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1. Ainsworth, Ruth; Trew, Rosemary (illustrator) (1958). The Snow Bear (1st Australian ed). London: William Heinemann. 69 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, flexible cloth covers, black & white drawings, spine ends little worn, small tear cover near base spine, pages lightly toned, front hinge little split (pages firm), some edgewear corners, rubber stamp. This story for young adults (a school reader by Ruth Ainsworth) is about two children named Hans and Trudy who lived in a cottage at the foot of a mountain called the Snow Bear. They have many adventures in their mountain home including meeting a wild goose called Pippa. (Reading copy.). Our Book No: 29770. $10 AUD.

2. Andersen, Trevor; Bradhurst, Jane (with); Brackenreg, John (foreword) (1984). William Fletcher (1st ed). Sydney: Trevor Andersen / View Productions. 96 pp. Hardback quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), full-page colour photos (paintings), minor edgewear. First edition. Trevor Andersen documents the artwork of William Fletcher - an Australian painter of still-life, figurative, inner Sydney landscapes and Australian flora. Includes over 70 colour and black and white plates of his work. Sale proceeds were intended to set up a Trust to provide awards for young painters doing tertiary studies. The author is a close friend of the artist and executor of his estate. Jane Bradhurst assisted with the text and the catalogue of the flower paintings. (No date, but 1983 or 1984.). ISBN/ASIN: 095921190X. Our Book No: 4909. $30 AUD.

3. Attiwill, P. M. (editor).; Adams, Mark A. (editor) (1996). Nutrition of Eucalypts (1st ed). Melbourne, Collingwood: CSIRO Publishing. 440 pp. Hardback small quarto, no jacket, pictorial cover, very good condition, black & white figures, colour plates, tables, light foxing edges, minor foxing endpapers & flyleaf & few pages, covers little rubbed, top spine little creased, few scuffs fore-edges covers. Heavy (1.5 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. Nutrition of Eucalypts, edited by P. M. Attiwill and Mark A. Adams (1996). A comprehensive survey of the work on eucalypts growing on old, highly weathered Australian soils, and eucalypts grown in plantations in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, India, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. Written by contributors from around the world, this book brings us up to date with current developments in the nutritional management of commercial eucalyptus plantations. It includes a database of references on eucalypt nutrition, and will be a valuable reference source for students, foresters, tree breeders, agricultural scientists and soil conservationists. ISBN/ASIN: 0643057579. Our Book No: 29220. $60 AUD.

4. Augustine, Geoff (1988). Introducing OzCroc: The Little Croc Wonder from Downunder! (1st ed). [Melbourne]: Budget Books. 64 pp. Paperback small oblong quarto, stapled, very good condition, black & white cartoons, colour cartoon covers, edges lightly toned, minor edgewear. The first Ozcroc comic book. Travel with Ozcroc the crocodile and his mate Milt the Ranger, from the USA, to the back of Bourke, through the streets of New York, and both sides of the Black Stump. There are 120 comic adventures to make you laugh ISBN/ASIN: 0732302129. Our Book No: 40663. $15 AUD.

5. Barrow, Graeme (1981). 25 Family Bushwalks In and Around Canberra (2nd ed). Canberra: Dagraja Press. 50 pp. Paperback trade, stapled (little rusted), thin card covers, very good condition, black & white text-photos, maps, faint foxing edges, light foxing inside rear cover, minor edgewear corners, sticker mark rear cover. Describes 25 walks located in the southern part of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and are within easy driving distance of Canberra. Others require a day trip while those in the Bundanoon area in particular require at least an overnight stay. ISBN/ASIN: 0959687718. Our Book No: 27122. $10 AUD.

6. Barrow, Graeme (1988). Walking the South Coast: Tracks from Nowra to Eden (Reprint ed). Canberra: Dagraja Press. 42 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, card covers, stapled, black & white text-photos, maps, covers little creased & rubbed, minor edgewear. Graeme Barrow describes 25 walks at various points along the New South Wales south coast, from Nowra in the north to Eden in the far south. Access points are carefully explained and there are descriptions of routes to take, and what can been seen or enjoyed. ISBN/ASIN: 0959687734. Our Book No: 29789. $15 AUD.

7. Barrow, Graeme (1997). Walking Canberra's Hills and Rivers (2nd or revised ed). Canberra: Dagraja Press. 80 pp. Paperback trade, stapled, very good condition, card covers, colour text-photos, maps, minor edgewear, sticker mark rear cover. Second edition. This book describes thirty walks along the Murrumbidgee river within the Australian Capital Territory's boundaries, and in Canberra's hills which have excellent walking tracks or roads simple to follow. Access points are carefully explained and there are descriptions of routes to take, and what can been seen or enjoyed. ISBN/ASIN: 0958755213. Our Book No: 27121. $12 AUD.

8. Beckley, Peter (1985). Keeping Bees (Reprint ed) [Garden Farming Series]. London: Pelham Books. 125 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white figures, light foxing edges, light creases spine, minor edgewear. This useful book explains everything the prospective beekeeper needs to know about this absorbing and rewarding craft. Includes an introduction to the honeybee and its life cycle, and useful advice on how to obtain bees and equipment. Management techniques are discussed in detail. There are sections on bee diseases and enemies, and hygiene in the hive and apiary. ISBN/ASIN: 0720714362. Our Book No: 28708. $18 AUD.

9. Berowra Valley Regional Park, Friends of (2004). A Guide to Berowra Valley Regional Park (Revised ed). Sydney: Hornsby Shire Council. 243 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, maps, black & white drawings, many colour text-photos, top corner tip front cover creased, minor edgewear. Revised edition. Written by the Friends of the Berowra Vally Regional Park. This book revises and extends "A Guide to Elouera Bushland Natural Park" first published in 1983, and reprinted in 1984 by the Elouera Bushland Natural Park Trust of Hornsby. The book draws on both local knowledge and extensive scientific research, and is the result of information gathered over many years. The diagrams, photos and maps make this publication a very informative and user-friendly field guide. Jointly published with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Hornsby Shire Council. ISBN/ASIN: 0975690701. Our Book No: 26161. $30 AUD.

10. Berwald, Juli (2018). Spineless: The Science of Jellyfish and the Art of Growing a Backbone (Australian ed). Melbourne, Carlton: Black Inc. 336 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, few black & white drawings, minor edgewear. This book is about jellyfish. Their sting is the fastest known motion in the animal kingdom, their venom so toxic it can kill a human in three minutes, yet until now they have been largely ignored by science. This book blends personal memoir with clear distillations of science. The author, a marine scientist from Texas, travelled the world to embrace her ambition, her curiosity, and her passion for jellyfish and the natural world. ISBN/ASIN: 9781760640583. Our Book No: 30534. $30 AUD.

11. Bloom, Cameron; Greive, Bradley Trevor (2016). Penguin Bloom: The Odd Little Bird who Saved a Family (1st, reprint ed). Sydney: ABC Books / HarperCollins. 207 pp. Hardback large oblong octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), colour photos, few black & white photos, minor edgewear. First edition reprint. This beautiful book is a very special story of hope and courage. This very inspiring story starts with Sam Bloom's accident which left her paralysed and very depressed. Along came Penguin the magpie chick who is left without a family after she fell from her nest, and the Bloom family care for her. Penguin is a very important member of her human family. The life-like photos show that love and care can make a big difference. ISBN/ASIN: 9780733334948. Our Book No: 28789. $25 AUD.

12. Borschmann, Gregg (1984). Greater Daintree World Heritage Tropical Rainforest at Risk (1st ed). Melbourne, Hawthorn: Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF). 56 pp. Paperback quarto, good condition, colour & black & white text-photos, maps, crease across spine, spine edges & black background covers little rubbed, light foxing edges & inside covers, some edgewear, embossed owner name title page. Gregg Borschmann provides the inspiring pictorial book that shows the variety of life in the Greater Daintree rainforest, Queensland. The life-like photos will interest anyone wanting to learn about this fascinating rainforest. A very special book showing how important it is to protect these natural environment. ISBN/ASIN: 0858020793. Our Book No: 31051. $18 AUD.

13. Boyden, Stephen (2016). The Bionarrative: The Story of Life and Hope for the Future (1st ed). Canberra, Acton: Australian National University E Press (ANU E Press). 162 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, figures, minimal edgewear. This book has been written for the general reader interested in human culture as a new and important force in the biosphere. The author discusses the evolution of life and the essential ecological processes on which all life, including human civilisation, depend. The book concludes with a discussion on the essential characteristics of a biosensitive society and the means by which the necessary cultural transformation might take place. ISBN/ASIN: 9781760460501. Our Book No: 30146. $50 AUD.

14. Bradford, Tricia (1988). Modern Trends in Porcelain Art: Techniques and Textures for Fur and Feathers. Sydney, Kenthurst: Kangaroo Press. 96 pp. Hardback large quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white drawings, colour photos, light foxing top edge, front flyleaf & jacket flaps little creased, minor edgewear jacket. A beautiful reference book for porcelain painters, compiled and edited by Tricia Bradford. There are a number of lessons with over 30 animal ans bird topics painted in a wide variety of techniques ranging from traditional to contemporary - from delicate to dramatic, and from soft pastel to rich flamboyant colour. There is a full or half-page colour reproduction to illustrate each lesson, and a wealth of knowledge to be gained from each artist. ISBN/ASIN: 0864171722. Our Book No: 26965. $27 AUD.

15. Brearley, Deborah; Thomas, Bill (photographer) (1995). Bear Crafts (1st ed) [Lothian Australian Craft Series]. Melbourne: Lothian Publishing. 64 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, black & white drawings, colour photos, faint foxing inside covers, minor edgewear corner tips. This beautiful inspiring book by Deborah Brearley has an extended range of appealing craft projects where the teddy bear is the theme using: stencilling, patchwork, quilting, decoupage, and fabric painting. All the projects are easy to make, and have clear step-by-step instructions and patterns. ISBN/ASIN: 0850917107. Our Book No: 29774. $20 AUD.

16. Breiter, Matthias (1996). Kakadu and the Top End. Sydney, Kenthurst: Kangaroo Press. 166 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, colour photos centre spread, black & white text-photos & drawings, few maps, minimal foxing top edge, minor edgewear cover corner tips. Kakadu, a wilderness conservation park in Australia's Northern Territory, is managed jointly with the traditional Aboriginal owners. This book by Matthais Breiter a comprehensive pictorial guide to the park and the Top End. The information includes accomodation and road guide, natural history (with description of each type of animal and bird species), Aboriginal heritage, and the history of the park. In addition to Kakadu, this guide also includes Katherine Gorge and Litchfield National Park. ISBN/ASIN: 0864176473. Our Book No: 24489. $20 AUD.

17. Brown, Bob; Ellis, Bob (2001). The Valley of the Giants: A Guide to Tasmania's Styx River Forests. Hobart: Bob Brown / Focal Printing. 66 pp. Paperback thin trade, very good plus condition, full-page colour photos, few black & white text-photos, maps, minimal edgewear. Bob Brown, the Greens politician and noted conservationist, provides essential information about Tasmania's monumental Styx River Valley, its natural glory, and why it is in dire danger of destruction. Bob Ellis adds his personal account of visiting the Styx forests. ISBN/ASIN: 064641142X. Our Book No: 30369. $30 AUD.

18. Buckingham, Scott (1999). Locating Koalas in the Australian Bush: A Guide for Tourists, Naturalists and Professionals in the Field (1st ed). Bolwarrah, VIC: Bolwarrah Press. 85 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stiffened cover, black & white drawings & text-photos, colour photos centre spread, minor edgewear, annotation inside rear cover covered by sticker. Scott Buckingham provides an illustrated guide about koalas, and a basic understanding of how to locate koalas in the Australian bush. He is an expert in koala capture (as a business in Victoria), and he recently set up the Koala Rescue Foundation. ISBN/ASIN: 0958559023. Our Book No: 4392. $25 AUD.

19. Carter, Paul (2006). Parrot [Animal series]. London: Reaktion Books. 213 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white & colour drawings, glossy paper, minimal edgewear. A fascinating natural and cultural history of this bird. The book covers three broad areas. "Parrotics" - the historical, cultural and scientific classifications of parrots. "Parroternalia" - the association of parrots with different languages, ages, tastes and dreams of human society. "Parrotology" - the mimicry of parrots and what that can tell us about our own systems of communication. This unique natural and cultural history will interest parrot enthusiasts and specialists, as well as to a more general readership. The Australian author is an architecture academic, University of Melbourne. SALE PRICE. ISBN/ASIN: 1861892373. Our Book No: 21851. $15 AUD.

20. Chaloupka, George (1993). Journey in Time: The World's Longest Continuing Art Tradition: The 50,000-year Story of the Australian Aboriginal Rock Art of Arnhem Land (1st ed). Sydney, Chatswood: Reed / The Good Times Group. 256 pp. Hardback folio, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), colour photos (many full-page), black & white drawings, spine jacket little faded (minor edgewear). Heavy (1.6 Kg), and extra postage will be requested to destinations outside Australia. First edition (1993). George Chaloupka, in this fascinating Australian book, explores the depth and complexity of the Arnhem Land art tradition and gives a fascinating insight into the aesthetic and cultural worlds of the people who created it. This is the most authoritative book ever published on the subject. It has been written and illustrated with the permission of the Gagudju people, the traditional owners of the land. This book is an invaluable source of information, complete with a superb pictorial portrayal of all the major rock art styles arranged in distinct artistic periods. ISBN/ASIN: 0730103102. Our Book No: 30877. $200 AUD.

21. Charles, Ian (maps); Howard, Alastair (concept) (2000). Royal National Park (1st ed). Sydney, Hurstville: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Folded 12 pp. Pamphlet foldout, tall narrow trade, very good plus condition, colour text-photos, black & white drawings, maps. This pamphlet is about Royal National Park, southern Sydney, New South Wales. It was established as The National Park in 1879, the first to be gazetted in the world. (The name was changed to Royal National Park following Queen Elizabeth's visit to Australia in 1954.) The pamphlet opens out to show a large map with details about the Park on one side, and photos and drawings with the history and information on the other side. It folds into six sections. Our Book No: 40689. $15 AUD.

22. Chester, Quentin (2008). Tales from the Bush: Footloose Reflections on the Walking Life (1st ed). Sydney: ACP Magazines. 151 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, drawings, minimal edgewear. This collection of stories by Quentin Chester explores the ragged, liberating charms of bushwalking and the outdoor life in Australia. ISBN/ASIN: 9781862760653. Our Book No: 25362. $10 AUD.

23. Chilton, Glen (2013). The Last Place You'd Look for a Wallaby: My Obsessive Quest to Seek Out Alien Species. Brisbane, St Lucia: University of Queensland Press (UQP). 288 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. This very funny book tells the real story about the impact of invading species. Written by the author of "The Curse of the Labrador Duck". ISBN/ASIN: 9780702249778. Our Book No: 27295. $15 AUD.

24. Clark, Colin W. (2006). The Worldwide Crisis in Fisheries: Economic Models and Human Behavior (1st p/b ed). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (CUP). 263 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures (graphs), tables, minor edgewear. Colin Clark demonstrates that new management methods, based on individual or community catch quotas and extensive marine reserves, are required to resolve the worldwide overfishing problem. The author, a Canadian mathematics professor, has used decision analysis and Bayesian inference to assess optimal risk management. This book will interest to environmental scientists, economists and fisheries managers, providing novel insights into the many well-known but poorly understood aspects of fisheries management. ISBN/ASIN: 0521549396. Our Book No: 23387. $25 AUD.

25. Clarke, Lynne A. (2012). A Place for a Friendly Lion: Living and Learning in Africa. [Adelaide]: Self-Published: Lynne A. Clarke. 219 pp. Paperback wide trade, very good plus condition, black & white text-photos, minimal edgewear, few tiny marks flyleaf, autograph (author's written dedication). Lynne A. Clarke lived and taught at Msalato near Dodoma in Tanzania for two and a half years, from 2010 to 2012, but found herself the learner. This book is written with charm and wit, and follows on from her previous book 'Munguishi Weavings'. ISBN/ASIN: 9780646583488. Our Book No: 27220. $30 AUD.

26. Clyne, Densey (2003). Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden (New ed). Sydney, Frenchs Forest: Reed New Holland. 87 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, colour text-photos, small maps, minor edgewear. How to attract butterflies to your garden. The life cycles of 32 common Australian butterflies are featured here, together with the plants on which they like to feed. The magnificent photography will help you identify not only the butterflies themselves, but also the caterpillars and sometimes even the eggs and pupae. (Originally published, 1990.). ISBN/ASIN: 1876334568. Our Book No: 40411. $25 AUD.

27. Colker, Deborah (2009). Cirque du Soleil Souvenir Program: Ovo. [Montreal]: Cirque Du Soleil. Unnum pp. Paperback oblong quarto, very good plus condition, colour text-photos, minimal edgewear. (Estimated date, 2009.) OVO is a circus performance being a non-stop riot of energy and movement. It is about a day in the life of insects who work, eat, crawl, flutter, play, fight and look for love. OVO is a mysterious egg that appears in the insects midst. It is also the story of a gawky, quirky insect who arrives in this bustling community and a beautiful ladybug who catches his eye. The crickets, dragonflies and other creatures are larger-than-life and bring the amazing drama of OVO to life. OVO was created and directed by Deborah Colker, and premiered in Montreal, Canada, in 2009. Our Book No: 28677. $20 AUD.

28. Committee, Great Barrier Reef; Hedley, Charles (1923). The Great Barrier Reef of Australia: A Popular Account of its General Nature (1st ed). Brisbane: Queensland Government Intelligence and Tourist Bureau. 32 pp. Hardback very small, no jacket, very good condition, leatherette cover (gilt embossed), black & blue text-photos with coloured edge, frontispiece, gilt edges, decorative endpapers, colour fold-out map inside rear cover, spine rubbed, pages lightly toned, spine rubbed (small piece missing bottom edge), boards slightly lifted outwards, printed dedication, minor edgewear. First edition. A beautiful little book about the history of The Great Barrier Reef. Describes the general nature and the many early visitors to the Reef including Captain James Cook. A fascinating way to learn about the history of this important part of Australia, and look at what it was like at the time this book was compiled. (Most of the text written by Charles Hedley. Printed dedication states: With best Christmas and New Year wishes, from the Premier of Queensland and Mrs Theodore.). Our Book No: 40237. $40 AUD.

29. Cowling, Sid; Las Gourgues, John (illustrator) (1995). The Living Desert: The Nature of the Barrier Ranges. Broken Hill, NSW: Broken Hill City Council. 64 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, thick card covers, fold-out rear cover (map), many colour drawings, black & white drawings & photos, map, minor edgewear. Sid Cowling describes the Barrier Ranges around Broken Hill and in particular The Living Desert, a newly created reserve to the north of Broken Hill. This book is a guide to the reserve, providing basic information on the different land forms and their flora and fauna. A good way to learn about this fascinating part of Australia in farwestern New South Wales. ISBN/ASIN: 0646239732. Our Book No: 30517. $18 AUD.

30. Craw, Caroline (1990). The View from the Saddle: Horse Trekking on Banks Peninsula. Banks Peninsula, New Zealand: Caroline Craw / Overleigh Horse Treks. 90 pp. Paperback large trade, very good condition, black & white text-photos & drawings, inside front cover lightly toned, minor edgewear. Caroline Craw writes about her farm in the Banks Peninsula, near Christchurch, New Zealand, where she and her husband Murray run horse trekking adventures. The author tells some wonderful stories about the horses and the many animals that are part of this great family. The sketches and photos make this a very inspiring story. ISBN/ASIN: 0473010070. Our Book No: 22694. $20 AUD.

31. Cuvier, Georges; Pietsch, Theodore W. (editor) (1995). Historical Portrait of the Progress of Ichthyology, from its Origins to Our Own Time (1st ed) [Foundations of Natural History]. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press (JHUP). 366 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), tables, figures (including frontispiece), top edge foxed, owner's sticker, protected by removable archival plastic sleeve. A classic French text, here in English translation, that traces the development of the science of the study of fishes (ichthyology). He also outlines a criteria for classification of fishes. (Taken from the first volume of his 22-volume Histoire Naturelle des Poissons.). ISBN/ASIN: 0801849144. Our Book No: 12953. $45 AUD.

32. Dawkins, Richard (1996). Climbing Mount Improbable. London: Viking / Penguin Books. 308 pp. Paperback, very good condition, figures (text-photos & drawings), spine little faded, minor edgewear. An elegant series of lectures on Darwinian selection, demonstrating that organisms are merely vehicles for genes. ISBN/ASIN: 0140263020. Our Book No: 20119. $10 AUD.

33. Dawkins, Richard (2010). The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution (Reprint ed). London: Black Swan. 470 pp. Paperback thick trade, very good condition, black & white drawings, colour photos, pages lightly toned, small bump top spine, minor edgewear. A counter-attack on creationists, followers of 'intelligent design' and anyone who questions evolution as a scientific fact. The author pulls together the incontrovertible evidence that underpins it: from living examples of natural selection to clues in the fossil record - from plate tectonics to molecular genetics. He writes with passion, elegance and wit and shares his palpable love of science and the natural world. ISBN/ASIN: 9780552775243. Our Book No: 28411. $15 AUD.

34. de Valera, Danielle (2014). MagnifiCat: An Animal Fantasy (New ed). San Bernardino, CA: Old Tiger Books. 183 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, covers little scratched, bottom corner front cover creased, some edgewear corner tips. This is an animal fantasy novel. The Katt family: Claude, Mao, Sylvia, Pussywillow and Rupert. They have plenty of love in their little cottage, but are finding it hard to make ends meet. A feel-good trip through the Rainbow Region of Australia, with a fairy tale ending. Cats feature - however, there is a porcupine policeman and a kangaroo in the milk delivery business, and lots of other animals in this fantasy for adults. (Originally published in the Cat Catalogue, 1976, by Workman Publishing.). ISBN/ASIN: 9780992331108. Our Book No: 30182. $16 AUD.

35. de Waal, Frans; Macedo, Stephen (editor); Ober, Josiah (editor) (2009). Primates and Philosophers: How Morality Evolved (P/b, reprint ed) [Princeton Science Library]. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. 209 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. Noted primatologist Frans de Waal, with commentary by four colleagues, explore the biological foundations of one of most valued human traits: morality. Drawing on both Darwin and recent scientific advances, the authors demonstrate a strong continuity between human and animal behavior. Morality has a strong basis in social behaviour rather than too strong a focus on the 'selfish gene'. Edited by Stephen Macedo and Josiah Ober. ISBN/ASIN: 9780691141299. Our Book No: 16672. $25 AUD.

36. Dear, Peter (2006). The Intelligibility of Nature: How Science Makes Sense of the World (1st ed) [Science.culture]. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 242 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white text-photos & figures, minor edgewear jacket, minimal foxing edges. This fascinating book is about the important relationship between instrumentalism and realism in the sciences from 1600 to 1950. The author's intellectual journey begins with a crucial observation: that the enterprise of science is, and has been, directed toward two distinct but frequently conflated ends - doing and knowing. The illustrations throughout the book help to make this an interesting book for anyone wanting to learn about the nature of science. ISBN/ASIN: 0226139484. Our Book No: 29442. $20 AUD.

37. della Dora, Veronica (2016). Mountain Nature and Culture [The Earth Series]. London: Reaktion Books. 264 pp. Paperback wide trade, very good condition, thick card covers (with flaps), black & white & colour photos & drawings, glossy paper, minor edgewear. Veronica della Dora, professor of human geography at the University of London, records a fascinating journey through mountain peaks, both real and imaginary. Shows how the history of mountains is deeply interlaced with cultural values and aesthetic tastes, with religious beliefs and scientific practices. This lavish book has 137 illustrations, 99 in colour, which explore these giants of nature, as found in art, literature, science, sport, religion and myth. ISBN/ASIN: 9781780236476. Our Book No: 29995. $25 AUD.

38. Dent, David (1995). Integrated Pest Management (1st ed). London: Chapman & Hall. 356 pp. Hardback octavo, no jacket as issued, pictorial cover, very good condition, figures, tables, base spine end little creased. David dent and colleagues provide a practical guide to the principles and practice of developing an integrated pest management (IPM) program. The term 'pest' in this book is used in its broadest sense and includes insects, pathogens, weeds, nematodes, etc. This will be a useful book for agricultural and plant scientists, entomologists, acarologists and nematologists and all those studying crop protection. First edition stated. ISBN/ASIN: 0412573709. Our Book No: 26945. $45 AUD.

39. Dickman, Chris (editor); Lunney, Daniel (editor); Burgin, Shelley (editor) (2007). Animals of Arid Australia: Out on Their Own? Sydney, Mosman: Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales. 240 pp. Paperback small folio, very good plus condition, color text-photos, figures, tables, maps, glossy paper, minor edgewear. Heavy (1.0 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. The papers in this book were presented at a forum on 23 October 2004. The aim was to discuss whether the animals of arid Australia are 'out on their own' in terms of their unique adaptations for desert life, our view of them, and their long term prospects for survival. The many colour photos help to tell a very important story. This book will be of interest to anyone who wants to learn about the unique animals that help to make up Australia. ISBN/ASIN: 9780980327205. Our Book No: 22422. $25 AUD.

40. Dixon, Thomas S. (1980). The Birds of Riverview. Sydney, Lane Cove: Self-Published: T. S. Dixon / Centenary of Riverview College 184 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white text-photos, graphs, minor edgewear. This reference book is a catalogue of the birds of Riverview (a northcentral Sydney suburb) and has been published in conjunction with the Centenary of Riverview College (1880 - 1980). Each bird is described under headings such as First Impression, Description, Call, and Behaviour. There is a photo of most birds, and for some birds also a graph of sighting frequency for each month of the year. The author is a member of the NSW Field Ornithologists' Club. (No ISBN in the book, assigned later. ASIN: B008Q227IC.). ISBN/ASIN: 0959311106. Our Book No: 26800. $30 AUD.

41. Durer, Albrecht (1963). POSTCARD: Albrecht Durer: The Hare (Albertina, Vienna) (Reprint ed) [No P.C.708]. London: Medici Society Ltd. N/A pp. Postcard oblong, brown & cream picture, some light toning, no written text on rear side, one corner tip little creased, minor edgewear. The date 1502 is printed under the Hare. Albrecht Durer (1471 - 1528), born in Nuremberg., was probably the greatest painter of the German School. Worked in Venice for two years with Giorgione and Titian. Famous not only for paintings but also for his engravings, woodcuts and drawings. This postcard has been published in London. (Estimated date, 1963, other listings.). Our Book No: 40186. $15 AUD.

42. Edgecombe, Jean (1989). Phillip Island and Western Port (1st ed). Sydney, Thornleigh: J. M. Edgecombe. 131 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, colour photos, black & white drawings, maps, minor scratches front cover, minor edgewear. Jean Edgecombe provides a self-published compact guide to the history, natural history, people and places in the Western Port location south of Melbourne, including the fairy penguin colony on Phillip Island. ISBN/ASIN: 0731653777. Our Book No: 11713. $16 AUD.

43. Edgecombe, Jean (1994). Flinders Island and Eastern Bass Strait (Reprint ed). Sydney, Thornleigh: J. M. Edgecombe. 161 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, colour & black & white photos, black & white drawings, maps, few tiny surface scratches covers, minor edgewear. Jean Edgecombe provides a compact self-published guide to the history, natural history, people and places on Flinders Island and other islands of eastern Bass Strait. The author paid regular flying visits (with her husband Gordon at the controls of a small aircraft) to gather from many sources the information condensed into this book. (She previously wrote a book on the fairy penguin colony on Phillip Island.). ISBN/ASIN: 1862527849. Our Book No: 23137. $16 AUD.

44. Edwards, Hugh (1989). The Remarkable Dolphins of Monkey Mia (Wild Dolphins Meet People at the Shark Bay Shore). Perth, Swanbourne: Hugh Edwards. 110 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, stiffened cover, colour text-photos, black & white drawings, faint foxing edges, minor edgewear, faint sticker mark front cover. Monkey Mia, in Shark Bay, Western Australia, is unique - the only place in the world where wild dolphins and people come together in peace and goodwill. Hugh Edwards has written a beautiful book for anyone with an interest in Australian nature and environment. ISBN/ASIN: 0731679822. Our Book No: 6776A. $15 AUD.

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46. Emmott, Stephen (2013). 10 Billion [Ten Billion] (Reprint ed). London: Penguin Group. 198 pp. Paperback small, very good condition, black & white photos, few diagrams, minor edgewear. In simple and passionate prose and diagrams, Professor Stephen Emmott (who studies complex systems such as climate and ecosystems at Cambridge University) examines Planet Earth, the human species, and the approaching environmental and population crisis, affecting the entire global ecosystem. How we got here, and what is going to happen in the future? . ISBN/ASIN: 9780141976327. Our Book No: 30904. $15 AUD.

47. Evans, John (1989). Insect Delight: A Life's Journey. Canberra: Brolga Press. 212 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, top edge lightly foxed, minor edgewear. Autobiography of the Australian CSIRIO entomologist John Evans who later was director of the Australian Museum in Sydney from 1954, for which he provided substantial reorganisation and updating. Also a valuable account of living in England during World War 2. Illustrated by Faith Evans. ISBN/ASIN: 0958830983. Our Book No: 12932. $18 AUD.

48. Fisher, Robert H. (1978). Butterflies of South Australia (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea, Papilionoidea) (1st ed) [Handbook of the Flora and Fauna of South Australia]. Adelaide: D. J. Woolman, Government Printer. 272 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, flexible covers, black & white & colour text-photos, spine little creased, faint foxing few pages, edges & pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. Robert Fisher provides a catalogue of butterfly species in South Australia. The life cycles of many of the butterfly species from the egg to the adult stage are illustrated for the first time in a series of unique photos. The adult butterflies are illustrated by colour photos. The author has made a valuable contribution to the world of butterfly studies. ISBN/ASIN: B0000EH96Z. Our Book No: 26858. $30 AUD.

49. Foster, Ian; Dunstan, Ross (photographer) (2002). The Australian Geographic Book of the Snowy Mountains (1st ed). Sydney, Terrey Hills: Australian Geographic. 159 pp. Paperback oblong quarto, very good condition, maps, liftout map MISSING, colour text-photos (some full-page), few sepia text-photos (brown-tinted), spine ends lightly rubbed, few scratches covers, minor edgewear. Ian Foster provides a comprehensive pictorial guide to the Snowy Mountains (Snowies) - by car and mountainbike, as well as on foot, horseback and skis. He explores the history of the area and introduces the plants and animals that survive in this idyllic alpine environment: a rare haven of cool on a largely hot, dry continent. There are more than 200 photos, and detailed area maps. (This copy: Liftout map missing.). ISBN/ASIN: 1876276290. Our Book No: 25841. $20 AUD.

50. Fox, H. Munro (1952). The Personality of Animals (Revised ed). Harmondsworth: Pelican Books / Penguin Books. 155 pp. Paperback, very good condition, black & white text-photos, pages little toned, minor edgewear. Our Book No: 3220. $12 AUD.

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52. Frauca, Harry; Burton, Barbara; Sollier, Andre (illustrator) (1974). Young Nature Library: The Echidna [Young Nature Library]. Melbourne: Lansdowne. 32 pp. Hardback oblong small quarto, very good condition, pictorial cover, full-page colour photos, black & white text-photos & drawings. Harry Frauca and Barbara Burton provide a scientific introduction for young adults to the echidna (spiny ant-eater), including habitat, features, life cycle and feeding. Part of the Young Nature Library series. The echidna (and the platypus) are the only known monotremes, and their evolution is midway between reptiles and mammals. ISBN/ASIN: 0701800577. Our Book No: 1209. $15 AUD.

53. Frith, H. J. (1977). Waterfowl in Australia (Reissue ed). Sydney: A. H. & A. W. Reed. 328 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), maps, charts, black & white photos, corners little bumped, pages lightly toned as common, spine jacket lightly faded, minor edgewear. Heavy, and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. H. J. Frith provides a very comprehensive book on Australian waterfowl. The book is lavishly illustrated with many excellent photos as well as identification charts - for birds in flight or on water. There are also maps showing the distribution of each species, sonograms of their calls, and other drawings and diagrams. Reissued edition. ISBN/ASIN: 0589500007. Our Book No: 23863. $25 AUD.

54. Gaita, Raimond (2005). The Philosopher's Dog: Friendships with Animals. New York: Random House. 220 pp. Paperback, as new condition. The Australian philosopher has always been fascinated by animals - their obvious intelligence and disturbing brutality, their uncanny responsiveness to our moods and needs, the deep feelings they elicit from us and seem to return. In this marvellous book, he trains the lens of philosophy on the mystery and beauty of the animals he has known and loved best. One of those rare works that engages the heart from the very first paragraph. A graceful and engaging stylist, Gaita is lucidly grapples with great thinkers through the ages - from Socrates to Wittgenstein, Descartes to Hannah Arendt. And yet, Gaita frankly acknowledges that he has learned much about the nature of life from his beloved dogs and cat. In the end, he argues that love should be the essence of our bond with animals, the critical factor that guides how we treat them and think about their place in our world. ISBN/ASIN: 0812970241. Our Book No: 14826. $10 AUD.

55. Gathorne-Hardy, Jonathan (2005). Kinsey: A Biography (Revised ed). London: Pimlico / Random House. 513 pp. Paperback thick trade, very good condition, black & white photos, spine little creased, pages faintly toned as common, minor edgewear. Biography of the American zoologist and pioneer researcher into human sexual behaviour. This biography forms the basis of a new film. The author has interviewed Kinsey's remaining family, his close colleagues, friends and lovers. With wit and subtlety the author reveals whole new aspects of this complex, heroic, obsessive and ultimately sympathetic man. ISBN/ASIN: 1844138364. Our Book No: 21824. $15 AUD.

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57. Goodall, Gladys M. (No Date). POSTCARD: Kiwi and Egg, Stewart Island, New Zealand [Colourchrome Series W.T.677]. City Not Stated: Felicity Card Co. / Whitcoulls Ltd (Printer). N/A pp. Postcard Oblong colour picture one side, minor edgewear, no text. Postcard with a kiwi and an egg on the front side. The rear side has a full description of the kiwi shown in the photo. This kiwi is the Stewart Island Kiwi (Apteryx lawryi), the largest of the species. Our Book No: 40188. $10 AUD.

58. Gould, Stephen Jay (1990). Hens Teeth and Horse's Toes (Reprint ed). London: Penguin Group. 413 pp. Paperback, very good condition, few black & white drawings & text-photos, corner tips covers & few pages little creased, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This is the third volume of his collected essays. The author is celebrating the worldwide festivities for the third Darwinian centennial of our century, the 100th anniversary of Darwin's death. This readable and perceptive book will interest anyone wanting to know more about evolutionary theory. ISBN/ASIN: 0140134816. Our Book No: 29203. $14 AUD.

59. Gould, Stephen Jay (1996). Dinosaur in a Haystack: Reflections in Natural History (Reprint ed). London: Jonathan Cape. 480 pp. Paperback thick octavo, good condition, few black & white drawings & figures, some foxing fore-edge, some edgewear. Stephen Jay Gould has perfected the art of the scientific essay. This book is his seventh collection of monthly essays. The 34 essays, most originally from 'Natural History' magazine, exemplify his keen insight into the natural world and convey the infectious enthusiasm for fossils and evolutionary theory. He reveals the uncanny interconnections among distinctly human creations (museums, literature, music, politics, and culture) spread widely from giant fossils, fads, and fungus to baseball, beeswax, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Erasmus Darwin's poetry, and the fallacies of eugenics and creationism. We must meet the ethical challenges that pseudoscience presents. ISBN/ASIN: 0517703939. Our Book No: 3928. $20 AUD.

60. Gould, Stephen Jay (1996). Life's Grandeur: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin (1st U.K. ed). London: Jonathan Cape. 244 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in good plus dustjacket), figures (including drawings), minimal edgewear. The noted zoologist argues that progress and increasing complexity are not inevitable features of the evolution of life on Earth. This book states that if we wish to see grandeur in life, we must discard our selfish and anthropocentric view of evolution and learn to see it as Darwin did, as the unfathomably rich source of 'endless forms most beautiful and wonderful'. ISBN/ASIN: 0224041320. Our Book No: 3658. $20 AUD.

61. Gould, Stephen Jay (2001). The Lying Stones of Marrakech: Penultimate Reflections in Natural History. London / Sydney: Vintage / Random House. 372 pp. Paperback thick trade, very good condition, few black & white drawings & text-photos, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. All these essays by Stephen Jay Gould were previously published by "Natural History" magazine. ISBN/ASIN: 0099285835. Our Book No: 24578. $15 AUD.

62. Grant Watson, E. L. (Elliot); O'Connor, John (illustrator) (1948). Departures (1st ed). London: Pleiades Books Limited. 131 pp. Hardback small quarto, dustjacket, good condition (in good dustjacket), black & white illustrations, minor foxing edges, reverse side jacket lightly foxed (small tear spine, minor edgewear, few creases, foxed spots white background rear cover), light foxing endpapers & title page, pages lightly toned, dustjacket protected by removable semi archival plastic sleeve lined with white paper. Autobiographical reflections by British naturalist and adventurer Elliot Grant Watson. The author looks at nature and sees what is fleeting and what is most permanent. He travels to distant lands, then returns to Europe. Includes a series of short poetic descriptions of life and countryside in Western Australia, including a corroboree, the fauna of Bernier and Dorre Islands (Pilbara), and caves near Busselton. Our Book No: 40864. $25 AUD.

63. Graves, Richard H. (1982). The Bushcraft Handbooks (10 volumes). Sydney: Dymock's Book Arcade. Each booklet: 32 pp. Each booklet: Paperback trade, very good plus condition, stapled pamphlet, black & white drawings, minor edgewear. A scarce complete set of 10 booklets by Richard Graves in a series on bushcraft. 1: Ropes and cords. 2: Huts & thatching. 3: Campcraft. 4: Food and water. 5: Fire making. 6: Knots and lashings. 7: Tracks and lures. 8: Snares and traps. 9: Travel and gear. 10: Time and direction. By former commanding officer, Australian Jungle Survival & Rescue Detachment. (No date, but 1982, written in pencil by previous owner. Originally published, 1952, and based on his wartime service in Australia and New Guinea teaching junglecraft to Australian and American forces. They are distilled, concentrated old-time bushcraft knowledge, published in individual booklets for convenient carrying in your pocket.). Our Book No: 16735. $150 AUD.

64. Greek, Ray C.; Greek, Jean Swingle (2003). Specious Science: How Genetics and Evolution Reveal Why Medical Research on Animals Harm Humans [Why Experiments on Animals Harm Humans]. New York: Continuum. 288 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minimal edgewear. In easy to understand language, this persuasive book provides the scientific underpinning for the philosophy of "do no harm to any animal, human or not". Follows on from their previous book "Sacred Cows and Golden Geese". Extrapolation from animals to humans is utterly invalid. Ray Greek advises the National Anti-Vivisection Society (USA). ISBN/ASIN: 0826415385. Our Book No: 21642. $12 AUD.

65. Green, R. H. (1993). The Fauna of Tasmania: Mammals (1st ed). Launceston: Potoroo Press. 56 pp. Paperback small octavo, stapled pamphlet, very good condition, colour plates, glossy paper, minimal edgewear. This concise and interesting pamphlet will let you identify and learn the general biology of Tasmania's beautiful native animals. Much of the contents are based upon personal experiences as zoologist with the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston. (No date, but 1993, Trove.) ISBN/ASIN: 0949404012. Our Book No: 21354. $15 AUD.

66. Greive, Bradley Trevor (2007). Every Day is Christmas (Australian ed). Sydney, North Sydney: Random House Australia. 112 pp. Paperback small square, very good condition, black & white photos, top corner front cover little creased, minor edgewear. From front cover: "Living the holiday spirit throughout the year without damaging your liver or driving everyone crazy." A lot of tips from some very clever animals on how to deal (or not) with the up and downs of life. Bradley Trevor Grieve also wrote the bestselling 'The Blue Day Book'. Scarce Australian edition. ISBN/ASIN: 9781741665253. Our Book No: 30640. $15 AUD.

67. Hadlington, Phillip; Beck, Louise (illustrator) (1992). Termites and Other Common Timber Pests (Reprint, corrected ed). Sydney, Kensington: New South Wales University Press. 126 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, black & white text-photos, sepia (brown-tinted) drawings, minimal faint foxing front flyleaf, minor edgewear. Phillip Hadlington, an Australian entomologist, provides the first available comprehensive book that explains the habits of termites, the various species, and acceptable control methods. ISBN/ASIN: 0868402109. Our Book No: 12128. $20 AUD.

68. Hadlington, Phillip; Marsden, Christine (1998). Termites and Borers: A Homeowner's Guide to Detection and Control. Sydney: Kensington: University of New South Wales Press. 53 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, stapled, colour text-photos (some full-page), faint foxing flyleaf & title page, light foxing top edge, minor edgewear. An easy-to-use guide with over 100 colour photos. As well as termite detection advice, it shows various methods of eradicating termites and protecting against their return. (No date, but 1998, Trove.). ISBN/ASIN: 0868406007. Our Book No: 28497. $15 AUD.

69. Hancock, David (2001). The Australian Geographic Book of the Top End (1st ed). Sydney, Terrey Hills: Australian Geographic. 159 pp. Paperback oblong quarto, very good condition, maps, liftout map MISSING, colour text-photos (some full-page), front cover corner little creased, few scratches covers, minor edgewear. A comprehensive guide to the top end of the Northern Territory, ranging from the stone country of the Arnhem Land plateau, to the vast savannah. From Mataranka in the south to Port Essington in the north, this guide shows the Top End's most impressive sites. Text & photos by David Hancock: there are maps and over 200 photos. ISBN/ASIN: 1862760365. Our Book No: 25838. $25 AUD.

70. Head, Lesley (2006). The (Aboriginal) Face of the (Australian) Earth (1st ed) [Jack Golson Lecture Series]. Canberra: Centre for Archaeological Research, Australian National University. 25 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, minor edgewear. This pamphlet reviews recent research and aims to reconceptualise the debate about Aboriginal relationship to the landscape. Argues that we need to move beyond the polarisation that demands a false choice between ecological and social processes in explanation, towards a focus on the mechanisms of connection between human and nonhuman worlds. Our Book No: 40697. $30 AUD.

71. Helfer, Ralph (2005). Zamba: The True Story of the Greatest Lion that Ever lived (1st International ed). New York: HarperCollins. 258 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, minor edgewear, edges & pages lightly toned. This is the story of animal behaviorist Ralph Helfer, who uses "affection training" on animals he wants to train. He developed a special bond with a young lion cub found near death on the Zambezi river in Zambia, and taken back to the United States where the cub lived with the author and his family for 18 years. ISBN/ASIN: 006083627X. Our Book No: 27370. $15 AUD.

72. Hickin, Norman (1967). The Conservation of Building Timbers: A Study of the Incidence of Wood-Boring Insects and Wood-Rotting Fungi in Buildings and Other Contributions towards the Conservation of Building Timbers (1st ed) [Rentokil Library]. London: Hutchinson. 144 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in good dustjacket), tables, charts, black & white text-photos, minor edgewear jacket (chipped, closed tear, top corner worn, tiny stain reverse side, flap price-clipped), tiny mark bottom edge. This book gives a detailed and authoritative account of the damage woodworm and rot have caused, based on exhaustive surveys of various types of buildings, private homes, commercial premises, factories, shops, churches, historic buildings, public houses, farms, country estates. Practical methods are discussed, followed by a discussion of the legal and insurance questions involved in the problem. Our Book No: 25959. $13 AUD.

73. Hicks, Ron (2009). The Unlikely Bushman (1st ed). Sydney: Huon Media Enterprises. 108 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, black & white text-photos, top spine scuffed, some foxing inside front cover, faint foxing top edge, minor edgewear. The story of a Wahroonga bushman known as Alexander 'Bunny' Currie who lived in a shack near Lovers Jump Creek. During one of his bushwalks near his home, the author stumbled upon the shack, pathways and stairs down to a creek and up a steep rocky ravine, which led him to investigate the story of the eccentric bushman. ISBN/ASIN: 9781409294887. Our Book No: 27850. $15 AUD.

74. Hill, Anthony; Sofilas, Mark (illustrator) (1996). Spindrift. Melbourne: Puffin / Penguin Books. 79 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, black & white drawings, minor foxing & rubbing edges. A story for young adults by Australian author. Elizabeth's grandmother is very special to her, but she is dying, and she wishes to give grandma's spirit to the dolphins. This is a story about what there is to lose, and all there is to find. Elizabeth meets an old beachcomber named Bull Morgan, who helps her to understand sacrifice and hope. ISBN/ASIN: 014037843X. Our Book No: 19971. $10 AUD.

75. Hodge, Susie (2004). How to Draw Animals: A Step-by-step Guide for Beginners With 10 Projects. London: New Holland. 80 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, black & white & colour drawings, colour photos, light bump base spine, minor edgewear & scuffing. Susie Hodge shows how to draw using different types of media, including graphite pencil, pen and ink, charcoal and chalk, coloured and pastel pencils. There are 10 step-by-step practical demonstrations illustrated with full-colour photos. A user-friendly guide to the basic techniques and information on tools and materials is given. She is an experienced artist, author and teacher who is passionate about art education. ISBN/ASIN: 184330600X. Our Book No: 28522. $15 AUD.

76. Holden, Robert (2001). Bunyips: Australia's Folklore of Fear. Canberra: National Library of Australia (NLA). 226 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good plus condition, embossed cover, black & white drawings (including paintings), minor edgewear. Robert Holden traces the legends and folklore of the imaginary yowies (hairy wildmen) and monstrous bunyips, initially adopted from Aboriginal reports. Later embellished, they evolved into pantomime figures, comic devices and even as a guiding spirit of the bush. This book combines historical fact with entertaining fiction and modern humbug. ISBN/ASIN: 0642107327. Our Book No: 14029. $85 AUD.

77. Horrill, Melody (2022). A Dolphin called Jock: An Injured Dolphin, a Lost Young Woman, a Story of Hope (1st ed). Sydney, Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. 293 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, colour photos, minor edgewear. Melody Horrill tells her family story and her later years when she formed a friendship with an injured dolphin named Jock from the Port River dolphins, Adelaide. Melody volunteered to help her university lecturer monitor pods of river dolphins that live in the waters of Port Adelaide. Her story is filled with insight and compassion, and details how her life-changing relationship with Jock and the river dolphins helped her to heal. ISBN/ASIN: 9781761067358. Our Book No: 41130. $30 AUD.

78. House, Manning Clark (2003). Our Population, Our Future: What Sort of Country do We Aspire to Be? Canberra: University House, ANU. 80 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, stapled, thin card covers, staples slightly rusted, minor edgewear. An online conference organised by Manning Clark House in association with Nature and Society Forum Inc. and In Search of Sustainability on October 9, 2003 at University House, ANU, Canberra. The conference speakers discussed our population and the sort of country that we want to be in the future. The book is linked with complementary initiatives that are described on other pages of this publication. They include two Internet conferences and Canberra conferences on 14 November 2003 and in March 2004. . Our Book No: 40711. $15 AUD.

79. Hutchens, Frank (1931). Three Little Sketches for Pianoforte with Illustrated Titles. Sydney: W. H. Paling Pty Ltd. 8 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, stapled, faint sticker mark, owner's rubber stamp. (Copyright date, USA, 1931.) Sheet music for three pieces: The Dream Castle - The Kookaburra - Leap Frog. Our Book No: 16272. $10 AUD.

80. Jenkins, Steve; Walter, Derek; Crane, Caprice (with) (2016). Esther the Wonder Pig: Changing the World One Heart at a Time (Australian ed). Melbourne: Affirm Press. 212 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, colour photos, top spine lightly bumped, top corner front cover slightly creased, minor edgewear. This is a funny, inspiring story about a very special pig named Esther. Esther came to live with the Canadian author and his partner. Esther started being a 'micro' piglet but soon grew into a huge 270 kilogram loveable adult pig who completely changed their lives. In time, they bought a farm and named it the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, where they could care for Esther and other animals in need. They have become two of the world's most successful and beloved animal rights activists - alongside Esther, a social media star with many fans around the world. ISBN/ASIN: 9781925344950. Our Book No: 30545. $18 AUD.

81. Jennings, Wendy L. (1997). Wild Australians (Reprint ed). Sydney, Kenthurst: Kangaroo Press. 32 pp. Paperback small quarto, stapled, very good plus condition, full-page colour drawings, minor edgewear. This beautiful and very colourful book by Wendy L. Jennings describes and pictures 31 of Australia's most colourful inhabitants. The author has brought them to life in her wonderful paintings, and there is a short simple description of each one. This book will appeal to any age, it is a great way for children to learn about some of our fascinating animals and birds. ISBN/ASIN: 0864177844. Our Book No: 29734. $20 AUD.

82. Johns, Captain W. E.; Stead, Leslie (illustrator) (1953). Biggles and the Black Raider: Another Adventure of Air Detective-Inspector Bigglesworth and His Air Police (1st ed). London: Hodder & Stoughton. 192 pp. Hardback small, no jacket (missing), good plus condition, patterned red cloth cover, colour plates, endpaper map, edges lightly foxed, minor edgewear, old price marks front pastedown. Biggles and his comrades take on an urgent assignment in Central Africa (Kenya area) in search of the elusive Cetezulu, a major African poacher known as "The Black Elephant". Our Book No: 17321. $25 AUD.

83. Johnston, W. Ross (1982). The Call of the Land: A History of Queensland to the Present Day (1st ed). Brisbane, Milton: Jacaranda Press. 229 pp. Hardback quarto, dustjacket, good condition (in good dustjacket), sepia (brown-tinted) text-photos, map, slight edgewear jacket (reverse side foxed, spine little faded, price sticker front flap), endpapers & title page & last two pages lightly foxed, board edges & top half spine little faded, owner's written name in biro free flyleaf. This fascinating book by W. Ross Johnston traces the the rise of mainstream attitudes in Queensland from the time of the first white explorers who explored the different potentials of the land. This book sets an intellectual and social framework within which those who have wielded power (political and economic) have been able to operate, and it shows how those outside the mainstream have had to cope. It is not just a story of the pioneers and their attitudes or a textbook about Queensland. It is a consistent interpretation without denying that there are aspects of Queensland's history that cannot be easily explained. ISBN/ASIN: 0701616555. Our Book No: 30891. $25 AUD.

84. Jolliffe, Eric (1990). Jolliffe's Outback, no 125: Crocs [Crocodiles]. Sydney: Dee Why: E. Jolliffe. 82 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, card cover, stapled pamphlet, black & white cartoons, pages lightly toned, minimal edgewear. A scarce collection of Eric Jolliffe's Witchetty's Tribe (Aboriginal) crocodile cartoons. Cover price: $3.95. Our Book No: 27340. $25 AUD.

85. Jolly, Jim (1991). Kiwi: A Secret Life [Nature of New Zealand Series]. Palmerston North, NZ: New Zealand Natural Heritage Foundation. 62 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, colour drawings & text-photos, map, minor edgewear. Jim Jolly provides a picture book for young adults describing in remarkable detail the kiwi, New Zealand's native flightless bird. The first of a series of books 'Nature of New Zealand' published by the non-profit New Zealand Natural Heritage Foundation. ISBN/ASIN: 090886423X. Our Book No: 11825. $18 AUD.

86. Jones, David; Bolger, John (illustrator) (1991). Rainforest Plants of Australia (Reprint ed). Sydney: Reed. 364 pp. (Reading copy only.) Hardback quarto, dustjacket, fair condition only (in good dustjacket), colour photos, black & white drawings, minor edgewear dustjacket (closed tear top spine, laminate lifting slightly at tear, slight foxing reverse side), corners covers little bumped, pages lightly toned, edges lightly foxed, light foxed spots few pages at front & rear, insect damage top & bottom edges covers & along spine (white spots), minor scuffing. Heavy (1.1 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. David Jones provides a comprehensive book on Australian rainforest plants. He includes shrubs, climbers, ferns, orchids, cycads, palms, gingers, bananas, aroids, lillies, pandans, sedges and grasses, among the many ornamental rainforest plants. Rainforest plants suitable for all temperate regions are listed for easy reference. The text is detailed giving genus and species names, cultivation requirements and climatic zones, common names, flowering periods, botanical descriptions, and distribution notes, propagation notes and variations, of over 1,000 species of which 250 are featured in colour photos. There are over 100 commissioned line drawings, all to scale. (The condition does not make it collectible, but as a reference book for anyone interested in rainforest plants, it is ideal.). ISBN/ASIN: 0730103811. Our Book No: 30933. $40 AUD.

87. Khan, Amina (2017). Adapt: How We Can Learn from Nature's Strangest Inventions. London: Atlantic Books. 344 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, bottom corner rear cover little creased, top edge lightly toned, minimal edgewear. A fascinating look at how we can learn from nature and become adaptable to the environment. The author talks to researchers at the forefront of this exciting new science, who are designing everything from wind turbines to military camouflage. Of interest to anyone who has an interest in design, nature and technology. ISBN/ASIN: 9781786492272. Our Book No: 30143. $25 AUD.

88. Klots, Alexander B. (1983). Butterflies of the World (Reprint ed). New York: Bantam Books. 159 pp. Paperback mass market, very good condition, colour text-photos, minimal foxing title page, rear cover top corner creased, minor edgewear. A handy guide book by Alexander Klots to more than 50 butterfly, skipper and moth families of the world. These remarkable creatures come to life in the vivid, full-colour photographs and authoritative description of each family. ISBN/ASIN: 0553236792. Our Book No: 20724. $12 AUD.

89. Kovaleski, John (2001). Comic Syndication Portfolio: BoNanas (1st ed). Washington, DC: Washington Post Writers Group. 16 (includes folder) pp. Paperback small quarto, coloured card folder (black background, loose sheets inserted), very good condition, colour & black & white cartoons, minimal edgewear folder (light creases spine, corner tips little scuffed). The popular comic strip that features a 3-foot tall, talking monkey named Bo. Bo muddles through jobs, relationships and anything else life throws at him. The cartoonist won the Fine Toon Fellowship in 2002 presented by The Washington Post Writers Group for his comic strip: BoNanas. The folder contains 9 black & white comic strips (stapled at top corner), and 5 colour comic strips on single pages with the strip one side and blank the other. Our Book No: 30796. $20 AUD.

90. Lamond, Henry G. (1978). Big Red (Reissue ed). Melbourne: Sun Books. 219 pp. Paperback small, good condition, covers lightly creased, pages toned as usual, minor edgewear, old price marks. A novel by Henry Lamond about the harsh life of an Australian red kangaroo mob. Never has the excitement, danger and stark realism of the Australian bush brought to lfe. Reissue edition: Orange kangaroo drawing on cover. ISBN/ASIN: 0725100052. Our Book No: 2465. $10 AUD.

91. Lazarus, Sarah (2006). Troubled Waters: The Changing Fortunes of Whales and Dolphins. London: Natural History Museum / CSIRO Publishing. 210 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), black & white drawings & photos, colour photos, minimal edgewear jacket. Explains the natural history of these fascinating mammals in the context of the social, cultural and political developments that have shaped their lives during the unlikely transitions from whale-hunting to whale-watching. ISBN/ASIN: 0643093893. Our Book No: 26087. $15 AUD.

92. Lee, Anthony; Martin, Roger; Ward, Simon (illustrator) (1988). The Koala: A Natural History (1st ed) [Australian Natural History Series]. Sydney, Kensington: University of New South Wales Press (UNSW Press). 102 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, black & white text-photos & drawings, bottom corner first few pages faintly creased, light foxing edges, spine little faded, minor edgewear. Anthony Lee and Roger Martin present what is known about the koala in a clear and objective manner. The authors write about the koala's feeding habits, social behaviour, and migratory and general biological patterns. Conservation and future management problems are also discussed. This wonderful book will be most useful to students, naturalists and biologists, and to anyone interested in natural history. ISBN/ASIN: 0868403547. Our Book No: 29865. $25 AUD.

93. Lee, A. K. (editor); Handasyde, Kathrine (editor); Sanson, G. D. (editor) (1991). Biology of the Koala (c1990 for 91 ed). Sydney, Chipping Norton: Surrey Beatty & Sons / World Koala Research Corporation. 336 pp. Hardback large tall quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), three colour plates, black & white photos & plates, black & white drawings, figures, tables, frontispiece, drawing front & rear endpaper, minimal foxed spots edges, few tiny pinhead marks pastedowns. This fascinating comprehensive and substantial book gives a current view of the biology, conservation and care of koalas. There is a reassessment of the phylogenetic affinities of the koala; several contributions reviewing the dynamics and status of natural populations; reassessments of our knowledge of diet; a substantial review of digestion which sheds new light on digestive function in hind gut fermenters; the first description of the social system in natural populations of koalas; new information on the endocrine control of reproduction; a substantial body of information on the impact of Chlamydia on koalas; and papers on management. The text includes 31 papers from experienced scientists who have worked in their respective fields. This reference volume emanates from the Third National Symposium, sponsored by the World Koala Research Corporation, held in February 1988. ISBN/ASIN: 0949324345. Our Book No: 30970. $80 AUD.

94. Lindburg, Donald G. (editor) (1980). The Macaques: Studies in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution [Primate Behavior and Development]. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold (VNR). 384 pp. Hardback thick wide octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), tables, figures, black & white text-photos, minor creases & edgewear jacket, bookshop sticker. Heavy, and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. This collection of scientific papers, edited by Donald G. Lindburg, presents important new information from recent field studies, and provides a comprehensive collection of in-depth analyses covering macaque evolution, ecology and behavior of this a mainly Asian species of monkeys. The editor is a primatologist and Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles. (Taronga Zoo sticker front cover jacket.). ISBN/ASIN: 0442248172. Our Book No: 22776. $30 AUD.

95. Lindenmayer, David; Beaton, Ester (photographer) (2000). Life in the Tall Eucalypt Forests (1st ed). Sydney, Frenchs Forest: Reed New Holland 96 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, colour text-photos (some full-page), glossy paper, maps, minor edgewear, autograph (written dedication by photographer title page). (This copy: first edition, 2000.) The beautiful photos of the animals and plants that live in the majestic mountain ash eucalypt forests of Central Highlands, Victoria, are accompanied by text about how this community works together. The entire dynamic ecosystem is able to maintain its health, and how human activities like logging can threaten that health. Text by David Lindenmayer, photographs by Esther Beaton. (Dedication reads: Dear Mary. Please accept this copy as my appreciation of your work - you've done so much for animals. Esther.). ISBN/ASIN: 1876334525. Our Book No: 40409. $25 AUD.

96. Lindsay, Norman; Wingrove, Keith (selected by) (1983). Norman Lindsay's Bears. Melbourne: Sun Books. 72 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, black & white drawings, minor edgewear, edges lightly foxed, light foxing front flyleaf, spine lightly faded. This book features the bear Billy Bluegum who became well known through his appearance in the Bulletin and the Lone Hand, and later in the children's classic "The Magic Pudding". This book includes both the first and the last Billy Bluegum pictures drawn by Norman Lindsay. ISBN/ASIN: 0725104317. Our Book No: 26171. $15 AUD.

97. Lindsay, Norman (1985). The Magic Pudding: Being the Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum and his Friends Bill Barnacle and Sam Sawnoff (Reprint ed). Sydney: Bluegum / Angus & Robertson. 173 pp. Paperback, very good plus condition, black & white drawings, minimal edgewear. Written and illustrated by Norman Lindsay. A small format edition of the classic madcap children's stories about a cantankerous walking magic pudding that shares the dessert which never runs out. The adventures of three friends who defend the pudding from thieves. There are occasional bursts of exuberant singing. ISBN/ASIN: 0207146136. Our Book No: 4279. $15 AUD.

98. Little, John (2006). Christine's Ark: The Extraordinary Story of Christine Townend and an Indian Animal Shelter (1st ed). Sydney: Pan Macmillan. 323 pp. Paperback octavo, good condition, black & white & colour photos, pages faintly toned, covers & spine lightly creased, fore-edge rear cover little creased, minor edgewear. An inspiring and poignant story of India, its special animals and its people, and one woman's unwavering struggle to change the world for the better. Christine Townend founded Animal Liberation in the 1970s. A visit to India in 1990 offered her the opportunity to take over a decrepit animal shelter just outside the city of Jaipur, called "Help In Suffering”. Author: John Little. ISBN/ASIN: 9781405037297. Our Book No: 26445. $12 AUD.

99. Little, Maureen (2011). The Bee Garden: How to Create or Adapt a Garden to Attract and Nurture Bees (1st ed). Oxford: Spring Hill Books. 269 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, colour photos (many full-page), minor edgewear. This wonderful book is a response to requests from individuals who want to know how we can help the declining bee population. The book offers suggestions on how to plant a bee-friendly garden, followed by a season-by-season account of what bee-friendly plants are in flower and when, and what jobs the gardener can be doing during these times to help bees thrive. The book has the English seasons, however, many of the plants are grown in other parts of the world. ISBN/ASIN: 9781905862597. Our Book No: 27563. $25 AUD.

100. Long, John A. (2004). Gogo Fish! The Story of the Western Australian State Fossil Emblem. Perth: Western Australian Museum. 40 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, black & white & colour text-photos & drawings, bottom corner covers little creased, minor edgewear. In July 1986, a 375 million-year old fossil fish was discovered in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The campaign of a Perth primary school helped make this fish the Western Australian State fossil emblem. This is the story of Dr John Long's discovery of the Gogo fish, the campaign, and a glimpse into the fascinating world of a Devonian reef. This book is for primary to secondary school students and anyone interested in this fascinating story. ISBN/ASIN: 1920843086. Our Book No: 24946. $10 AUD.

101. Macfarlane, David (2012). Building Paradise: The Story of an Eco-lodge on the Great Barrier Reef (1st ed). Adelaide, Kent Town: Wakefield Press. 169 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, few black & white photos, laminate coating bottom corner tip front cover lifting slightly, tiny mark inside rear cover & last page, minor edgewear (including corners). This inspiring story of conviction, commitment and serendipity describes his 14-year quest to establish an eco-lodge in the unspoiled but threatened natural paradise of Australia's Whitsunday Islands on Queensland's Great Barrier Reef. ISBN/ASIN: 9781743050187. Our Book No: 29654. $30 AUD.

102. Magazine, Organic Gardener; Miller, Jerssamy (introduction) (2018). The Contented Bee: Inspiration and Practical Tips to Keep Your Backyard Bees Happy, Healthy and Productive (Reprint ed). Sydney: ABC Books / HarperCollins. 303 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, colour text-photos (many full-page), top corner front cover creased, bottom edge front cover minimally bumped, minor edgewear. This lively guide features inspirational stories and photos from many enthusiasts across Australia who decided to keep bees, city and rural. There are practical chapters by a range of experts showing you how to start, caring for your bees, harvesting honey and wax (with recipes), troubleshooting, what to plant to give the hard working bees some food, and information on the popular option of keeping native stingless bees. ISBN/ASIN: 9780733339387. Our Book No: 30332. $28 AUD.

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104. McCormick, Anne; McDonnell, Derek; Wantrup, Jonathan (1992). Hordern House: Voyages - Natural History. Sydney: Hordern House. Unnum pp. Paperback wide octavo, card cover (with flaps), very good plus condition, black & white & colour text-photos. An illustrated Sydney bookseller's catalogue of 110 antiquarian natural history, travel and exploration books for sale. Loosely inserted: list of offer prices, and order forms. ISBN/ASIN: 1875567046. Our Book No: 15660. $25 AUD.

105. McCrae, Lindsay (2019). My Penguin Year: Living with the Emperors - A Journey of Discovery (Pb, export ed). London: Hodder & Stoughton. 292 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, colour text-photos, light toning pages, covers corner tips & and spine margin little creased, otherwise minor edgewear. This fascinating book is the personal story of award-winning cameraman Lindsay McCrae's adventure to Antarctica, spending a year living alongside the most resilient creatures in nature, the Emperor Penguins. He was separated from his home, his new wife and his unborn child. He had to overcome the sacrifices that came with living his childhood dream: facing down personal obstacles of being over 15,000 Km away from the comforts of home which almost proved too much. He has written an unprecedented portrait of Antartica's most extraordinary residents. ISBN/ASIN: 9781529325461. Our Book No: 31091. $20 AUD.

106. McCubbin, Charles (1985). How to Breed Butterflies (1st ed). Melbourne: Friends of the Zoo Inc. / Zoological Board of Victoria. 33 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, card covers, stapled pamphlet, colour drawings, minor edgewear. This small booklet by Charles McCubbin from the Melbourne Zoo explains the different types of butterflies, and how to breed them. ISBN/ASIN: 0958874409. Our Book No: 23979. $15 AUD.

107. McCullough, Dale R.; McCullough, Yvette (2000). Kangaroos in Outback Australia: Comparative Ecology and Behavior of Three Coexisting Species. New York: Columbia University Press. 308 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures, tables, minor edgewear. Two American researchers study three coexisting kangaroo species (red, eastern grey, western grey) in Yathong Nature Reserve, western New South Wales. They have previously studied coexisting deer populations in North America. SALE PRICE. ISBN/ASIN: 0231119178. Our Book No: 8254. $15 AUD.

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109. Melson, Gail F. (2001). Why the Wild Things Are: Animals in the Lives of Children (1st ed). Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 236 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear, faint remainder stripe. Gail Melson discusses the importance of animals in children's lives. She shows how animals enrich the lives and learning abilities of children. Whether they see themselves as King of the Wild Things or protector of Toto, children live in a world filled with animals, both real and imaginary, from Black Beauty to Barney. A very special book for all animal and pet lovers. ISBN/ASIN: 0674017528. Our Book No: 20805. $25 AUD.

110. Messner, Reinhold; Constantine, Peter (translator) (2000). My Quest for the Yeti: Confronting the Himalaya's Deepest Mystery (1st U.K. ed). London: Macmillan. 169 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, black & white photos centre spread, black & white vignettes. An investigation of the yeti, a mythical animal from the Himalayas, by climber who was first to reach the peak of Mt Everest without oxygen support. ISBN/ASIN: 0333905288. Our Book No: 9673. $12 AUD.

111. Mittelbach, Margaret; Crewdson, Michael; Rockman, Alexis (artwork) (2005). Carnivorous Nights: On the Trail of the Tasmanian Tiger (1st ed). Melbourne: Text Publishing. 320 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, few black & white drawings, pages toned as common, spine minimally creased, minor edgewear. This book is about three American travellers who set out to find the truth about the fabled thylacine (Tasmanian tiger). They have a memorable adventure around the Apple Isle (Tasmania), taking in the natural beauty and unique fauna that makes it a special place. ISBN/ASIN: 1920885943. Our Book No: 28142. $20 AUD.

112. Morgan, Sally (2012). The Greedy Crocodile: A Collection of Australian Stories by Sally Morgan (New ed). Sydney, Newtown: Walker Books Australia. 76 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, colour drawings, front cover little creased & bottom corner tip little bumped, minor edgewear corner tips. A collection of illustrated Australian stories for children and young people by bestselling Aboriginal author Sally Morgan, who wrote the prize-winning autobiography 'My Place'. The ten stories are about Aboriginal legends and mythology and understanding country (nature). The The suggested reading age is primary school. (New edition. Originally published, Penguin Books, 1992.) SCARCE. ISBN/ASIN: 9781921720659. Our Book No: 40573. $35 AUD.

113. Morris, Desmond (2009). Owl (1st ed). London: Reaktion Books. 216 pp. Paperback wide trade, very good plus condition, black & white & colour drawings & photos, minimal edgewear. The author explores the natural and cultural history of owls worldwide. There are 123 illustrations, 91 in colour. This very special book will appeal to anyone interested in this fascinating bird. ISBN/ASIN: 9781861895257. Our Book No: 25718. $15 AUD.

114. Mudher, Amritpal (editor); Newman, Tracey A. (editor) (2008). Drosophila: A Toolbox for the Study of Neurodegenerative Disease [SEB Experimental Biology Series]. Abingdon, Oxon: Taylor & Francis. 220 pp. Hardback octavo, black pictorial cover, as new condition, figures, tables. An overview of the ways in which Drosophila is currently being used as a model organism to further our understanding of a spectrum of human neurological diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and hereditary spastic paraplegia. Each chapter is written by respected researchers and gives an excellent account of the subject suitable for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers. ISBN/ASIN: 9780415411851. Our Book No: 13617. $150 AUD.

115. Mundy, Jane; Bayley, Paul (photographer) (1990). Sydney Wildflower Bushwalks. Sydney, Kenthurst: Kangaroo Press. 94 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, colour photos, few maps, minor edgewear. This book by Jane Mundy is for Sydney bushwalkers and lovers of Australian native plants. There are 144 alphabetically arranged colour plates, and a key to the walks where each plant illustrated can be found. ISBN/ASIN: 0864173350. Our Book No: 24776. $18 AUD.

116. Munro, Sharyn (2009). Mountain Tails: The Lives and Loves of My Animal Neighbours (1st ed). Wollombi, NSW: Exisle Publishing. 167 pp. Paperback trade (with flaps), very good condition, black & white drawings, minor edgewear, autograph (authors written dedication title page). A collection of anecdotes about the animals who share her bush retreat in New South Wales. For over 30 years, kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras, quolls, snakes and frogs have visited. The illustrations and words tell a fascinating story of the wonder of nature. Written by the author of "The Woman on the Mountain". (1 of 2 available copies.). ISBN/ASIN: 9781921497209. Our Book No: 28948. $10 AUD.

117. Murray, Kay; Carter, Julie (2001). Celebrating 100 Years of the Federation of Australia 1901 - 2001 [State Emblems]. Sydney, Terrey Hills: Carter's Antiques & Collectables. 111 pp. Paperback wide trade, very good condition, pictorial card covers (with rear flap), colour drawings (some full-page), glossy paper, tiny scuff mark top edge front cover, minor edgewear. A colourful booklet of Australian State emblems, compiled and edited by Kay Murray and Julie Carter, to celebrate the centenary of Australia, when the States united together as a federated nation. The superb colour drawings depict the unique birds, animals and plants used as emblems for each state and territory of Australia. ISBN/ASIN: 187607907X. Our Book No: 22909. $15 AUD.

118. Nicholls, Jennifer (editor); Pailthorpe, Bernard (editor) (2003). Conference Proceedings: From Zero to Infinity: Science Foundation for Physics, University of Sydney. Sydney: Science Foundation for Physics / University of Sydney. 193 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, figures, colour text-photos, top corners last few pages lightly creased, minor edgewear. Conference proceedings, being lectures delivered at the Science Foundation for Physics 2003, Professor Harry Messel International Science School, held at the School of Physics, University of Sydney. The topics covered range from the familiar, such as Australian native animals and the Great Barrier Reef, to the definitely strange, like the extremophiles - organisms that thrive in extreme temperature or pH conditions: from blue sky research such as galactic cannibalism and the early universe, to immediately applicable studies such as high resolution meteorology, and the effect of radiation on biological and electronic systems. Edited by Jennifer Nicholls and Bernard Pailthorpe. ISBN/ASIN: 1864875518. Our Book No: 23803. $25 AUD.

119. Nichols, Peter (2003). Evolution's Captain: The Dark Fate of the Man who Sailed Charles Darwin Around the World [Robert FitzRoy]. Sydney: HarperCollins. 328 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, few black & white text-drawings, edges lightly toned, spine little creased, minor edgewear. Peter Nichols provides the untold story of Robert FitzRoy, the captain of the HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin's unlikely companion on the landmark journey that lead to his theory of evolution. The five-year-long scientific expedition aboard the HMS Beagle launched Darwin into lasting fame and distinction, and drove Robert Fitzroy to commit suicide. (1 of 2 available copies.). ISBN/ASIN: 0732274788. Our Book No: 30264. $25 AUD.

120. Nickerson, N.; Corporation, Karijini Aboriginal (1993). Karijini National Park, Western Australia. Perth: Aboriginal Economic Development Office. 22 pp. Paperback large quarto, card covers, stapled, very good condition, colour photos, maps, spine little creased & rubbed, minor edgewear. This pamphlet is about the Karijini National Park in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Aboriginal people from this area are called the Punjima, Kurrama and Innawonga, and each have their own language. The many color photos bring the Aboriginal history in the National Park to life, and make it a very special place. ISBN/ASIN: 0730955737. Our Book No: 28772. $18 AUD.

121. Noakes, A. W. (1947). Water for the Inland. Brisbane: A. W. Noakes / Printed by Rallings & Rallings. 56 pp. Paperback small trade, good condition, card covers, stapled pamphlet, fold-out map, spine little rubbed, minor edgewear corners, covers & pages little toned, minor insect damage rear cover, light foxing edges, staples rusted, crease across pages near base of spine. A small self-published booklet by A. W. Noakes. About the Reid and Dr Bradfield water schemes to bring water to the dry outback of Queensland. There is no publication date, but there is a mention of the recent rain (January 1947). Our Book No: 40813. $80 AUD.

122. O'Neill, Adam (2002). Living with the Dingo. Sydney, Annandale: Envirobook. 110 pp. Paperback wide trade, very good condition, few black & white photos, top corner tip rear cover & last three pages little creased, inside covers lightly toned, minor edgewear. Adam O'Neill outlines his controversial hypothesis on the importance of dingos in maintaining the ecological balance. He suggests that by having the dingo as the top order predator, stock losses will be reduced. A challenge to current scientific opinion on dingo behaviour. ISBN/ASIN: 0858811987. Our Book No: 41046. $30 AUD.

123. Owen, David; Pemberton, David (2005). Tasmanian Devil: A Unique and Threatened Animal (Reprint ed). Sydney, Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. 225 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), black & white text-photos & drawings, colour plates, single colour drawing, single sepia (brown-tinted photo) drawing, minimal edgewear. David Owen and David Pemberton have written a comprehensive, easily readable and original book about the Tasmanian devil. They show respect for the world's largest surviving (and unique) marsupial carnivore. ISBN/ASIN: 1741143683. Our Book No: 27924. $25 AUD.

124. Parish, Steve (photographer); Byrne, Paul (design) (1992). Healesville Sanctuary. Brisbane, Paddington: Steve Parish Publishing. 66 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, stapled, colour text-photos (many full-page), top corners lightly bent, bottom corner front cover creased, minor edgewear. (Estimated date, 1992, Trove catalogue.) A very special book about Healesville Sanctuary which is located 65 kilometres from Melbourne, and is one of Victoria's most popular tourist attractions. The sanctuary opened in 1934. The many photos make this a suitable book to interest anyone wanting to learn more about Australian wildlife. ISBN/ASIN: 0846016199. Our Book No: 28491. $15 AUD.

125. Parker, K. Langloh; Backhaus-Smith, Rex (illustrator); Lang, Andrew (introduction); Marika, Wandjuk (introduction) (1978). Australian Legendary Tales: Being the Two Collections of Australian Legendary Tales and More Australian Legendary Tales Collected from Various Tribes (Reissue ed). Sydney: Bodley Head Australia. 188 pp. Hardback tall octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in good dustjacket), dark plum boards (little rubbed), black & white drawings, coloured top edge (slightly faded), reverse side jacket lightly foxed, small foxed patches flaps, spine & decorative edge near spine faded, slight edgewear, spine ends creased, tiny tear top edge). A reissue in one volume of two important 19th century folk tale collections by K. Langloh Parker: 'Australian Legendary Tales' and 'More Australian Legendary Tales'. The collections were first published in separate volumes in 1896 and 1898 respectively, appearing simultaneously in London and Melbourne. The first book contains 31 stories, and the second has 23 stories. Both have prefaces by the author and introductions by Andrew Lang and Wandjuk Marika. There is a native text of one story and a glossary. Many of the stories are about animals and birds. The stories in the first book are solely from the Narran tribe (New South Wales), known among themselves as the Noongahburrahs. Those in the second book are from a wider number of tribes, but Mrs Parker used only Noongahburrah names to avoid confusing the reader with different dialects. The chapter-head illustrations in this new edition have been specially commissioned from Rex Backhaus-Smith, the well-known Queensland artist. ISBN/ASIN: 0370108418. Our Book No: 30715. $26 AUD.

126. Pearson, Richard (2011). Driven to Extinction: The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity (1st ed). New York: Sterling. 263 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), colour photos, minor edgewear jacket (little marked), title on spine lightly faded owner's written name title page. A scientist at the American Museum of Natural History explains the science behind the debates about climate change, and the way it will change our biodiversity (animal and plant life). Focusing on case studies from around the world, he describes not only what we know, but how we know it - the data, methods, and reasoning behind particular conclusions. ISBN/ASIN: 9781402772238. Our Book No: 27082. $20 AUD.

127. Poduschka, Walter; Christl, Poduschka; Sworder, Mary (translator) (1972). Dearest Prickles: The Story of a Hedgehog Family (1st ed). New York: Taplinger. 128 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in good dustjacket), black & white text-photos, minor foxing endpapers & few pages, faint toning reverse side jacket (minor edgewear & edge tears, few small scuffs & dents), bottom edge little rubbed. This wonderful unsentimental story is about their rescue and experiences with three baby hedgehogs. Illustrated with over fifty photos, this charming book will appeal to animal lovers of all ages. ISBN/ASIN: 0800821246. Our Book No: 28165. $15 AUD.

128. Power, Pedal (1983). Forty Bicycle Rides Around Canberra and Southern N.S.W. Canberra: Pedal Power A.C.T. Inc. 64 pp. Paperback thin octavo, stapled (little rusted), thin card covers, good condition, black & white text-photos, maps, minor edgewear, faint foxing edges & covers, rubbed along spine, corner tips covers & few pages little worn, faint stain top edge inside front cover & some pages. Introduces all cyclists, from the novice to the experienced tourist, to some of the many possible rides in these locations around Canberra, Australia's capital city. ISBN/ASIN: 0908028040. Our Book No: 27155. $10 AUD.

129. Press-McKenzie, Carolyn (2015). Animal Magic: My Journey to Save Thousands of Animals. Sydney, Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. 247 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, colour photos, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This book is the inspiring story of the author's work with animals. HUHA (Helping You Help Animals) is a thriving network that rehabilitates and rehomes domestic and farm animals and wildlife all over the country. It is New Zealand's leading no-kill shelter. ISBN/ASIN: 9781877505485. Our Book No: 28637. $16 AUD.

130. Pulman, Felicity; Jenkins, David (photographer) (2013). The Little Penguins of Manly. Sydney: Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. 46 pp. Hardback oblong quarto, no jacket as issued, very good condition, pictorial cover, colour photos (many full-page), top corner tip covers little bumped, minor edgewear. Felicity Pulman lovingly describes the little penguins of Manly, New South Wales. Anna and Toby are part of the Penguin Wardens Team, and in this wonderful informative book they tell the stories of the penguins, and their important role keeping the penguins safe. This is the only mainland breeding colony in NSW. Conservation and management are also covered, and how the penguin is coping with an environment increasingly affected by humans. Photographs by David Jenkins. This very special book will interest students, teachers and general readers. The book is printed on 100% recycled post consumer FSC Ecostar Gloss paper and made carbon neutral. ISBN/ASIN: 9780987570802. Our Book No: 29616. $30 AUD.

131. Rankin, Robert (1993). Wilderness Light: Photographing Australia's Wild Places (1st ed). Toowong, QLD: Rankin Publishers. 159 pp. Hardback small wide quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), colour photos (some double-page spread), minor edgewear jacket (faint foxing reverse side), base spine & bottom corner lightly rubbed. Heavy (1.0 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. Rpbert Rankin has produced a book is about photographing the wild places of Australia - landscapes of Australia's remote and untouched wilderness. The photos of these beautiful places make this book come to life. ISBN/ASIN: 0959241841. Our Book No: 26592. $30 AUD.

132. Ratcliffe, Jane; McKenna, Virginia (foreword) (1981). Fly High, Run Free: The Heartwarming Account of a Dedicated Woman's Fight to Save Animals. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books. 189 pp. Paperback small, very good condition, black & white photos, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. Jane Ratcliffe is one of Britain's leading naturalists who lives and works in rural Cheshire and the Lake District. Wild, injured and orphaned animals are rescued and nursed back to health, and returned to the wild. Badgers, tawny owls, blackbirds, foxes, kestrels and hedgehogs have all been given a new lease of life. ISBN/ASIN: 0140055703. Our Book No: 28475. $12 AUD.

133. Reid, Craig; Marshall, Justin; Logan, Dave; Kleine, Diana (2009). Coral Reefs and Climate Change (1st ed) [The Guide for Education and Awareness]. Brisbane: Coralwatch / University of Queensland Press (UQP). 236 pp. Paperback quarto, very good plus condition, includes CD ROM and coral health chart, colour photos, charts, minor edgewear. Heavy (1.0 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. This book places the focus on coral reefs, the astonishing abundance of life within them, and the impacts of climate change on this beautiful environment. Coral reefs are being lost five times faster than rainforest. It is important to act now to prevent further degradation. For educators, students, reef enthusiasts, professionals and eco-citizens. ISBN/ASIN: 9780646523606. Our Book No: 40223. $60 AUD.

134. Reilly, Pauline (1978). Fairy Penguins: A Brief Life History with Photographs (2nd or revised, reprint ed). Hampton, VIC: P. N. Reilly. 32 pp. Paperback small, very good condition, card cover, stapled pamphlet, black & white text-photos, minor edgewear. Pauline Reilly lovingly describes the penguin colony of Phillip Island, Victoria, based on the work by the Penguin Study Group at Phillip Island. ISBN/ASIN: 0959882820. Our Book No: 5787. $10 AUD.

135. Ritson, Janie (2011). Hoping for a Home: How a Woman With a Big Heart Gave New Lives to Animals in Need. London: HarperCollins. 276 pp. Paperback, very good condition, spine little creased, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. A very special collection of stories by Janie Ritson about the rollercoaster ride of working for an animal charity. The author writes about a lovesick macaw, a sheep who thinks she's a dog, an abused Doberman whose heroism moves her carers to tears, and her days that are filled with laughter and tears as she learns just how wonderful animals are. ISBN/ASIN: 9780007378913. Our Book No: 28484. $12 AUD.

136. Rivolier, Jean; Wiles, Peter (translator) (1956). Emperor Penguins (1st English ed). London: Elek Books. 131 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in good dustjacket), black & white photos, light foxing edges, toned strips endpapers, small edge tears jacket (archival tape edges reverse side, minor edgewear). Jean Rivolier relates his story of a wintering party who left France late in 1951 to relieve the French Antarctic base at Port-Martin. On board was a special detachment which had been selected to spend a year at Geology Point, a remote coastal area of Adelie Land which housed a colony of Emperor penguins. The men observed and annotated the lives of the Emperors at close quarters from the moment the first penguin emerged from the unfrozen sea at the end of March until late December when they swam away to spend the brief summer in a resort that man had never discovered. (Translated from the French.). ISBN/ASIN: B0000CJKID. Our Book No: 25287. $15 AUD.

137. Rubin, Paul H. (2002). Darwinian Politics: The Evolutionary Origin of Freedom [Rutgers Series In Human Evolution]. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press. 223 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition, minimal edgewear. Paul Rubin has written the first book to look at political behavior from a modern evolutionary perspective. The author shows why certain political-moral philosophies succeed or fail in modern Western culture. Ultimately, the author argues that humans naturally seek political freedom, and modern Western society provides more freedom than any previous one. ISBN/ASIN: 0813530962. Our Book No: 29179. $28 AUD.

138. Sangha, Kamaljit K.; Athanasiou, Julie (editor) (2015). Ways to Live in Harmony With Nature: Living Sustainably and Working with Passion (1st ed). Melbourne, Docklands: Classic Author and Publishing Services. 212 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white text-photos, figures, faint toning pages, minor edgewear. This book looks at ways people can make a difference to the Australian environment by making little changes to the way we do things. Written by Kamaljit Sangha, an ecological economist. This is a good book for anyone interested in a sustainable way of life. ISBN/ASIN: 9780994183774. Our Book No: 28923. $18 AUD.

139. Selkirk, D. R. (editor); Burrows, F. J. (editor) (1987). Confronting Creationism: Defending Darwin [Australian Studies in Biology]. Sydney, Kensington: University of New South Wales Press / Australian Institute of Biology. 158 pp. Paperback trade, good plus condition, figures, tables, flyleaves lightly toned, minor edgewear, distinct old price marks. These essays arose out of a symposium in which prominent Australian scientists spoke out against creation science (creationism), and in support of Darwinian evolution, reason, observation and experimentation. ISBN/ASIN: 0868401781. Our Book No: 14543. $12 AUD.

140. Semon, Richard (1899). In the Australian Bush and on the Coast of the Coral Sea: Being the Experiences and Observations of a Naturalist in Australia, New Guinea and the Moluccas (1st U.K. ed). London: Macmillan and Co. 552 pp. Hardback large thick octavo, no jacket as issued, very good condition, cancelled EX-LIBRARY, original dark green cloth cover (gilt spine title), original dark green endpapers, top edge gilt, other edges untrimmed (roughly cut), black & white drawings (some full-page plates), foldout single-colour maps, library marks (spine label, withdrawn sticker, embossed stamp title page, date due sheet inside rear cover), minor edgewear, owner's written names. Very heavy (1.8 Kg), and not available for postage to destinations outside Australia. Richard Semon (1859 - 1918), a German zoologist and biologist, spent more than a year (in 1891-92) in Australia, primarily in the Burnett district in south-east Queensland and along the north-east coast as far as Cooktown. Of considerable Aboriginal interest. (With 86 illustrations plus 4 folding maps. Originally published in German. This is the English translation supervised by the author. Withdrawn from the Bowdoin College Library, Maine. Written names of two previous owners.). Our Book No: 17166. $160 AUD.

141. Severin, Tim (1997). The Spice Islands Voyage: In Search of Wallace (1st p/b ed). London: Little, Brown & Company. 267 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white drawings, colour photos centre spread, map, spine faintly creased (top little chipped), slight crease front cover, minor edgewear. (The Spice Islands Voyage: In Search of Wallace, by Tim Severin, Little Brown, 1997.) About a journey and a quest: an equatorial journey among the Spice Islands of Indonesia aboard a traditional native sailing vessel - a quest to rediscover a remarkable Englishman whose wandering in the archipelago changed the way we see the natural world. The author used Alfred Russel Wallace's book ’The Malay Archipelago' as a guide. This fascinating book is a singular travel book, a unique blend of biography, ecology, history and adventure. It bears witness to the many heroic achievements of one of the great Victorian scientist-explorers. ISBN/ASIN: 0316881759. Our Book No: 29767. $20 AUD.

142. Sheldrake, Rupert (1991). The Rebirth of Nature: The Greening of Science and God (1st p/b ed). London: Rider. 215 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures, minor scuffing covers, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. The British biochemist and parapsychologist, best known for his theory of morphic resonance, traces the mythological and historical roots of two distinct attitudes to nature (scientific and religious), and looks at the implications of new developments in science. ISBN/ASIN: 0712646507. Our Book No: 22424. $15 AUD.

143. Shotter, Graham (1986). The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens (4th ed). Melbourne, Parkville: Friends of the Zoos / Zoological Board of Victoria. 52 pp. Paperback small square quarto, stapled, card covers, very good condition, colour photos, minor edgewear. The story of the Melbourne Zoo, including its gardens. Our Book No: 25717. $15 AUD.

144. Skottowe, Lieut. Thomas; Bonyhady, Tim (editor); Attenborough, David (foreword) (1988). The Skottowe Manuscript - Newcastle 1813: Select Specimens from Nature of the Birds Animals etc. of New South Wales 1813. Volume 1: The Manuscript. Volume II: The Commentary (Facsimile ed). Sydney: David Ell Press / Hordern House. 192 pp. Two volumes in slipcase (black Murata cloth, burgundy ribbon). Each volume: Hardback large quarto (31.5 x 18.5 cm), no jacket as issued, very good condition, black board covers, colour & black & white drawings, title vignette embossed label front cover, minor edgewear. Very heavy (1.7 Kg), and not available for postage to destinations outside Australia. A facsimile edition in two volumes of the original illustrated manuscript by Thomas Skottowe (Select Specimens from NSW Birds, Animals, etc.), reproduced from the manuscript in the archives of the Mitchell Library, Sydney. 'Newcastle 1813' is a complete facsimile containing 27 colour plates and Thomas Mitchell's bookplate. 'The Commentary' is a companion volume containing an essay by Tim Bonyhady, black & white reproductions of the plates, transcriptions of the original text accompanied by explanatory natural history notes, and a foreword by David Attenborough. A wonderful gift for anyone interested in natural history and Australian history. (Limited edition, no 132 of 550 sets. Volume 1 is 112 pages, volume 2 is 80 pages.). ISBN/ASIN: 0908197837. Our Book No: 22274. $200 AUD.

145. Smith, Judy; Smith, Peter (1990). Fauna of the Blue Mountains (1st ed). Sydney, Kenthurst: Kangaroo Press. 95 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, card covers, colour text-photos, black & white drawings, faint foxing endpapers, minor edgewear. (Fauna of the Blue Mountains, by Judy and Peter Smith.) They list all mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs reliably reported from the Blue Mountains region, west of Sydney, over the last 200 years. Provides details of their local distribution and habitat, relative abundance, and something of their habits and life histories. First edition. (Incorrect ISBN printed in book: 0864173211.). ISBN/ASIN: 0864173121. Our Book No: 23384. $16 AUD.

146. Sobosan, Jeffrey G. (1991). Bless the Beasts: A Spirituality of Animal Care. New York: Crossroad Publishing. 144 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, few tiny scratches covers, minor edgewear. Jeffrey Sobosan, a professor and priest, has written a wonderful warm caring book about his love of animals and his own understanding of Christianity. This is a beautiful book for anyone interested in animals and spirituality. ISBN/ASIN: 0824511352. Our Book No: 21755. $15 AUD.

147. Stanley, Howard (1985). A History of the Establishment of Kosciusko National Park. Sydney: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. 40 pp. Paperback wide, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, leatherette spine, single-colour (dark blue-tinted) photos, map, few light marks rear cover, small mark front cover, top corner tip front cover creased, minimal edgewear, non-author written dedication title page. A pamphlet about the alpine area in the Kosciusko National Park in southern New South Wales (NSW). Covers the history, landscape, mapping and the care that has been taken to establish this important area. Includes an interview with Sir William McKell who helped to secure the establishment of the national park within a short space of time after giving approval to succeed. (Estimated date, 1980s, Trove.). Our Book No: 40030. $20 AUD.

148. Stereograph Co, Rose (1940). POSTCARD: Mother and Baby Wombat [The Rose Series]. Melbourne, Armadale: Rose Stereograph Co. N/A pp. Card: Oblong, black & white picture front (little creased), text reverse side (light toning), minor edgewear. This postcard is a real photograph produced in Australia, in The Rose Series P. 10995. The card shows a mother wombat with her baby wombat. (Estimated date, 1920s to 1950s.). Our Book No: 40156. $10 AUD.

149. Stewart, Douglas; Coen, Margaret (illustrator) (1990). The Seven Rivers (A Poet Goes Fishing). Sydney: Imprint / Angus & Robertson. 218 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white drawings, minor edgewear, owner's written name. A collection of essays in which the Australian author, playwright and poet reveals his passion for angling and Australian nature. Stories about trout fishing in the Australian Alps and the Awakino in New Zealand, and stories of charming creatures of the wild such as the kiwi in Omoana, the wombat on the Badja, and the yellow bellied water rat at Brindabella. ISBN/ASIN: 0207166692. Our Book No: 17228. $15 AUD.

150. Stewart, Robin (1997). EnviroCat: A New Approach to Caring for Your Cat (and Protecting Native Wildlife). Melbourne: Hyland House. 146 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, colour text-photos & drawings, minimal edgewear. Envirocats live longer, are healthier and happier - they don't roam nor kill native animals. How to train your cat to stay in, or close to, home. How to understand cat gestures, solve problem behaviours, and keep your cat active and entertained. ISBN/ASIN: 1864470119. Our Book No: 11706. $15 AUD.

151. Storrie, Ann; Morrison, Sue; Morrison, Peter; Thomson-Dans, Carolyn (editor) (2003). Beneath Busselton Jetty. Kensington, WA: Department of Conservation and Land Management. 145 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good plus condition, colour text-photos (some full-page), minimal edgewear. Ann Storrie and colleagues tell the story of Western Australia's Busselton Jetty which is over 138 years old and over 1.8 kilometres long - the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. Effectively a huge artificial reef, it is a magnet to visitors, divers, and anyone interested in the marine environment. The jetty has been colonised by an amazing diversity of colourful corals, sponges, sea stars, shellfish, fish and other forms of marine life. This beautiful book takes a detailed look at the jetty’s history and its underwater inhabitants. ISBN/ASIN: 0730755312. Our Book No: 30536. $25 AUD.

152. Suzuki, David; Atwood, Margaret (foreword) (2010). The Legacy: An Elder's Vision for our Sustainable Future (1st Australian ed). Sydney: Greystone Books / Allen & Unwin. 113 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), few black & white photos, minor edgewear jacket (faint foxing reverse side), minor rubbing edges. This book provides a unique look at the wisdom and knowledge that David Suzuki has acquired over the years, and points to his legacy for generations to come. The author is one of the planet's pre-eminent elders, and in his lifetime has witnessed an explosion of scientific knowledge and a big change in our relationship with our planet. He concludes that change begins with each of us. Australian edition. ISBN/ASIN: 9871742373553. Our Book No: 41221. $30 AUD.

153. Sveiby, Karl-Erik; Skuthorpe, Tex (illustrator) (2006). Treading Lightly: The Hidden Wisdom of the World's Oldest People (1st ed). Sydney, Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. 262 pp. Paperback octavo, good condition, beautiful colour & black & white drawings (mostly full-page), covers & spine little creased, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. First edition. This book by Karl-Erik Svelby is a unique journey into traditional Aboriginal life and culture, and offers a powerful and original model for building sustainable organisations, communities and ecologies. It gives a compelling message for today's world. Paintings by Tex Skuthorpe. ISBN/ASIN: 174114874X. Our Book No: 31018. $30 AUD.

154. Tennant, D. (1945). Marvels of the Great Barrier Reef, North Australia and New Guinea. Sydney: Thomas Tennant / The Market Printery (Printer). 50 pp. Paperback large octavo, good condition, stapled pamphlet (little rusted), thin card covers, black & white photos, corner tips covers & pages slightly creased, faint toning pages, few tiny scuffs front cover, minor edgewear, owner's written name in biro front cover. This booklet is about the natural and manmade wonders of The Great Barrier Reef, as well as wildlife found in North Queensland and New Guinea. The information relating to the flora, fauna and objects has been gathered by enthusiastic observers. A good way to learn a little about this fascinating part of Australia. (No date, but about 1945.). Our Book No: 40815. $18 AUD.

155. Thomas, Martin (2001). A Multicultural Landscape: National Parks and the Macedonian Experience [Studies in the Cultural Construction of Open Space Series]. Sydney, Hurstville: NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service. 111 pp. Paperback small octavo (with flaps), very good condition, black & white text-photos. Martin Thomas provides a fascinating report about how ethnic background may affect attitudes towards national parks. Based on a field study of a large group of Macedonian migrants who gather each Christmas for a picnic at the Royal National Park, south of Sydney, plus two later focus group interviews of elderly and young Macedonians. ISBN/ASIN: 1864031867. Our Book No: 13330. $20 AUD.

156. Thomas, Tyrone (1998). 70 Walks in Southern New South Wales and A.C.T. (1st ed) [Bushwalking Series]. Melbourne: Hill of Content. 229 pp. Paperback, very good condition, many full-page black & white & green maps, minor edgewear, faint foxing edges. This book contains information about 70 walks in southern New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory, and highlights both the Great Dividing Range and the coast. Snowy Mountains walks are also a feature. Walks are graded as easy, medium and hard and all are circuits or retraces, thereby facilitating transport access. Special sections deal with safety, mapping and navigation and a map is provided for every walk suggestion. ISBN/ASIN: 0855722894. Our Book No: 27107. $20 AUD.

157. Thorn, Julia (1989). Bicycle Tours of Southeastern Australia. Kenthurst, NSW: Kangaroo. 119 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white text-photos, frontispiece, maps, pages faintly toned, spine lightly faded, tiny spot fore-edge, minor edgewear. Consists of ten detailed route guides for long distance rides in southeastern Australia. The suggested routes include visits to Far Northern New South Wales, Coast Lakes and Farmland, Beyond the Blue Mountains, Sydney to Canberra, Southern Tablelands to the Coast, Rural Victoria, The Great Ocean Road, Victorian Gold Towns, Along the Murray, Riverland to Adelaide. Introductory sections give information on planning your trip, bicycle choice, clothing, preparation, transporting your bike, accommodation. This is the first book to give routes for long distance rides of one or two weeks' duration in Australia. ISBN/ASIN: 086417277X. Our Book No: 28506. $15 AUD.

158. Thorp, Gary (2002). Caught in Fading Light: Mountain Lions, Zen Masters, and Wild Nature (1st ed). New York: Walker & Co. 187 pp. Hardback tall octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), few black & white illustrations, top edge lightly foxed, minor edgewear corners jacket. Describes his search for a mountain lion or cougar in the hills and mountains of Northern California where he lives. In spare, elegant prose, using the traditional form of Japanese writing known as nikki bungaku (literary diary), he writes about his meditations and adventures. ISBN/ASIN: 0802713971. Our Book No: 26966. $18 AUD.

159. Throssell, Harry (1984). Where the Beech Trees Grow: The Story of Binna Burra. Brisbane: Binna Burra Lodge Limited. 121 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, black & white & colour full-page photos, frontispiece, map, spine lightly faded, minor edgewear. Harry Throssell provides the history of a mountain lodge in the Lamington National Park, Queensland. The author describes all the work that went into the building of the slab-and-shingle huts in 1934 to make this lodge a restful, healing place that people could come to take bushwalks in the rainforest and woodlands of the national park. This book celebrates the 50th birthday of the Lodge, originally conceived by Arthur Groom in 1929. ISBN/ASIN: 0958929505. Our Book No: 27925. $15 AUD.

160. Ticehurst, Norman F (1909). A History of the Birds of Kent. London: Witherby & Co. 568 pp. Hardback very thick octavo (22.7 x 16.5 cm), no jacket, good plus condition, original black cloth cover (gilt spine lettering), top edge gilt, black & white photos (including frontispiece), foldout colour map at rear, fore-edge & bottom edge untrimmed, flyleaves toned, edges little toned & foxed, corners slightly bumped, bookplate front pastedown (blank). Heavy (1.4 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. Most of this book, by a zoologist, is a detailed and referenced one-by-one description of each bird species in Kent, England. The beginning of the book contains a bibliography, a list of subscribers, and an introductory chapter (including topography, geology, vegetation, museums, previous writers). Still highly regarded today. SALE PRICE. ISBN/ASIN: B0016PXWK8. Our Book No: 12589A. $80 AUD.

161. Tothill, J. D.; Taylor, T. H. C. (assistant); Paine, R. W (assistant) (1930). The Coconut Moth in Fiji: A History of Its Control by Means of Parasites. London: Imperial Bureau of Entomology, Government of Fiji. 269 pp. Hardback small quarto, no jacket, good condition, black boards, figures, black & white & colour plates, frontispiece colour map, boards minimally rubbed & marked, inner hinge little split (pages firm), spine little slack, edges & pages faintly toned, small scuff mark title page & front flyleaf, gum residue inside front cover (label removal), minor edgewear. Heavy (1.4 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. This book by J. D. Tothill is about the control by parasites of the purple moth known as Levuana iridescens, B.B., which was destroying the leaves of coconuts and reducing the production of copra in Fiji, in 1924. The many drawings and plates make this a good volume to add to a nature collection. (Plus unnumbered pages of plates at rear.). ISBN/ASIN: B00089ZVKW. Our Book No: 25419. $60 AUD.

162. Tuck, Raphael (1906). POSTCARD: Cat theme: A Large Fluffy Grey and White Cat, with words "Wild Birds Protection Acts 1880 to 1904: A Law Breaker" (1st ed) [Glosso Postcard Series 5597]. London: Raphael Tuck & Sons. N/A pp. Postcard oblong, black & white picture one side, text on rear side, some light toning (including few tiny spots on photo), minor edgewear. Postcard with a large grey & white fluffy cat sitting on a fence with a sign reading Wild Birds Protection Acts 1880 to 1904. "Happy Catland" is printed on the back of the card. The 1d postage stamp has the date Dec 1906 Warrnambool Victoria stamped on the back. The card was posted to Miss Minnie Gardner Kew from her cousin Howard. Our Book No: 40164. $20 AUD.

163. Vernon, Adele; Schneider, Dean (photographer) (1991). The Hoiho: New Zealand's Yellow-eyed Penguin (1st ed). Auckland: Hodder & Stoughton. 44 pp. Paperback square quarto, very good condition, colour text-photos, minimal edgewear. Adele Vernon records the story of the yellow-eyed penguin, named hoiho ("noisy shouter") by the Maori because of its distinctive calls and trills. It is native only to New Zealand, and is a reclusive forest dwelling bird. It is the rarest penguin in the world, and conservation attempts are described. ISBN/ASIN: 034050837X. Our Book No: 20286. $15 AUD.

164. Walraven, Erna; Hale, Rebecca (illustrator) (1990). Taronga Zoo's Guide to the Care of Urban Wildlife. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 157 pp. Hardback small quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white drawings, colour photos, minor foxing reverse side jacket, edges little foxed, minor edgewear. Erna Walraven answers the many questions that staff of zoos across Australia get asked regarding the care of native wildlife they find injured in urban backyards and by the roadside. The book is a step-by-step guide to nursing injured animals back to health, and a handbook on how to share living space with our unique wildlife. The author is a rehabilitation officer at Taronga Zoo, Sydney. ISBN/ASIN: 0044422555. Our Book No: 23757. $20 AUD.

165. Watts, Dave; Wood, Margaret (1993). Tasmania Mammals: A Field Guide (Revised, reprint ed). Tasmania: Peregrine Press. 119 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, colour photos (mostly full-page), top corner front cover little creased, spine little faded, light foxing few pages, minor foxing edges, minimal edgewear. This book brings together for the first time an outstanding series of colour photos of all native Tasmanian land mammals. Plus a clear concise text to give the reader all the information on identification, habits, habitat, distribution and status of each mammal. This interesting book will let anyone identify and learn some details of the general biology of our beautiful native animals. Text & photos by Wood, compiled by Wood. ISBN/ASIN: 0646143549. Our Book No: 29805. $18 AUD.

166. Weigel, John (1996). The Australian Reptile Park Story (New ed). Gosford, NSW: Australian Reptile Park. 56 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, colour photos, four black & white photos at front, minor edgewear. John Weigel relates the story of the Australian Reptile Park, near Gosford, New South Wales. In 1996, the park moved from its previous location in North Gosford, where it was founded founded 40 years ago by snakeman Eric Worrell. The new more tranquil location is at Somersby, near Old Sydney Town. Describes the new venue, Including the public facilities and activities, the reptiles, and the life-saving production of snake and spider venoms. ISBN/ASIN: 0731639340. Our Book No: 20047. $20 AUD.

167. Wells, Spencer (2011). Pandora's Seed: Why the Hunter-gatherer Holds the Key to our Survival. London: Penguin Books. 230 pp. Paperback, very good condition, black & white photos & drawings, minor edgewear. The author is an explorer, geographer, author and geneticist. Describes how humans have evolved over the last 10,000 years, and tells us how to learn from our ancestors to help us survive and thrive in the future. ISBN/ASIN: 9780141016016. Our Book No: 28033. $14 AUD.

168. White, Gilbert; Davidson-Houston, Ronald (compile5); Chatfield, June E. (introduction) (2004). The Illustrated Natural History of Selborne (Revised format, reprint ed). London: Thames & Hudson. 255 pp. Paperback large octavo, thick card covers (with flaps), very good condition, colour text-photos, few pinhead spots top edge, top corner rear cover slightly bumped & scuffed, minor edgewear. A delightful collection of letters by an English country clergyman about local natural history, originally published in 1789. This book has great appeal and is the fourth most published book in English. This beautifully illustrated book has 124 colour plates that have been faithfully reproduced from the hand-coloured engravings of Gilbert White's contemporaries, giving an invaluable extra dimension to this captivating book. (Chatfield is the former Curator of The Gilbert White Museum.). ISBN/ASIN: 0500284784. Our Book No: 30501. $30 AUD.

169. Wignell, Edel; Graham, Bob (illustrator) (1981). A Boggle of Bunyips. Sydney, Lane Cove: Hodder & Stoughton. 110 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white drawings, minor edgewear. This collection of stories for young adults, compiled by Wignell, feature bunyips from billabongs, swamps, long ago, and modern bunyips. The author has put together this collection from many sources including Aboriginal myths, newspaper reports, fictional writings and historical research. ISBN/ASIN: 0340277521. Our Book No: 27828. $15 AUD.

170. Wild Dog, Books; Norman, Dr Mark (fact checker) (2011). Going to the Poles (Reprint ed) [Going To Series]. Melbourne, Fitzroy: Wild Dog Books. 31 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, colour photos, top spine little bumped, light creases front cover & spine, minor edgewear corners. This very special book from Wild Dog Books (large quarto paperback) is about the amazing ways that animals survive in the unique North and South polar habitats (Arctic and Antarctic) The target audience is primary school age, but younger children would be interested in the large-as-life animal photos. ISBN/ASIN: 9781742032016. Our Book No: 29700. $15 AUD.

171. Wilkins, Peter Bernard; Donaldson, Kim (illustrator) (2007). The Matriarch: The Compelling Story of an Elephant Family. [Sydney, Gordon]: Peter Bernard Wilkins / Mini-Publishing (Printer). 214 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good plus condition, black & white drawings, colour photo inside front cover, map, minor edgewear. Peter Bernard Wilkins writes the story of three generations of a family of African savannah elephants in Zimbabwe: a female breeding herd made up of mothers and daughters, aunts and cousins. The elephants are led by a wise and courageous old Matriarch elephant who does her best to keep them safe from ivory poachers, hunters, corrupt game rangers, and the ever-present lions. This is an accurate and amazingly detailed self-published account of the elephants daily life in the wild, through times of peace and war, floods, droughts and bushfires. ISBN/ASIN: 9780646481265. Our Book No: 40427. $60 AUD.

172. Wilson, Kelly (2016). For the Love of Horses: The Wilson Sisters' Inspiring Journey to Save New Zealand's Wild Horses (And: Stallion Challenges) (Omnibus ed). Sydney, North Sydney: Ebury Press. 179 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, colour photos, laminate coating top edge rear cover lifting slightly, minor edgewear. The Wilson sisters became aware of the plight of the wild Kaimanawa horses as they were rounded up and sent to the slaughterhouse. They became involved in their welfare. The girls set out to train the horses many believed to to be untrainable. This is a heartfelt story with humble beginnings in rural New Zealand. (Omnibus edition, two books in one: For the Love of Horses [and] Stallion Challenges.). ISBN/ASIN: 9780143783138. Our Book No: 30568. $30 AUD.

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