moorabbin: Nucolorvue Productions Pty. Ltd. N/A pp. Postcard oblong, very good condition, tucked-in flap, colour photos, tiny tear edge flap, minor edgewear, postage stamp (little torn), owner’s written name & address, annotation (sender's note & drawing one card). Novelty set of 12 full-colour postcards joined to form a fold-out concertina. The postage stamp is 5d with the Queens head on it (that is, card is before 1966). Our Book No: 40094. $20 AUD.

67. Oakley, Barry (1993). The Craziplane (1st ed). Sydney, Rydalmere: Hodder & Stoughton. 141 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), pages little toned as usual, edges jacket little creased (reverse side lightly foxed), minor edgewear. First edition. Novel by Australian writer about a young novelist writing the biography of a great playwright, who gets entangled with his family. A funny tale of relationships. (Enclosed: review request letter to named journalist at Melbourne Herald, plus brochure. Mentions Oakley's key role at the Melbourne Pram Factory.). ISBN: 0340509864. Our Book No: 4236. $15 AUD.

68. Office, War (1955). Manual of Map Reading, Air Photo Reading and Field Sketching: Part 1: Map Reading. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO). 132 pp. Hardback small, no jacket as issued, very good condition, red cloth cover, figures, black & white & colour maps (some foldout), front endpapers toned, minor foxing & edgewear. New edition 1955 (originally published 1929). A standard comprehensive guide to map reading. Includes mapcraft, scales, conventional signs, shape of the ground, grid references (including pre-UTM and UTM in Britain), direction, prismatic compass, map setting and position finding, and map reading instructions. Many sample maps. Our Book No: 4124. $18 AUD.

69. Olympics (1956). Olympic Games, Melbourne 22 Nov - 8 Dec 1956: Official Programme for the 1956 Olympic Games. [Melbourne]: Organizing Committee XVIth Olympiad / Australian News and Information Bureau. n/a pp. Folded sheet, very good condition, colour drawings, map, pages lightly toned as usual. This large folded sheet opens out to 20 panes, which contain a program of events, a history of the Olympic Games, a map of Melbourne, and sketches of the main venues. Drawing of athlete handing the Olympic torch to another athlete (in front of a map of Australia) on front cover. Lithograph printing by P. C. Grosser, Melbourne. Our Book No: 9857. $15 AUD.

70. Opera, Australian (1978). [PLAYBILL] The Mastersingers of Nuremberg: Opera in Three Acts by Richard Wagner. Sydney: Playbill (Australia) Pty Ltd. Unnum 44 pp. Paperback large quarto, stapled, very good condition, cover & some pages brown-tinted, black & white text-photos, adverts. Performed at the Sydney Opera House in August and September, 1978. Conductor: Mark Elder. Producer: David Pountney. Our Book No: 15446. $15 AUD.

71. Orchestra, Sydney Symphony (1946). The Australian Broadcasting Commission Presents the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Sydney: Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC). 18 pp. Paperback small octavo, card covers, stapled pamphlet (staples rusted), very good condition, black & white drawings, few text-photos & adverts. The programme guide for a concert on Saturday, 7th December, 1946. The Australian Broadcasting Commission, in conjunction with the NSW Government and the Municipal Council of Sydney, presents the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Town Hall, Sydney. Guest conductor: Joseph Post. Soloist: Eunice Gardiner. Includes old adverts from the 1940s. Our Book No: 21663. $10 AUD.

72. Oz People, The; Wiltshire, Gail (director); Bailey, Bert (script); Musa, Helen (editor) (1985). On Our Selection: The Characters Immortalizied by Steele Rudd. Brisbane: The Playhouse. Unnum 10 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, black & white text-photos, single-colour illustrations & adverts, top corners covers & pages lightly creased, faint foxing cover, minor edgewear. Bert Bailey adapted On Our Selection in 1912 for the stage. The Oz People use the Bailey script which has been edited by Helen Musa. The Playhouse is operated by the Queensland Children's Theatre and Creative Workshop Association, a nonprofit company dedicated to providing creative activities for disabled children. (Estimated date, 1985.) Our Book No: 40039. $18 AUD.

73. Phillips, H. (Harry) (1910). Views of the Far Famed Blue Mountains N.S.W. Katoomba, NSW: H. Phillips. Unnum 24 pp. Paperback oblong large folio (59 cm x 23.8 cm), good plus condition (internally very good), card cover (few small edge tears), black & white photos, colour photo tipped in inside front cover (reverse side little foxed), black cloth spine (repair), vertical fold (all pages), rear cover foxed, some internal foxing, edgewear. A collection of photographs by Harry Phillips (1873 - 1944), a noted photographer, printer and publisher. He published about 80 books of photography about the Blue Mountains and Sydney, and is best remembered for his kitsch postcards. Note on p24: "Photographed and printed throughout by H. Phillips, Katoomba, N.S.W." (Estimated date, about 1910.). Our Book No: 17015. $100 AUD.

74. Pike, Glenville (1980). Map: Historical Map of North Queensland: Cardwell to Cooktown. Queensland: Glenville Pike. N/a pp. Ephemera, large format folded map, very good condition, black & white drawing, minor edgewear. This map of northern Queensland lists 112 historical features, mainly mine sites. Our Book No: 4483. $15 AUD.

75. Potter, Beatrix (1989). The World of Beatrix Potter (12 Books, Box Set). London: Frederick Warne. Each: 60 pp. Each book: Hardback very small, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), colour drawings, minimal edgewear. In square box (15.5 x 12.0 x 11.5 cm), good condition, pictorial cover & sides (little bubbled & toned & rubbed), metal clasp (little rusted), minor edgewear. Heavy (1.3 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. A boxed collection of 12 booklets of Beatrix Potter's classic illustrated children's stories about Peter Rabbit. The original and authorised editions. New editions from the original watercolours. ISBN: 0723251665. Our Book No: 17338. $60 AUD.

76. Power, Thomas P. (1897). INVOICE: Thomas P. Power, Saddlers Ironmonger & Manufacturer, Melbourne. Melbourne: Thomas P. Power. 1 pp. Ephemera, invoice, quarto, good plus condition, page lightly toned, bottom corners creased, little marked, two small holes, some edgewear, pen mark stripe. Single-page invoice for this business, 398-400 Little Bourke Street West, Melbourne, dated 10 March, 1897. Customer is Messrs J. H. Abbott & Co, Bendigo. Text in ink. The customer ordered bridles, stirrups, etc. Total is Pounds 10.18.9, of which Pounds 8.13.1 is carried forward from a previous invoice. Our Book No: 4220. $20 AUD.

77. Production, Scenic (1960). Scenes Around and About Cairns. Sydney, Chatswood: Thomas Tennant. 10 pp. Ephemera, fold-out square postcards, good condition, black & white photos, illustrated colour cover, light foxing & toning on folder, few tiny holes at fold single photo, minor edgewear. This small folder with flaps has a green & black illustrated cover with 10 black & white photos on paper that folds-out concertina style. The photos are glued inside of the folder, and depict scenes around Cairns. The written dedication is: To Dear Mother with love from Dorothy. The address is Mrs E Campbell 12 Morrow St Wagga Wagga N.S.W. (Estimated date, 1950s or 1960s.). Our Book No: 40115. $18 AUD.

78. Productions, View (1984). Early Australian Postcards: Collector's Edition. Sydney: View Productions. 54 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, stapled, colour & black & white & sepia (brown-coloured) photographs (postcards), minor edgewear. A photographic collection of early Australian postcards, being one or two postcards per page, and minimal text. The first and last three pages may have been intended to be cut out as the back of the postcard (used for writing a message) is reproduced on the reverse side. ISBN: 0908240538. Our Book No: 17068. $20 AUD.

79. Purcell, Leigh (1982). Photos: 50th Anniversary: Sydney Harbour Bridge 1932 - 1982. Sydney: Daily Mirror. N/A pp. Photos in souvenir envelope, very good condition. Contents: four black & white photos. Envelope: cardboard, oblong small quarto format, flaps at back, sticker seal torn (rear flap scuffed from part sticker removal), minor edgewear. (Limited edition: no 977 of 1000 copies.) Souvenir envelope (designed by Purcell) containing photographs, published by the Sydney tabloid newspaper, the Daily Mirror, to mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Our Book No: 12299. $10 AUD.

80. Railton, James (1910). INVOICE: Railton Bros, Wholesale and Retail Nurserymen and Seed Merchants, Melbourne. Melbourne: J. Hickmer. 1 pp. Ephemera, invoice, oblong octavo (18 x 20 cm), good plus condition, page lightly toned, minor edgewear. A single-page invoice from this business at 273 Swanston Street, Melbourne, dated August 17, 1910. The customer is Castle Bros, Kyneton. Text in pencil, with extra annotation in ink. Rubber stamp "James Railton" overprints business name Railton Bros. Our Book No: 4231. $20 AUD.

81. Railways, Commonwealth; Bartlett, R. H. (photographer) (1965). Menu: Trans-Australian Railway Menu Card. City Not Stated: Commonwealth Railways. Unnum 2 pp. Paperback tall trade, thin card, colour photo on cover, light toning & foxing, spine rubbed, written annotation rear side This menu provides a dining car service breakfast on the Trans-Australian Railway (from Port Augusta to Kalgoorlie, across the Nullarbor Plain). The colour photo on the card cover is a view of Standley Chasm, Central Australia. There are signatures of four of the passengers on the rear side. (Estimated date, 1960s.). Our Book No: 40038. $15 AUD.

82. Railways, Queensland (1965). Queensland Railways Centenary Time Table (1st ed). Brisbane: Queensland Railways / Government Printer. 150 pp. Paperback, very good condition, stapled, spine little rubbed, staples rusted, top spine scuffed (tiny piece missing), pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. This timetable booklet was published to celebrate the centenary of suburban rail lines from Brisbane to Ipswich, Shorncliffe, Pinkenba, Ferny Grove, Petrie, and Caboolture, South Brisbane to Manly, Lota, Kuraby, Corinda, and South Brisbane to Beenleigh. Our Book No: 40025. $30 AUD.

83. Rangitata; Pikes, Joseph (artist) (1960). Menu: R.M.S. Rangitata English Buildings (3 Cards). City Not Stated: Publisher Not Stated. Each 4 pp. Each card: Folded card small octavo, good condition, colour illustration front cover, minimal toning spots, minor edgewear. Three menus for R.M.S. Rangitata. Two cards have the same menu and are dated 13th March, 1960. One of these cards has Middle Temple Lane which leads to Middle Temple Hall, built in 1572. Here "Twelfth Night" was first performed in 1602 under Shakespeare's personal direction. The other card has St. Bartholomew's Gateway which marks the entrance to the Church of St. Bartholomew the Great, Smithfield. This, the oldest parish in London, was founded by Rahere in 1123. The third card is dated Friday, 18th March, 1960, and the menu is for a Carnival Dinner. This card has Voyage to New Zealand via Panama Canal: the illustration is the Staple Inn, Holborn and old Elizabethan houses. Our Book No: 40050. $30 AUD.

84. Rangitata; Stewart, Kay (artist) (1960). Menu: R.M.S. Rangitata English Cathedral Cards (4 cards). City Not Stated: Publisher Not Stated. Each 4 pp. Each card: Folded card small octavo, good condition, colour illustration front cover, minimal spotty toning, minor edgewear. Menu for R.M.S. Rangitata. Each card has the same menu for Sunday, 28th February, 1960. The four English cathedrals are: Norwich, Lichfield, Peterborough, and St Albans. Each cathedral is described on the back of the card. This ship was operated by the New Zealand shipping company between London and New Zealand via the Panama Canal - built in 1929 and scrapped in 1962. Our Book No: 40048. $40 AUD.

85. Rangitata; Wagstaff, H. (artist) (1960). Menu: R.M.S. Rangitata Bird Cards (3 cards). City Not Stated: Publisher Not Stated. Each 4 pp. Each card: Folded card small octavo, good condition, colour illustration front cover, minor edgewear, minimal age spots. Menu for R.M.S. Rangitata. Two of the three cards (undated) have the same menu but a different bird on the front cover: a bellbird, and a kea - with a description of the bird on the rear side, plus a story from Neptunus Rex, Ruler of the Seven Seas, stating that the bearer was admitted into "Ye Anciente Fellowshippe of ye Seven Seas", with a red seal. The third card has a jay on the front cover, and the description of this bird on the rear cover. The menu differs from the other two cards. The date is Sunday 20th, March, 1960. Our Book No: 40049. $30 AUD.

86. Rayner, E. O.; Nye, P. B. (1940). MAP: Cloncurry Gold and Mineral Field Plan Showing Generalized Geology and Positions of Mines [Cloncurry Plate 1]. Australia: Northern Aerial and Geophysical Survey. N/a pp. Ephemera, large format folded map, very good condition, multicoloured drawing, sheet lightly toned, tiny pinholes along one edge, minor edgewear & foxing, rubber library stamp reverse side. A handsome collectible geological map of the Cloncurry mineral field in Queensland. Contains the facsimile signatures of assistant geologist Rayner and executive officer Nye, dated 1940. Our Book No: 4190. $30 AUD.

87. Rieu, Andre (2008). My Dream Comes True: Andre Rieu on Tour. Sydney: Playbill Pty Ltd. Unnum 32 pp. Paperback small folio, very good plus condition, many colour photos, glossy paper, minimal edgewear. Playbill for his orchestral performance in Sydney. (Loosely inserted: ticket his show, Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra, ANZ Stadium, 28 November, 2008.). Our Book No: 17431. $20 AUD.

88. Roscoe, Ken; Rowe, Barry (drawings) (1975). Inventors and Inventions [Brooke Bond Picture Card Series]. London: Brooke Bond Oxo Ltd / World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Unnum 16 pp. Paperback oblong, stapled pamphlet, very good condition, picture cards tipped in (pasted in), front cover creased. Estimated date: 1975 (Brooke Bond Collectables website). Consists of a set of 40 picture tea cards (complete set) in a booklet to inform about key technological inventions, such as the telephone and the steam engine. Brooke Bond is renowned for the attractive picture cards given away in packets of tea. Our Book No: 2291A. $10 AUD.

89. Sanitarium (1946). The Sanitarium Children's Abbreviated Australian Encyclopaedia (1st ed). [Sydney]: Sanitarium Health Food Company. Unnum 72 pp. Paperback quarto, fair condition only, card covers (little foxed, rear cover stained), stapled, small black & white drawings, colour cards pasted in (some with faint browning on adjacent page), large colour frontispiece pasted in, pages toned, spine & edges little torn (archival tape repairs), edgewear, otherwise complete and scarce. First edition. This children’s encyclopedia and dictionary contains spaces for pasting in colour cards from Sanitarium cereal packets. Mainly nature, famous people and large towns and cities. Only a short paragraph on Aborigines. A scarce complete set with all 60 pasted-in cards. (One-page small folded brochure loosely inserted & repaired, producing browned patch centre pages.). Our Book No: 17460. $30 AUD.

90. Savings Bank, South Australia (No Date). [BLOTTER] Savings Bank of South Australia .. Provides Every Facility for Systematic Saving. [Adelaide]: Savings Bank of South Australia. N/A pp. Blotter, very good condition, sepia (brown-tinted) sketch & text, corners creased, minor edgewear. This blotter advertises the Savings Bank of South Australia. The sketch (left side of blotter) is two horses pulling a plough, with farm buildings in the background. The test includes the phrases: 48 branches; 370 agencies; 1200 school bank agencies; "The People's Bank". Our Book No: 2379. $10 AUD.

91. Sheldon, Capt E. G. (1942). Sheldon's Map Reading and Field Sketching: Self Instructor (Reprint ed). Sydney: Mingay Publishing. 128 pp. Paperback trade, fair plus condition, figures, colour foldout map inside front cover, internal foldout map (archival tape repair, little creased), covers little creased & marked (spine chipped), internal staples (very rusted), few page corner tips creased, edges little toned, minor foxing (mainly front endpapers), edgewear (edge tear rear cover), owner's written name. A collectible Australian instruction book on map reading, published during World War 2 (WW2), The author was chief instructor, First Australian Army Map Reading and Field Sketching School, and senior survey draftsman, NSW Department of Lands. Our Book No: 16696. $15 AUD.

92. Show, Royal Easter (1997). Show Guide: Sydney Royal Easter Show 21 March to 5 April 1997. Sydney: Roughedge / Royal Agricultural Society of NSW. 78 pp. Paperback quarto, stapled (rusted), very good condition, colour text-photos, adverts, tear-out tickets, front cover creased, minor foxing & edgewear. Our Book No: 15598. $28 AUD.

93. Skinner, Dion H. (1983). Cigarette Cards: Australian Issues & Values (1st ed). Adelaide, Malvern: Renniks Books. 245 pp. Hardback large octavo, no jacket, pictorial cover, very good plus condition, black & white & colour & sepia text-photos, decorative endpapers, covers lightly scratched. This book is based on research by the author, the Cartophillic Society of Great Britain, and collectors throughout Australia between 1897 and 1934. Over 2000 coloured illustrations identifying every series, front and back, are catalogued in this edition. More than 12,000 listings with captions of individual cards with three values according to condition. A very special book for the collector, dealer, historian and student of cigarette cards. (Book only as ISSN 08127727, no ISBN.). Our Book No: 25604. $22 AUD.

94. Smyth, Dacre; Lockwood, Admiral Lionel (foreword) (1982). Historic Ships of Australia: A Third Book of Paintings, Poetry and Prose. Melbourne, Toorak: Dacre Smyth. 82 pp. Hardback small square quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), colour reproductions, faint foxing top edge, minor edgewear jacket (little creasing), autograph (author's written name), bookplate. The author and artist is a retired naval officer who has been painting for about 16 years. Self-taught, he has held nine previous one-man exhibitions. he reproduces paintings of historic ships made in 1981 throughout Australia. The rear of the book has a list of the ships. Some of the ships are: Adelaide, Melbourne, James Craig, John Oxley, Lady Hopetoun, Polly Woodside, South Steyne. (Loosely inserted: 2-page letter from the author to art dealer Frank McDonald, about the von Guerard book of which McDonald was an author. Plus McDonald bookplate.). ISBN: 0959519831. Our Book No: 27010. $20 AUD.

95. Solomons, V. C.; Denham, W. M. (1984). Sydney Trams on Postcards (1st ed). Sydney, Sutherland: South Pacific Electric Railway Co-Operative Society Limited. 64 pp. Paperback oblong, thick card covers, stapled (lightly rusted), very good condition, full-page black & white text-photos, spine little creased, edges lightly toned, minor edgewear, tiny biro annotation front cover. The postcard views produced in this book provide an insight into a Sydney of days gone by, when trams played a vital role in everyday life. The trams were a cheap, reliable and frequent service to the community. Edited by Solomons, layout by Denham. ISBN: 0909372144. Our Book No: 27641. $15 AUD.

96. Staatskapelle, Berlin; Kurz, Siegfried (conductor); Ehwald, Christian (conductor); Rosel, Peter (soloist) (1986). Berlin Staatskapelle: Australian Tour 1986. Perth: Programme Production / Doreen Pallier & Veron Jones Design Studio. 12 pp. Paperback large quarto, card covers, stapled pamphlet, very good condition, colour photos, few full-page colour adverts, minor edgewear. A concert program for March, 1986 of the Berlin State Orchestra (Berlin Staatskapelle). The Festival of Perth arranged and managed the tour. The program guide includes adverts about Leeuwin Estate Winery, Swan Premium Lager and The Barrack House Group. Our Book No: 21937. $10 AUD.

97. Steam Navigation Company, Peninsular & Oriental (P & O) (1953). Sports and Entertainments Card: S.S. Himalaya (2 cards). City Not Stated: Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P & O). Each 4 pp. Each card: Folded card octavo, good condition, colour illustration front cover, minimal age spots, crease along fold, bottom corner front cover one card creased (1 card), few light creases cover (1 card), minor edgewear. Two sports and entertainments cards. One is dated April, 1953 for Australia to England, the other Monday 11th July to Friday July 29th no year or name of ship, from London to Colombo. There is passenger information on the rear of one card: the other card is blank. Our Book No: 40055. $20 AUD.

98. Steam Navigation Company, Peninsular & Oriental (P & O); Rogers, Hunter (artist) (1959). Menu: S. S. Strathmore. City Not Stated: Publisher Not Stated. 4 pp. Folded card small octavo, good condition, colour illustration front cover, minimal toning spots, small stain bottom edge front cover, minor edgewear. Menu for S. S Strathmore, dated Thursday 22nd January 1959. The menu is on one side with a wine list on the opposite side. This is one of a series of 12 paintings by Mr Hunter Rogers depicting Australian scenery. The Blue Mountains New South Wales is on the front cover with a description of the picture which is of a rugged escarpment known as "The Three Sisters at Katoomba". Our Book No: 40051. $15 AUD.

99. Steam Navigation Company, Peninsular & Oriental (P & O); Cobb, David (artist); Rogers, G. H. (chef) (1971). Menu: S. S. Oronsay. England: Printed by W. S. Cowell Ltd. 4 pp. Folded card octavo, good condition, colour illustration front cover, base of fold creased, insect damage fore-edge, light foxing rear page, minimal toning spots, edgewear. Menu for S. S. Oransay, dated Wednesday 30 June 1971. The menu is on one side and the wine list on the opposite side. This menu is one of six specially designed for P&O by David Cobb. Our Book No: 40052. $15 AUD.

100. Stott (1923). Stott and Hoare's Typewriting Manual: Touch Typewriting: Sections 1 & 2 (2 booklets). Sydney: Stott & Hoare's Business College. 32 + 42 pp. Each volume: Hardback small folio (30 x 21.3 cm), thick card cover (green cloth spine, little soiled), pages lightly toned, rubber stamps, edgewear, old price marks. Volume 1 (fair condition): Front cover vertically torn (repaired), board exposed bottom corner front cover, owner's written name. Volume 2: good plus condition. Instruction booklets. Section 1 contains Lessons 1 - 52. Section 2 contains Lessons 51 - 69. Cover of both volumes has rubber stamp (over Stott & Hoare): "Chartres Business College amalgamated with". Loosely inserted: Remington Typewriter Keyboard Diagram (one sheet, edge tears repaired). Our Book No: 15015. $80 AUD.

101. Survey Corps, Royal Australian (1966). Map: Australia 1:100,000 Series (4 maps: Helenvale, Jedda Creek, Cooktown, Mount Mulgrave). Canberra: Royal Australian Survey Corps. N/a pp. Each map: Ephemera, large format folded map, very good condition, colour drawing, some light toning, minor edgewear. Topographical maps of four regions, northern Queensland: Helenvale (dated 1966), Jedda Creek (1978), Cooktown (1966), Mount Mulgrave (1979). Our Book No: 4493. $40 AUD.

102. Survey Corps, Royal Australian (1967). Map: Australia 1:250,000 Series (4 maps: Hann River, Walsh, Cooktown, Mossman). Canberra: Royal Australian Survey Corps. N/a pp. Each map: Ephemera, large format folded map, very good condition, colour drawing, some toning (2 maps), minor edgewear. Topographical maps of four regions, northern Queensland: Hann River (dated 1959), Walsh (1962), Cooktown (1965), Mossman (1967). Our Book No: 4493. $40 AUD.

103. Tourist Association, Macquarie Valley (1964). The Macquarie Valley, New South Wales, for Your Inland Holiday. Wellington, NSW: Macquarie Valley Tourist Association (MVTA). 16 pp. Ephemera, pamphlet, one folded sheet of 16 leaves, very good condition, colour text-photos, maps. (Estimated date, 1964, Trove digitised newspaper.) Pamphlet about the historic tourist area in central west New South wales that includes the towns of Dubbo, Mudgee, Molong, Wellington and Gulgong, and the Burrendong Dam (nearing completion). Our Book No: 5607. $10 AUD.

104. Tourist Coaches, Pioneer (1960). Pioneer Highway Holiday Itinerary. City Not Stated: Pioneer Travel. Unnum 2 pp. Paperback tall trade pamphlet & separate folded quarto single-page itinerary, good condition, map, single-colour drawings, minor toning & edgewear, few marks, tiny holes top corner of itinerary (staple removed). A brochure with a single page itinerary for a journey from Adelaide to Melbourne on 27th August 1960. The name of the person taking the holiday is stamped on the front of the brochure and the single page itinerary has a stamp from a travel service in Perth, Western Australia. The no.136 - Issued August 1960 is on the itinerary. Our Book No: 40037. $10 AUD.

105. Treborlang, Robert; Knight, Mark (illustrator) (1999). How to be Normal in Australia (8th ed). Sydney: Major Mitchell Press. 123 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white drawings. A popular, humorous and practical guide to the uncharted territory of Australian relationships. Secrets of normal Australians revealed. Tip-toe through the minefields! (Loosely inserted: Greeting card from Major Mitchell Press with a written and signed message from the author). ISBN: 1875614117. Our Book No: 4159. $10 AUD.

106. Tweed, Newspaper (1960). Tourist and Mileage Road Map: Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Mileage to Brisbane, Nambour, Rockhampton. [Queensland]: Publisher Not Stated / Tweed Newspaper print. 4 pp. Ephemera small trade, folded once, good condition, black & white photos, light foxing & toning, minor edgewear, few tiny holes at fold. This tourist souvenir has a location map with local business advertisements on one page and the other page has seven black & white camera photo studies. (Estimated date, 1960. The original price states 6d which suggests prior to 1966, and there is a rubber stamp from New Middy’s Store ’79 which suggests it could have been bought as a pre-loved souvenir. Our Book No: 40116. $10 AUD.

107. Tyrrell, Bill (compiler) (1978). Early Sydney Postcards: Books 1 and 2. Sydney: Doubleday. 16 + 16 pp. Each book: Paperback thin oblong, heritage pictorial cover, very good plus condition, stapled, black & white photos, minor edgewear. (Estimated date, 1978, Trove catalogue.) Bill Tyrrell lived in Sydney all his life and has an active interest in early Australian photography. Some years ago he inherited a magnificent collection of glass negatives from which these reproductions were available. each of the two books has 32 picture postcards of Sydney City, suburbs and harbour, reproduced from original glass negatives from the libraries of Charles Kerry and Henry King. The time span of these pictures encompasses is about 1880 - 1936. Pages are perforated so that postcards can be removed. ISBN: 0868240044. Our Book No: 21614. $15 AUD.

108. Valentine (1945). A Holiday at the Seaside. City Not Stated: Publisher Not Stated, Valentine. 10 pp. Paperback narrow quarto, stapled pamphlet (novelty design, human shape), very good condition, colour & sepia (brown-coloured) drawings, minor edgewear, owner's written name. Estimated date, 1945. This novelty booklet has drawings that are similar in style (but not shape) to the book "A Holiday at the Seaside" by Penelope Malcolm, published by Valentine Publishing, Melbourne, 1940s (3 copies in the Trove catalogue). Our Book No: 14614. $80 AUD.

109. Valentine (No Date). Postcard: Greetings from Port Fairy. Melbourne / Printed in Great Britain: Valentine Publishing Co. Pty Ltd. N/A pp. Postcard oblong, very good condition, lift-up flap, colour drawing, black & white miniature concertina pull-out photos, tiny tear at corner join of flap, minor edgewear. Novelty Australian postcard. Picture of Australian lyre bird on front. Lift-up flap reveals a set of seven miniature black & white photos of scenes at Port Fairy, Victoria. The photos form a concertina pull-out which sits under the flap. Our Book No: 40093. $15 AUD.

110. Views, Murray (1941). See Australia First: Toowoomba, Queensland. Gympie, QLD: Murray Views. 12 pp. Paperback wide octavo, fair condition (reading copy) condition, stapled (rusted), card over (two oval peepholes), colour & sepia (brown-tinted) photos, front cover little marked (includes tide marks along spine), spine little torn, covers & pages little creased, some edgewear. (Estimated date, 1941, pencilled annotation.) A delightful photographic pamphlet celebrating this city on the Darling Downs inland from Brisbane. Text description inside rear cover. Our Book No: 4365. $20 AUD.

111. Virtue (1874). [PRINTS] Set of 10 Colonial Australian Engravings, Printed on White Card. London: Virtue & Co. N/A pp. Each print: Oblong small quarto, black & white engraving on white card, very good condition, minimal foxing (some sheets), minor edgewear. [NOT A BOOK] Consists of 10 prints of engravings of colonial scenes in Victoria, Australia (Virtue & Co, London). These engravings were originally published in a 2-volume book in the 1870s ("Australia" or "Australia Illustrated", by Edwin Carton Booth). These are individual prints (approx. date, 1874, Trove catalogue.) The 10 scenes and the illustrators are: Ovens River (N. Chevalier & W. Richardson); Lake Colac (N. Chevalier & W. Forrest); Mallee scrub, River Murray (N. Chevalier & W. Forrest); Valley of the Goulbourn (S. Prout & J. B. Allen); Mount Macedon (S. Prout & S. Bradshaw); the Basin Bank (N. Chevalier & W. Richardson); the Upper Goulburn (S.Prout & W. Forrest); the Dandenong Ranges (S. Prout & W. Richardson); Avoca River (S. Prout & T. Heawood); Mount Laura, Camperdown (J. C. Armytage & J. J. Crew). Our Book No: 14694. $40 AUD.

112. Waldron, Kevin (2014). Penny the Pirate (A Story that Screens Your Child's Vision). Sydney: OPSM Group Ltd / Saatchi & Saatchi. 28 pp. Paperback quarto, very good plus condition, colour drawings, map on endpapers. In plastic envelope with test kit. An innovative children's picture story that can be used as a prop for testing your child's vision. Comes in a plastic sleeve that includes a test kit (3D glasses, pirate eye patch, symbol key, spyglass and instruction booklet). ISBN: 9780646918396. Our Book No: 16978. $20 AUD.

113. Western Australia, Government of (1927). Agriculture and Land Settlement in Western Australia (Western Australia no 1: Agriculture) (1927 ed). Perth: Fred Wm Simpson, Government Printer. Unnum 16 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, stapled pamphlet (each page folded into three panes), colour cover, black & white text-photos, maps, staples rusted, some edgewear, minimal annotation front cover. The is folded pamphlet promotes the benefits of agriculture in Western Australia. Covers wheat farming, cattle, fruit growing, vinyards, and government assistance for migrants. (Estimated date, 1927, printers code.). Our Book No: 4457. $60 AUD.

114. White, Patrick (1991). Patrick White Christmas Card [Xmas Card]. Sydney: State Library of New South Wales (SLNSW). 6 pp. Ephemera, card (folded into three panels), colour photos, as new condition, minimal edgewear. A Christmas card containing a reproduction of Patrick White's letter to Father Christmas (Xmas) in 1918 (when he was six), as well as a photo of 'Paddy' on his rocking horse at that time. Our Book No: 17504. $15 AUD.

115. White, Patrick; Armfield, Neil (director) (2000). [PLAYBILL] A Cheery Soul. Sydney: Playbill Pty Ltd / Sydney Theatre Company. Unnum 36 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition, stapled pamphlet, card cover, black & white & colour text-photos & adverts. A playbill for this revival of Patrick White's play "A Cheery Soul", jointly produced by the Sydney Theatre Company, Company Belvoir, in association with Sydney Festival and the Sydney Opera House Trust. This production opened at the Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House, on 30 December, 2000. Loosely inserted: Single-sheet brochure advertising a performance in Brisbane at the Suncorp Theatre in June 1992, also directed by Neil Armfield. Our Book No: 16589. $60 AUD.

116. Whites, Timothy (No Date). [ENVELOPE] Toilet Necessities at Little Cost. UK: Timothy Whites. N/A pp. Envelope, good condition (notably creased), sepia (brown-tinted) text-photos. This is an envelope by an English chemist shop (NOT a book). Cover words: "Toilet necessities at little cost. Timothy Whites where everyday necessities are cheaper. The reliable cash chemists. Branches throughout the south of England". Words on flap, reverse side: "Less cost - greater satisfaction at Timothy Whites". Our Book No: 7149. $10 AUD.

117. Whitman (1950). Tatters. Sydney: Golden Press / Colourtone (Printer). 8 pp. Paperback narrow octavo, very good condition, stapled (rusted), colour drawings, novelty edges (top edge wavy pattern, bottom corner rounded), edgewear, non-author written dedication. (Estimated date, 1950s, Trove catalogue. Originally published by Whitman, USA, 1949.) Delightful little children's book about the adventure a pet dog Tatters. Edges have an unconventional wavy (novelty) design. Our Book No: 23588. $20 AUD.

118. Witcombe, Eleanor (1949). Playbill: The Bushranger. Sydney, Mosman: Mosman Children's Theatre Club (MCTC). 4 pp. Folded sheet, single, good plus condition, pages creased & lightly toned. This small pamphlet lists the cast of this play for children. Also presents the story behind "The Bushranger". It is a tale of happenings on the old Bathurst Road during the turbulent days of the Gold Rush. The rear pages contains a notice for an exhibition of children's art, as well a list of committee members of the MCTC. Our Book No: 15471. $10 AUD.

119. Wymark, Marjorie; Clark, Rev. Peter (No Date). The Macquarie Schoolhouse and St. John's Church Wilberforce (5th ed). City Not Stated: Publisher Not Stated. Unnum 20 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, black & white text-photos. Pamphlet history of the Macquarie Schoolhouse (1820), and Saint John's Church (1859, Hawkesbury district, New South Wales. (Loosely inserted: Colour postcard, Ebenezer Church, built 1809.). Our Book No: 3918. $10 AUD.

120. Y. M. C. A., Hotel Windsor (1918). British Australian New Zealand Xmas Dinner 1918 Menu cards (2 cards) (1st ed). Paris: Schmidlin, Gr. 9, Rue Vignon. 4 pp. Each card: Ephemera small thin card, folded once, gilt edges, very good condition, minor edgewear, light toning, light foxing, tiny piece missing top edge one card, small mark one card. These two small cards are the menus for Christmas Dinner at the Y. M. C. A. Hotel Windsor, Paris. The menus are the same on both cards. The menus are mostly in French with a few words in English. One card has the name Lucie E Boyd hand written on it, the other card is slightly smudged and hard to read, the name is possibly Frank Wright Tic-Toc. Our Book No: 40121. $20 AUD.