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1. Abidi, Azhar (2006). Passarola Rising (1st Australian ed). Melbourne: Penguin Books. 244 pp. Paperback thick trade, very good condition, minor edgewear. Historical novel set in Portugal in 1731, about two brothers with a love of flying. The brothers were real historical figures, but their adventures are fiction. (Author is Pakistani-Australian and lives in Melbourne.). ISBN: 067004296X. Our Book No: 25467. $12 AUD.

2. About, Edmond (1862). Le Cas de M. Guerin (1st ed) [French language]. Paris: Michel Levy Freres, Libraires Editeurs. 199 pp. Hardback small, no jacket, very good condition, quarter-bound, marbled board covers, leather spine (bands, faded gilt lettering & vignettes), marbled endpapers, minor edgewear. First edition, French language novel. Includes "Le 41e Fauteuil" (24p, at rear). Entertaining novel in which Mr. Guerin, without being a hermaphrodite, carries a pregnancy to term and gives birth to a son. Our Book No: 16697. $30 AUD.

3. Alexandra, Belinda (2010). Tuscan Rose (Reprint ed). Sydney: HarperCollins. 563 pp. Paperback thick octavo, very good condition, bottom corner tip little creased covers, spine little creased, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. The bestselling Australian author Belinda Alexandra has written an historical novel based in Italy. It is the story of a girl named Rosa who was left as an infant with the sisters of Santo Spirito. The story is one of sacrifice and reward, of beauty and horror, and redemption. ISBN: 9780732281328. Our Book No: 30918. $25 AUD.

4. Alexandra, Belinda (2011). Golden Earrings (1st ed). Sydney: HarperCollins. 513 pp. Paperback thick octavo, very good condition, front cover corner tips little creased, minor bump base spine, minor edgewear. The Australian author has written an historical novel that moves between two great cities: Barcelona in the lead up to the Civil War (1930s) and Paris in the 1970s. It is the story of two women and the extremes they are prepared to go to for love. It is a story of great passions and great betrayals - where nothing is quite as it seems. ISBN: 9780732291952. Our Book No: 27668. $20 AUD.

5. Arnold, Elliott (1943). First Comes Courage (The Commandos) (Reprint ed). New York: Triangle Books. 300 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, good plus condition, pages toned, rear cover jacket little marked & foxed (few chips, edgewear), scuff mark free flyleaf (sticker mark), protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve (Brodart). The author states that every single large incident in this novel during World War 2 is entirely authentic. The Commandos are British, Americans, Free French, escaped Norwegians, and Poles. The author has travelled a lot in Europe and had the unusual opportunity to get material about the Commandos and the Underground. The novel has factual background, excitement, suspense, quick stabbing action, and a deep, passionate love affair. The photo on the cover is from the movie "First Comes Courage". ISBN: B000R9A4Y6. Our Book No: 29324. $15 AUD.

6. Barnes, Julian (2000). Love, etc. (1st ed). London: Jonathan Cape. 249 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket. First edition. In this novel the author revisits Stuart, Oliver, and Gillian from "Talking It Over". Darker and deeper than his previous novel, it is a compelling look at contemporary love and its betrayals. The author later won the Booker Prize in 2011 for a future novel. ISBN: 0224061097. Our Book No: 28091. $15 AUD.

7. Barroso, Gustavo; Cunninghame Graham, R. B. (translator) (1924). Mapirunga. London: Heinemann. 39 pp. Hardback small, no jacket (missing) as common, good condition, quarter-bound (white vellum spine, cream paper-covered board covers), gilt title on front cover & spine, covers & pages lightly toned, minimal faint foxing (mostly edges). (No 190 of a limited edition of 350 copies, autographed by the translator. Originally written in the Spanish language by Gustavo Barroso, and here translated, with an extended preface by R. B. Cunninghame Graham. Brazilian fiction - a short tale of revenge and honor defended in the Sertao region of Brazil. Our Book No: 16072. $30 AUD.

8. Bassett, Jan (editor) (1995). Great Southern Landings: An Anthology of Antipodean Travel (1st ed). Melbourne: Oxford University Press (OUP). 328 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket, base spine lightly rubbed, small scuff mark front cover, tiny dent bottom edge. The term Antipodes was originally used to refer to "places on the surface of the earth directly opposite each other", and later came to mean Australasia. Thousands of travellers from the northern hemisphere - from Francois Pelsaert, commander of the ill-fated Batavia, to Eric Newby and Jan Morris - have left records of their impressions of the Antipodes; some voyagers - Jonathan Swift, Samuel Butler and Jules Verne, for instance, travelled only in their minds, writing about imaginary voyages. Jan Bassett has collected a delightful selection of 90 extracts from the writings of notable visitors to and imaginers of the Antipodes. These date from about 1605 to the 1990s. Included are dreamers, sailors, adventurers, political commentators and sporting figures. ISBN: 0195535820. Our Book No: 24836. $14 AUD.

9. Boulle, Pierre; Fielding, Xan (translator) (1984). The Bridge on the River Kwai (Reprint ed). Isle of Man: Fontana Books. 157 pp. Paperback, very good condition, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. Cover subtitle: "His famous novel of British POWs in the hell of a Japanese labour camp". ISBN: 0006161189. Our Book No: 24791. $10 AUD.

10. Boyne, John (2011). The Absolutist: A Novel (1st this ed). New York: Other Press. 309 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, thick card covers (with flaps), spine ends lightly scuffed, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. This is an unforgettable and powerful novel of passion, jealousy, heroism, and betrayal set in the trenches of World War 1. ISBN: 9781590515525. Our Book No: 30397. $18 AUD.

11. Brooks, Geraldine (2006). March (Reprint ed). New York: Penguin Books. 273 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, faint toning edges, tiny bump & rubbing top spine, minor edgewear. Historical novel, by Australian-American writer, set in the American Civil War. In a story inspired by the father character in Little Women and drawn from the journals and letters of Louisa May Alcott's father Bronson, a man leaves behind his family to serve in the Civil War and finds his marriage and beliefs profoundly challenged by his experiences. The book is a lushly written, original tale steeped in the details of another time. This novel was winner of 2006 Pulitzer Prize. ISBN: 0143036661. Our Book No: 27314. $10 AUD.

12. Brooks, Geraldine (2011). Caleb's Crossing (1st ed). New York: Viking / Penguin Books. 306 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), owner's name & address label front endpaper. First edition. Historical novel, by Australian-American writer, set in a tiny island settlement called Great Harbor in 1665. The author has written a tale of passion and belief, magic and adventure. The novel takes a journey from Martha's Vineyard to the mean, drafty dormitories of early Harvard. This richly imagined fictional story is blended with fascinating and well researched detail, including native Americans. ISBN: 9780670021048. Our Book No: 29267. $20 AUD.

13. Bunroku, Shishi; Iwata, Toyoo; Riggs, Lynne E. (translator) (2006). School of Freedom [Michigan Monograph Series in Japanese Studies]. Ann Arbor, MI: Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan. 256 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear. A humorous novel set in 1950's Tokyo (Japan), during a time when the Japanese were adjusting to the defeat of war, plus the new freedoms arising from the culture of the occupation forces (particularly American), left-wing trade unionism, frank literature, black marketeers, etc. The author, Shishi Bunroku, is a pseudonym (pen-name) for Toyoo Iwata. ISBN: 1929280408. Our Book No: 12746. $20 AUD.

14. Byatt, A. S. (1998). Elementals: Stories of Fire and Ice (1st ed). London: Chatto & Windus. 230 pp. Hardback small, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), top edge cover little bumped, edges minimally foxed. First edition. A collection of short stories by the English author of the Booker Prize winning novel "Possession". ISBN: 0701168234. Our Book No: 11119. $10 AUD.

15. Byatt, A. S. (2000). The Biographer's Tale (1st ed). London: Chatto & Windus. 265 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), pages toned as usual, minor edgewear jacket (faint foxing reverse side). First edition. This book is a novel of desire and detection. The writer has written a fine work of fiction out of one man's search for fact. Phineas G. has decided to write a biography of a great biographer, but he is finding it difficult to sort the pieces out to enable him to form a pattern and write the biography. ISBN: 0701169451. Our Book No: 28056. $12 AUD.

16. Calvino, Italo (1998). If On a Winter's Night a Traveller (Recent reprint ed). London: Vintage. 259 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition. You go into a bookshop and buy this novel. You like it. But there is a printer's error in your copy. You take it back and get a replacement. But the replacement seems to be a totally different story. You try to track down the original book you were reading but end up with a different narrative again. This remarkable novel leads you through many different books including a detective adventure, a romance, a satire, an erotic story, a diary, and a quest. But the real hero is you, the reader. ISBN: 9780099430896. Our Book No: 16692. $10 AUD.

17. Cameron, Bruce W. (2017). A Dog's Purpose (Reprint ed). Sydney: Pan Macmillan. 319 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, minor edgewear, corner tips on covers little bent, edges & pages lightly toned, crease in flyleaf. Delightful American novel about a dog's many lives, with a dog's-eye commentary on human relationships and the unbreakable bonds between man and man's best friend. This charming story now has a movie of the same title. ISBN: 9781760551452. Our Book No: 30018. $12 AUD.

18. Cameron, Bruce W. (2017). A Dog's Way Home (Reprint ed). London: Pan Books. 324 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, corner tips covers faintly creased, minor edgewear. This novel is the story of Lucas Ray and his rescued puppy Bella, a pit bull terrier. The story has a dog's-eye commentary on human relationships and the unbreakable bonds between man and man's best friend. After being forcefully separated as an illegal dog, Bella escapes and tracks through the wilderness to find her human. A charming story from the author of "A Dog's Purpose". ISBN: 9781509855940. Our Book No: 30532. $12 AUD.

19. Chopra, Deepak (2011). Muhammad: A Story of God's Messenger and the Revelation That Changed the World (1st ed). New York: HarperCollins. 267 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, corner tip front cover little creased, minor edgewear. From the author's notes: This is a novel, not an official biography. A few events are told out of order. The characters drop in and out of sight in order to keep the story moving. The author has included a chronology of the most prominent events in the story. There is also a family tree showing Muhammad's ancestry and extended family. First edition stated. ISBN: 9780061782435. Our Book No: 29193. $12 AUD.

20. Cleary, Jon (1981). The Faraway Drums (1st ed). London: Collins. 288 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket). An exotic story of a plot to assassinate King George V in 1911, who is about to be crowned as Emperor of India. Major Clive Farnol, soldier turned political agent pieces together the hints of the plot. ISBN: 0002222833. Our Book No: 13670. $15 AUD.

21. Coetzee, J. M. (2009). Disgrace: What Is a Mad Heart? (New ed). London: Vintage. 219 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This novel is about a man named David Lurie who has spent years teaching romantic poetry at the technical University of Cape Town. Middle aged and twice divorced, he has an affair with a student. The affair turns sour - he is denounced and summoned before a committee of inquiry. He refuses to repent publicly, and resigns and retreats to his daughter Lucy’s isolated farm. He and Lucy become victims of a savage and disturbing attack which brings into relief all the faultlines in their relationship. ISBN: 9780099526834. Our Book No: 40203. $15 AUD.

22. Courtney, Margo (1955). The Painted Mask (Australian ed). Melbourne: Surrey Press. 288 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket (small edge tears, rear cover lightly marked, light rubbing spine), pages lightly toned. An absorbing novel of powerful drama, intrigue and tender romance - involving a paleontologist and a Chinese mandarin - with a background of strange primitive people, weird rites, brilliant ceremonies, glittering pagan temples - in remote, hostile Katmandu, capital of Nepal. Our Book No: 24952. $10 AUD.

23. Cross, Mary Talbot (2010). Resurgence. Burra, SA: Shalimar Press. 236 pp. Paperback wide trade, very good condition, minor edgewear, review copy (sheet tipped in). Her latest novel unfolds in one of the most beautiful and little-known areas of southwest France (Quercy), where the author has lived. The aftermath of war and the challenges of peace confront the inhabitants of a sleepy village, against a background of murder and betrayal. ISBN: 9780958646659. Our Book No: 14922. $15 AUD.

24. Davis, Lindsey (2006). See Delphi and Die. London: Arrow Books. 354 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, minor edgewear, rubber stamp. Historical crime fiction novel. Falco and Helena struggle with a case that may contain worse features than any they have dealt with yet. ISBN: 009944528X. Our Book No: 24779. $10 AUD.

25. de Alarcon, Pedro Antonio (2004). The Three-cornered Hat. London: Hesperus Classics. 100 pp. Paperback trade (with flaps), very good plus condition, minimal edgewear. A best-loved Spanish novel, based on a traditional ballad. A hilarious tale of lust, intrigue and corruption set in 19th-century Andalusia. ISBN: 1843910802. Our Book No: 15785. $10 AUD.

26. de Musset, Alfred (1878). La Confession d'un Enfant du Siecle (New ed). Paris: G. Charpentier. 355 pp. Hardback small, no jacket, very good condition, quarter-bound (blue leather over marbles boards), spine raised bands & gilt lettering and decoration, top edge gilt, cover corners little bumped, pages faintly toned, scattered foxing & toning (mainly endpapers), string bookmark, protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve. (No 88 of limited edition of 100 copies.) Autobiographical novel about the French novelist (1810 - 1857), and his celebrated love affair with George Sand. Originally published, 1836. Our Book No: 16927. $100 AUD.

27. DeVries, Peter (1971). Mrs Wallop (1st U.K. ed). London: Victor Gollancz. 310 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), corner bumped, autograph (lengthy written & dated dedication). First UK edition. Another comic DeVries novel, in which the heroine is a fugitive from earlier novels. Emma Wallop feels she has been unjustly pilloried as a character in a bestseller written by a former lodger in her rooming house. Her chance to settle the score comes when the now lionized author falls into her clutches on his return to the old hometown in Middle America. (From the library of Australian actor Barry Humphries, with written dedicated from the author to him.) SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0575007060. Our Book No: 12631. $10 AUD.

28. Falconer, Colin (2003). Aztec (1st p/b ed). Sydney: Bantam Books. 666 pp. Paperback thick, very good condition, pages faintly toned, covers little creased, minor edgewear. An historical novel by Australian author about the legendary Aztec woman named Malinali who brought Montezuma's empire to its knees. ISBN: 1863254013. Our Book No: 25730. $15 AUD.

29. Ferranti, Marie; Brown, Andrew (translator) (2005). The Princess of Mantua (1st translated ed). London: Hesperus Press. 116 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket, top edge lightly toned. The author has used historical facts and documentary references, to write this docufiction historical novel (faction). It is set in France in 1433. The ten-year-old Barbara von Brandenburg leaves her native Germany to marry the Prince of Mantua, Ludovico Gonzaga. Translated from French. ISBN: 1843917025. Our Book No: 29068. $15 AUD.

30. Fielding, Helen (2021). Bridget Jones's Diary (And Other Writing): 25th Anniversary Edition (1st this ed). London: Picador. 437 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket as issued, very good condition, light grey boards with blue title cover & spine, gilt decorations, autographed sticker front board, autograph (author's written name title page), blue sticker front board. This is the 25th Anniversary Edition signed by the author. Dazzling satirical novel on human relations, now including later columns on #MeToo, Brexit, and Bridget's lockdown life. This edition includes over 100 pages of new and unpublished material from the author (as stated on sticker of the front board). ISBN: 9781529057072. Our Book No: 40842. $35 AUD.

31. Flint, Valerie I. J. (1992). The Imaginative Landscape of Christopher Columbus (1st ed). Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. 233 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), few colour & black & white plates, faint foxing top edge, minor edgewear. A fantasy novel, but loosely based on facts. The author attempts to reconstruct, and understand, not the New World (America) that Columbus found, but the Old World (Europe) which he carried with him in his head. ISBN: 0691056811. Our Book No: 27756. $25 AUD.

32. Fulop Kepner, Susan (1996). The Lioness in Bloom: Modern Thai Fiction About Women [Voices From Asia Series]. Berkeley: University of California / Publisher's Inc. 310 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition, minimal edgewear. Translations of fiction by Thailand's foremost 20th-century writers. Included are stories of the young and the aged, the rural and the cosmopolitan, the joyous and the despairing. The editor provides a detailed introduction, biographical notes on the writers, and a list of further readings. This anthology of short stories and novel excerpts presents a compelling portrayal of the many differing realities of Thai women's lives in the 20th century. ISBN: 0520089030. Our Book No: 27896. $15 AUD.

33. Galassi, Jonathan (2015). Muse (1st Australian ed). Melbourne: Text Publishing. 253 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. This novel is about writer's secrets, publisher's obsessions, manuscripts, love, loyalty and betrayal and the most gifted, glamorous and elusive writer of her generation. The author is a poet, president & publisher of Farrar, Straus and Giroux. ISBN: 9781922182821. Our Book No: 30117. $20 AUD.

34. Gallico, Paul (1960). Mrs Harris Goes to New York (1st ed). London: Michael Joseph. 191 pp. Hardback small, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), flap clipped jacket, old price marks, protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve. First edition. Sequel to "Flowers for Mrs Harris". Mrs Harris and her timid friend travel to America, and get involved with incredible characters whilst trying to find the real father of a maltreated waif. Our Book No: 3979. $10 AUD.

35. Galloway, Steven (2009). The Cellist of Sarajevo (Reprint ed). Melbourne: Text Publishing. 227 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, minor creases covers, pages lightly toned as common, minor edgewear. This novel by Canadian writer examines survival in a time of fear and suffering (the Bosnian war), and gives a glimpse of the human spirit that war cannot crush. ISBN: 9781921520150. Our Book No: 27761. $10 AUD.

36. Geda, Fabio; Curtis, Howard (translator) (2011). In the Sea There are Crocodiles: The Story of Enaiatollah Akbari. Oxford: David Fickling Books. 211 pp. Hardback small, dustjacket, map, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket, pages faintly toned. One day, a 10-year-old boy named Enaiatollah wakes up to find his mother gone. He is on the border of Pakistan, and he is alone. In this amazing true story, the author describes Enaiatollah's five-year journey from Afghanistan to Italy. His ordeal takes him through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Greece, enduring unimaginable hardships and challenges. The book is based on a true story, but because Enaiatollah did not remember it all, the author and Enaiatollah reconstructed his journey to recreate a chronology for his fragmented memories. Thus a work of fiction, though based on Enaiatollah's experience. (Translated from the Italian.). ISBN: 9780857560087. Our Book No: 29052. $15 AUD.

37. Ghali, Waguih (1989). Beer in the Snooker Club [Twentieth Century Lives]. New York: New Amsterdam. 220 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good plus condition. Originally published in 1964, this novel is a classic of the literature of emigration. During their years together in London, they drank many a pint of Bass from these mugs. But there is no Bass in Nassers Egypt, so Ram and Font have to make do with a heady mixture of beer, vodka and whisky. Yearning for Bass they long to be far from a revolution that neither serves the people nor allows their rich aunts to live the life of leisure they are accustomed to. Stranded between two cultures, Ram and Font must choose between dangerous political opposition and reluctant acquiescence. ISBN: 0941533816. Our Book No: 15925. $10 AUD.

38. Gogol, Nikolai; Rayfield, Donald (translator) (2017). Dead Souls (New ed) [Alma Classics Evergreens]. Surrey: Alma Books. 359 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, minor edgewear. First published in 1842 in Russia. The classic novel is set in a small provincial Russian town. A mysterious stranger named Chichikov, makes a group of landowners a macabre proposition. He offers to buy the rights to the dead serfs who are still registered on the landowner’s estate, to reduce their liability for taxes. This is a biting satire of social pretensions and pomposity which has been revered since its original publication as one of the funniest novels of 19-century Russia. ISBN: 9781847496287. Our Book No: 30728. $18 AUD.

39. Grass, Gunter; Heim, Michael Henry (translator) (1999). My Century (1st English ed). London: Faber & Faber. 280 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), top edge lightly foxed (other edges minimally), pages faintly toned, spine jacket little faded, minor edgewear. A series of 100 linked short stories to celebrate the 20th century (1900 to 1999). By winner of Nobel Prize for Literature, 1999. He writes of great events and trivial events, of technical developments and scientific discoveries, of achievements in culture and sports, of war and disasters, and of new beginnings. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0571200990. Our Book No: 14245. $12 AUD.

40. Grass, Gunter; Heim, Michael Henry (translator) (2008). Peeling the Onion (Reprint ed). London: Vintage / Random House. 425 pp. Paperback thick trade, very good condition, cover little creased, minor edgewear. By the winner of Nobel Prize for Literature, 1999. Translated from the German. The German author writes about his life from his modest upbringing in Danzig, his early years as a boy soldier fighting the Russians, and his writing life. ISBN: 9780099507598. Our Book No: 26268. $15 AUD.

41. Grass, Gunter; Winston, Krishna (translator) (2010). The Box: Tales from the Darkroom (1st English ed). London: Harvill Secker / Random House. 194 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), black & white photo rear jacket flap, minimal edgewear jacket. By winner of Nobel Prize for Literature, 1999. Translated from the German. This is a sequel to "Peeling the Onion". The German author writes in the voices of his eight children as they record the memories of their childhoods, of growing up, of their father, who was always at work on a new book, always at the margins of their lives. This book is an inspired and daring work of fiction (faction). ISBN: 9781846553073. Our Book No: 26269. $15 AUD.

42. Gros, Jules (1892). L'Homme Fossile: Aventures d'une Expedition Scientifique dans les Mers Australes. Paris: Librairie Marpon et Flammarion. 256 pp. Hardback very small, very good condition, black cloth cover (gilt spine lettering), marbled endpapers, pages toned as usual, staple marks front free flyleaf, string bookmark, minimal EX-LIBRARY (hospice library, rubber stamps, small spine sticker remnants), protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve (acetate). A novel that is an obscure example of the "lost race" theme in adventure fiction. The story is set in the sealing grounds off southeastern Australia, with the imaginary expedition of geologists and paleontologists on board the ship "Le Glorieux" using Melbourne as its base. French language text. ISBN: 0521275938. Our Book No: 17027. $40 AUD.

43. Gruen, Sara (2006). Water for Elephants (1st Australian ed). Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 331 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, pages lightly toned, corners front cover little creased, minor edgewear, sticker on cover. Bestselling novel, set in the backblocks of America in the 1930s, about a circus and a very special elephant named Rosie. This is a warm, funny novel full of energy and spirit. ISBN: 1741149819. Our Book No: 30360. $18 AUD.

44. Gustafsson, Lars (1981). The Death of a Beekeeper. New York: New Directions Publishing. 163 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), light foxing edges, edge tears jacket (small loss), protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve. In the beginning of the winter thaw, Lars Lennart Westin has learned that he has cancer and will not live through Spring. Told through the journals of this Swedish school teacher turned apiarist, this novel is his gentle, courageous, and sometimes comic meditation on living with pain. ISBN: 0811208095. Our Book No: 23283. $12 AUD.

45. Halse Anderson, Laurie (2014). The Impossible Knife of Memory (New ed). London: Scholastic Children's Books. 374 pp. Paperback, very good condition, minor edgewear. This story for young adults is about a girl named Hayley, her dad, her stepmother, and a boy named Finn. Hayley is fighting to forget the past, and finding some memories are too deep. ISBN: 9781407147666. Our Book No: 29100. $15 AUD.

46. Harris, Joel Chandler (1905). Nights with Uncle Remus, by the Author of "Uncle Remus", with Illustrations [Cole's Special Edition]. Melbourne: E. W. Cole. 312 pp. Paperback, very good condition, black & white drawings (including frontispiece), pages toned (cover lightly toned), spine repaired (black cloth, original spine laid down), some edgewear. (Estimated date, 1900s, Trove catalogue.) Classic tales told by the old Georgian African-American slave, featuring Brer Rabbit, Brer Bar, Brer Fox and and their animal friends. (Scarce Australian reprint, by the eccentric Melbourne bookseller, E. W. Cole, with two extra shops in Sydney, and one in Adelaide.). Our Book No: 17167. $80 AUD.

47. Henty, G. A. (George Alfred); Pearse, Alfred (illustrator) (1889). Maori and Settler: A Story of the New Zealand War (1st U.S. ed) [A Tale of the New Zealand War]. New York: Scribner & Welford. 352 + 32 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket as issued, very good condition, original maroon pictorial cloth cover & spine (gilt lettering), original maroon endpapers, full-page black & white drawings (plates), map, all edges gilt, adverts at rear, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear, owner's written name, protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve (acetate). Possible first U.S. edition (no date, but 1889 or 1890, but variants exist). Eight full-page illustrations (including frontispiece). An historical novel based on true events during the Maori wars in New Zealand during the 1870s, with a focus on the fanatical Hau-Hau Maoris who massacred white settlers. (32-page Scribner & Welford catalogue at rear, including many Henty books.). Our Book No: 17404. $200 AUD.

48. Hodge, Jane Aiken (2006). The Private World of Georgette Heyer. London: Arrow Books. 223 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white text-photos, pages lightly toned as common, minor edgewear. A classic biography of bestselling English crime fiction and historical romance novelist, known as the queen of Regency romance. Although she wrote 50 novels, her private life until now has been accessible only to her nearest friends and relatives. (Originally published in 1984.). ISBN: 0099493497. Our Book No: 17982. $18 AUD.

49. Horlock, Mary (2011). The Book of Lies. Melbourne: Scribe Publications. 327 pp. Paperback octavo, as new condition. A brilliant debut novel, in which the "mean-girls" experience of a teenage girl on the remote English island of Guernsey pushes her to murder her best friend - a scandal that mirrors her uncle's hidden story of the island's Nazi occupation in World War 2. Written by Australian-born British writer who grew up on Guernsey. ISBN: 9781921758102. Our Book No: 14901. $25 AUD.

50. Hughes, Richard (1961). In Hazard (Reprint ed). Harmondsworth: Penguin Books. 173 pp. Paperback, very good condition, pages little toned, minor edgewear. A seafaring novel of vivid adventures, but is also an absorbing study of how two men behave in the face of danger. As a narrative of storm at sea, said to rival Joseph Conrad's "Typhoon". By the author of the acclaimed novel "A High Wind in Jamaica". Our Book No: 3095. $10 AUD.

51. Hume, Fergus (1889). The Piccadilly Puzzle [American Detective Series, no 40]. Cleveland, OH: Arthur Westbrook Company. 118 + 8 pp. Paperback, good condition, pictorial heritage cover, poorly printed text as usual, pages toned, corner tip creased front cover, spine ends chipped, edgewear. (Estimated date, 1889, Trove catalogue.) Scarce American edition of this novel by popular Australian writer. Our Book No: 15919. $60 AUD.

52. James, Clive (1996). The Silver Castle (1st ed). London / Sydney: Jonathan Cape / Random House. 263 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), pages faintly toned as usual, minor edgewear, remainder mark (spot) bottom edge. First edition. Novel of India by the Australian-born writer and critic. Sanjay is a pavement child who from dire necessity learns to cajole, charm and outwit the tourists and turns his sex appeal, sartorial awareness and hard-won ability to speak English towards guiding film-crews on the 'poverty trail'. A brilliant celebration of the Indian film world and a most moving story of one young man's striving for fame and fortune. ISBN: 0224043846. Our Book No: 6919. $12 AUD.

53. Jones, Lloyd (2008). Mister Pip (Reprint ed). Melbourne: Text Publishing. 220 pp. Paperback, very good condition, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear corners. Novel set in Bougainville by New Zealand writer about a girl named Matilda who attends the local school where the only textbook is the Dickens novel "Great Expectations". Mr Watts, the only white person, is the self-appointed teacher of the tiny school. An award winning book which was also shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. ISBN: 9781921520242. Our Book No: 28084. $10 AUD.

54. Joyce, James; Ellmann, Richard (introduction & notes) (1968). Giacomo Joyce (1st U.S. trade ed). New York: Viking Press. Unnum pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in good plus dustjacket), red boards (grey cloth spine), frontispiece, pages lightly toned, edges little foxed, reverse side jacket lightly toned (edge tears, faded notably spine, tiny hole spine, flap clipped, light loss spine ends). This book was first published in 1959. It is an autobiographical love story written by James Joyce in Trieste, thought to be in 1914, when he was 32. Ellmann's introduction - a fascinating piece of literary detection - dates the work from internal evidence, the title is explained, reports the circumstances behind the story - and gives a possible reason why, after the copy was prepared for the printer, it was never published. This reissue edition retains the introduction and notes, with some revisions. The book includes four manuscript pages in reduced facsimile, as well as a frontispiece portrait. Our Book No: 28890. $25 AUD.

55. Keilson, Hans; Searls, Damion (translation) (2011). Comedy in a Minor Key (1st English ed). Melbourne: Scribe Publications. 104 pp. Paperback small thin trade, very good condition, edges & pages little toned, minor creases covers. This book is the story of Wim and Marie, a Dutch couple who first hide a Jew they know as Nico, and must then dispose of his body when he dies of pneumonia. This novella, first published in 1947 and now translated into English for the first time, shows the author at his best. Published to celebrate Keilson's 102nd birthday, and introduces Australian readers to a forgotten author who was a witness to World War 2. Published 1947 as "Komodie in Moll". ISBN: 9781921844072. Our Book No: 27726. $15 AUD.

56. Kerouac, Jack (1992). Tristessa (Reprint ed). London: Penguin Books. 96 pp. Paperback, very good plus condition, cover design differs from stock photo. A short exotic novel being a narrative meditation on a hen, a rooster, a dove, a cat, and a ravished junky lady. ISBN: 0140168117. Our Book No: 3994. $10 AUD.

57. Kerouac, Jack (1999). The Subterraneans (Post-ISBN reprint ed). New York: Grove Press. 111 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition. This novel, written rapidly in an ecstatic flash and originally published in 1958, centres on the tempestuous breakup of a couple, denizens of the San Francisco underground. A tale of dark alleys, smoky rooms, artists, visionaries and adventurers outside mainstream America's field of vision. ISBN: 0802131867. Our Book No: 3997. $10 AUD.

58. Kerouac, Jack (2000). Maggie Cassidy (1st Classic ed). London: Penguin Group. 194 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, bottom corner front cover little creased, minor edgewear. Poignant novel of teenage romance in a New England mill town. The story of Jean and Maggie, in love with the idea of being in love, looking ahead to marriage with hope and trepidation. Told with touching simplicity, and is a beautiful evocation of growing up in America. One of his earliest books, but was published after he had achieved overnight fame with "On the Road". ISBN: 0141184914. Our Book No: 28520. $10 AUD.

59. Kerouac, Jack (2001). Doctor Sax: Faust Part Three (1st Modern Classic ed). London: Flamingo. 207 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, corner tips few pages creased, minor edgewear. This novel is told through the character of Kerouac's fictional alter ego, Jack Duluoz. It is the story of his extraordinary childhood in Massachusetts and the imaginary world, full of strange new possibilities that he made for himself. ISBN: 0586091564. Our Book No: 28521. $15 AUD.

60. Kerouac, Jack; Ginsberg, Allen (1993). Visions of Cody [with] The Visions of the Great Rememberer (Reprint ed). New York: Penguin Books. 430 pp. Paperback, very good plus condition. An experimental novel, written in 1951 - 1952, which remained unpublished for years. Kerouac's fascinating examination of his own New York life as part of the Beat generation in the late 1940s (captured in a different form in his famous "On the Road"). A series of colourful stream-of-consciousness essays and transcribed taped conversations. Reveals an intimate portrait of people caught up in destructive relationships with drugs, and one another. Always fixated by Neal Cassady - the Cody of the title, renamed for the book along with Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs - Kerouac also explores the feelings he had for a man who would inspire much of his work. This edition also contains an interpretative essay by Allen Ginsberg. ISBN: 0140179070. Our Book No: 3999. $14 AUD.

61. Kheng-Hor, Khoo (2008). Taikor Valour, Honour, Suspense, Betrayal and Love - the Definitive Malaysian Saga (Reprint ed). Malaysia: Pelanduk Publications. 526 pp. Paperback small thick trade, very good condition, edges lightly marked, minor edgewear. This novel is an historical saga about the life of a boy growing up in prewar British-ruled Malaya. ISBN: 9789679788785. Our Book No: 27221. $15 AUD.

62. Kurti, Alfred (1971). Persian Folktales (New ed) [World Folktales Series]. London: G. Bell & Sons. 216 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in good dustjacket), decorative boards, minor edgewear jacket (faded, title slightly faded, slight crease top edge front flap, light toning reverse side), light foxing top edge, pages little toned, bottom corner front cover bumped, owner's name label front endpaper. The short stories in this book are elegantly told, entrancing and often mysterious. They all have a very distinct character of their own. In Persia, folktales have long been recognised as a literary form in their own right. Translated from the German by Alfred Kurti. ISBN: 0713517271. Our Book No: 40549. $25 AUD.

63. Lang, John George (2004). Mazarine [Australian Books on Demand]. Canberra: Mulini Press. 65 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, frontispiece, minor edgewear. Historical novel about three friends at Cambridge University making a trip up the Rhine River to Heidelberg to practice the German language. Henry Mazarine falls in love with a young woman and marries her. The tale is centered around the marriage and her discontent or boredom. The story is told by a narrator in the first person. This story was first published as a serial in his Indian newspaper “The Mofussilite” in 1845. The story appears here in book form for the first time. (Australian Books on Demand Series, no 19. Author is Australian, but the story is set in Britain and Europe.). ISBN: 0975178482. Our Book No: 29817. $25 AUD.

64. Laski, Marghanita; Stein, W. (illustrator) (1944). Love on the Supertax [Love on the Super-tax] (1st ed). London: Cresset Press. 127 pp. Hardback small, dustjacket, very good condition (in fair dustjacket), small drawings (vignettes), pages faintly toned (wartime economy paper), inner hinge little split (all pages firm), edge tears jacket repaired (tape repairs & little foxing & staining reverse side, some loss spine ends, flap price-clipped), edges cloth cover little faded, some edgewear, bookshop rubber stamp, protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve. First edition. The first novel by Marghanita Laski is a social satire of English society that demonstrates a disturbing "two nations in one country" (as stated by Disraeli). Clarissa, an upper class girl falls in love with a Communist agitator, but it does not end well because of their very different social backgrounds. ISBN: B002A8RHOC. Our Book No: 17832. $20 AUD.

65. Lawrence, D. H. (1983). The Trespasser (Reprint ed). Harmondsworth: Penguin Books. 217 pp. Paperback, very good condition, pages lightly toned. His second novel, which foreshadows the passion of "Lady Chatterley's Lover". ISBN: 0140014802. Our Book No: 15935. $10 AUD.

66. Lee, Harper (2015). Go Set A Watchman (1st U.K. ed). London: William Heinemann. 278 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket, spine ends little rubbed, few tiny scuff edges, minor edgewear. This novel tells the story of Jean Louise Finch - 'Scout' - and her return home to Maycomb, Alabama, to see her ageing father, Atticus. Set against the backdrop of the civil rights tensions and political turmoil that were changing the South. This long awaited sequel novel features many of the iconic characters her classic first novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”. ISBN: 9781785150289. Our Book No: 30096. $15 AUD.

67. Leete, Helen (2009). Mountains of the Dragon: An Australian Sculptor's Account of an Idyllic Surrealistic, Early Life in Africa. Sydney, Epping: Delphian Books. 218 pp. Paperback wide octavo, thick card covers (with flaps), very good plus condition, minimal edgewear, autograph (author's written name). A surrealistic novel set in Africa. Written by a Sydney based sculptor. It is set in a world before refrigeration, television, mobile phones or computers, and features the thoughts and feelings of a teenage girl. ISBN: 9780980466829. Our Book No: 27223. $25 AUD.

68. Lindsay, Jack; Counihan, Noel (illustrator) (1974). Death of a Spartan King and Two Other Stories of the Ancient World (1st ed). London: Inca Books. 76 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket, very good condition, fine binding in quarter leather and cloth, black & white full-page drawings, faint price marks top corner tip front endpaper, tiny mark last two pages. Death of a Spartan King has been revised from a version published in Come Home at Last (1937). The other two stories are here published for the first time. This edition is limited to 1000 copies: 175 copies numbered 26 to 200 are autographed and bound in quarter leather. This is no. 78 ISBN: 0904381013. Our Book No: 40305. $65 AUD.

69. Liston, Adam (2005). Winds of the Armada. [Queensland]: Oracle Press. 288 pp. Paperback wide trade, very good plus condition, minimal edgewear. This well-researched historical novel by Adam Liston is a thrilling story of passion, murder and intrigue set in Spain in 1588. A refreshing new look at what actually happened in the battle between the Spanish Armada and the British fleet. The author was born in Warsaw in 1908. In 1938, wanting to escape Hitler, by a stroke of good fortune he was able to immigrate to Australia. He served in the Australian Army in the Second World War, then through a Repatriation Scheme, he was able to study medicine, and graduated from Melbourne University. He had his practice until 1991, where he became Australia's oldest practicing doctor. At the age of 92, he began writing this amazing book, which he completed at age 96. A truly inspiring man. ISBN: 1876494808. Our Book No: 26984. $30 AUD.

70. Mackenzie, Compton (1985). Carnival (Reissue ed). London: Penguin Books. 324 pp. Paperback, very good condition, edges & pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. Originally published, 1912. Novel about a dancing girl called Jenny, written by author of "Whisky Galore". Our Book No: 27389. $10 AUD.

71. Martel, Yann (2010). Beatrice and Virgil (1st ed). Melbourne: Text Publishing. 197 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), illustrated boards, minor edgewear jacket. This is the story of Henry a writer, who receives an envelope containing a play and a note asking for his help. The mysterious, elderly taxidermist introduces Henry to Beatrice and Virgil, and his life is changed forever. By the 2002 Man Booker Prize Winner. This new novel takes the reader on a haunting odyssey. Along the way the author asks profound questions about life and art, truth and deception, responsibility and complicity. ISBN: 9781921656255. Our Book No: 29624. $20 AUD.

72. McCall Smith, Alexander; McIntosh, Iain (illustrator) (2011). Unusual Uses for Olive Oil (1st ed) [A Professor Dr von Igelfeld Entertainment]. London: Little, Brown. 203 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good plus dustjacket), few black & white vignettes, lightly toned, small dent fore-edge front cloth cover, autograph (author's written name title page), protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve (acetate). In this maddening, idiotic and hugely entertaining novel, Professor Dr Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld is finding life very trying. Detlev Amadeus Unterholzer is his rival (and owner of a one-legged dachshund), and along with the librarian Herr Huber, are proving to be major irritations. Not only that, but a friend tries to match-make his to a cheerful heiress. ISBN: 9780316027540. Our Book No: 40839. $35 AUD.

73. McIntosh, Fiona (2013). Fields of Gold (Reprint ed). Melbourne: Penguin Books. 562 pp. Paperback thick trade, very good plus condition. This novel of high adventure, tragedy and enduring love, by well-known Australian writer, moves from the windswept cliffs of the Cornish coast to the goldmines of southern India. Charismatic womaniser Jack Bryant has the world at his feet, but when trouble catches up with him he's forced to flee Penzance for good. ISBN: 9780143568445. Our Book No: 28473. $16 AUD.

74. McIntosh, Fiona (2014). Nightingale. Melbourne: Penguin Group Australia. 385 + 16 pp. Paperback thick small trade, very good condition, black & white photo, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear corners. A British nurse named Claire Nightingale meets and falls in love with Australian Light Horseman Jamie Wren at the carnage of Gallipoli. After the war is over, Clare’s desperate search to find James takes her to Istanbul, and deep into the heart of a Turkish family. A wonderful historical novel of love, heartbreak and heroism. ISBN: 9780143572800. Our Book No: 40113. $18 AUD.

75. McIntosh, Fiona (2015). The Perfumer's Secret (1st ed). Melbourne: Penguin Group. 384 pp. Paperback thick octavo, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear corners. First edition. This historical novel of passion and determination, by Australian writer, begins on the eve of the First World War. Fleurette is the only daughter of the wealthy Delacroix perfume dynasty, and she is being forced to marry a man she loathes. This is a very passionate and dramatic story of duty, deception and desire. ISBN: 9780143799764. Our Book No: 29221. $20 AUD.

76. McVeigh, Laura (2017). Under the Almond Tree (1st p/b ed). London: Two Roads. 305 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, small mark fore-edge last few pages, minimal edgewear. This novel is about a girl named Samar and her family fleeing the conflict in Afghanistan in the 1990s. They are aboard the Trans-Siberian Express as it travels across Russia towards an uncertain future. ISBN: 9781473640849. Our Book No: 29321. $15 AUD.

77. Menen, Aubrey (1963). The Fig Tree. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books. 165 pp. Paperback, very good condition, pages lightly toned, top corner covers & few pages lightly creased, owner's written name & date. A novel set in Italy. Harry Wesley, a chapel-bred scientist of genius uses a chemical process to convert a fig-tree into the tree of life. Our Book No: 22940. $10 AUD.

78. Merimee, Prosper (1923). Carmen, Arsene Guillot, L'Abbe Aubain, La Dame de Pique, Les Bohemiens, Le Hussard, Nicolas Gogol. Paris: Calmann-Levy, Editeurs. 359 pp. Hardback octavo, good plus condition, half-bound (red leather spine & corners, gilt lettering & raised bands spine), marbled endpapers, pages lightly toned (title page very toned), edges foxed (& parts of some pages). (No 866 of 1600 copies.) Short stories by the French writer, in the French language. The opera Carmen was based in part on the novella of the same title by Prosper Merimee. Our Book No: 15896. $20 AUD.

79. Morris, William; Magnusson, Eirikr (1891). The Story of Howard The Halt. The Story of The Banded Men. The Story of Hen Thorir (1st ed). London: Bernard Quaritch. 227 pp. Hardback small octavo, good condition, dark green embossed pictorial boards, gilt lettering & border front cover, leather-like spine (gilt lettering), map, spine ends slightly worn, light foxing edges, pages lightly toned, cover corners slightly rubbed, covers little rubbed, slight loss top spine, EX-LIBRARY (usual library markings), gilt top edge slightly faded, fore-edge & bottom edge untrimmed, some edgewear including corners, minor pencil annotation. Three iconic Icelandic sagas. In the preface, some of the early history of the Icelandic people is recoded. Howard the Halt is a favourite of the Icelandic people. The story of the Banded men is the last of the independent sagas (not part of a longer saga). The story of Hen Thorir is an old saga, belonging to the earliest group of the domestic tales of ancient Iceland. Translated from Icelandic by Morris and Magnusson. Our Book No: 40557. $80 AUD.

80. O'Hanlon, Ardal (1998). The Talk of the Town (Reprint ed). London: Sceptre 244 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, spine little creased, small indentation fore-edge, minor edgewear corners. First comic novel by the Irish comedian who plays Father Dougal Maguire in the TV comedy Father Ted. ISBN: 0340693088. Our Book No: 40249. $18 AUD.

81. Oksanen, Sofi; Farbregd, Turid (translation) (2011). Utrenskning [Purge: Norwegian language]. Norway: Forlaget Oktober. 333 pp. Paperback, very good condition, minimal edgewear. Norwegian language novel. Bestselling novel by Estonian-Finnish writer, and winner of the Nordic Council Literature Prize, 2010. Translated from Finnish to Norwegian. The story of an old lady Allide and a forlorn young girl Zara. The elder has lived her entire life on the farm in western Estonia, the younger has grown up in the easternmost Russia and has sought her luck in Western Europe, but is now on the run from men who pursue her. Gradually we become aware of the bond that unites the two women. The action occurs in part during WW2 (1940s) during the Soviet occupation of Estonia, and partly in the early 1990s when a new Europe is taking shape. ISBN: 9788249508266. Our Book No: 16014. $15 AUD.

82. Paige, Robin (2003). Death at Dartmoor: A Victorian Mystery (Reprint ed). New York: Berkley Books. 324 pp. Paperback small, very good condition, inside covers toned, minor edgewear. Historical crime fiction set around Britain's Dartmoor Prison. A great Victorian mystery to keep you guessing until the end! ISBN: 0425189090. Our Book No: 22031. $10 AUD.

83. Pellegrino, Nicky (2018). A Year at Hotel Gondola. Auckland: Hachette. 305 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, front hinge minimally split (pages firm), minor edgewear. This novel is set in Venice. Kat has fallen in love with an Italian man and is moving to Venice where she is going to help him run his guesthouse, Hotel Gondola. Kat hopes to write about the first year of her new adventure, the food she eats, the recipes she collects, the people she meets, and the man she doesn't really know all that well but is going to make a life with. Will her adventure turn out the way she wants? ISBN: 9781869713751. Our Book No: 29979. $15 AUD.

84. Peterswald, Rosemary Esmonde (2010). Bird of Paradise (1st ed). Trinity Beach, QLD: Ballynastragh Books. 357 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minimal foxing top edge, minor toning pages, minor edgewear. This self-published novel, set in New Guinea, explores the tangled emotions of love, loss, and betrayal, climaxing in dramatic and unexpected consequences. Set during the period of the Vietnam War, against a backdrop of evocative tropical heat, menace, and intrigue. Following a failed romance, Merryn O'Neill arrives in Port Moresby and is seduced by this strange and seductive land, particularly one of its own people. (First edition stated.). ISBN: 9780980780703. Our Book No: 24867. $25 AUD.

85. Reid, T. (Thomas) (1934). Where White and Brown Meet. London: Trefoil Publishing Company. 328 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, good condition (in good dustjacket), cloth cover spine faded (lightly flecked), foxing prelim pages & fore-edge, edges toned, pages lightly toned, small edge & spine tears jacket (about 20% spine MISSING mainly top edge), protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve. Novel of inter-racial relationships, considered bold for the time. From the blurb: "On an Eastern liner, meet three white men, and two white girls married to a Sinhalese and Tamil respectively. Amid the clash of race in lovely Ceylon occur adventures of mind and body. The tragic, the ludicrous, realism and imagination, beauty and squalor, life as it is in the East emerge in a candid book that once read will not be forgotten”. (No date, but 1934, Trove.) Scarce. SALE PRICE. Our Book No: 18020. $80 AUD.

86. Richardson, Matthew (editor) (2001). The Halstead Treasury of Ancient Science Fiction. Sydney: Halstead Press. 191 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, cover corners lightly creased, rear cover scratched, covers lightly creased, minor edgewear. Consists of historical science fiction stories written in Japan, in Rome, and other places worldwide, edited with commentary by Richardson. Authors such as Cicero and Plato join forces with unknown writers of the ancient world. The translations from five different languages are vivid. Each story is followed by a brief commentary relating it to the science and writing of the times, with notes to explain the less obvious meanings. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 1875684646. Our Book No: 23373. $10 AUD.

87. Rodriguez, Deborah (2011). The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul (One Little Cafe, Five Extraordinary Women) (1st Australian ed). Sydney: Bantam. 319 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, faint edgewear. Australian edition. Novel about five women whose lives all become interwoven in Kabul, Afghanistan. Also, Sunny, the proud proprietor, needs an ingenious plan - and fast - to keep her cafe and customers safe in one of the most dangerous places on the planet. This is the author's fiction debut. The book also includes at the rear tips and recipes for a Kabul bookclub party, and an interview with the author. ISBN: 9781760898458. Our Book No: 17904. $18 AUD.

88. Scheunemann, Frauke; Frisch, Shelley (translator) (2012). Puppy Love: A Story of Love, Life, and the Best Friend a Girl Could Ever Have (1st English ed). London: Corvus / Atlantic Books. 297 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, pages faintly toned, small biro mark fore-edge. Bestselling novel, set in Germany, about a beautiful little dachshund mix named Hercules, who wants to find the perfect man for his much loved mistress, Caroline who has terrible taste in men. Hercules tells the story from his point of view, which makes this a delightful and funny book for anyone who likes dogs. ISBN: 9780857893147. Our Book No: 29351. $10 AUD.

89. Schimmelpfennig, Roland; Bulloch, Jamie (translator) (2018). One Clear, Ice-cold January Morning at the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century (1st translated ed). London: Maclehose Press. 233 pp. Paperback trade (with flaps), very good condition, spine little creased, minor edgewear. A novel set in Germany. A wolf crosses the border between Poland and Germany. His trail leads all the way to Berlin, connecting the lives of disparate individuals whose paths intersect and diverge. Those who sight the wolf see their own lives reflected, and find themselves searching for a different path. This first novel of Germany's most celebrated contemporary playwright is written in prose of great power and precision. (Translated from German.). ISBN: 9780857057013. Our Book No: 30319. $20 AUD.

90. Solzhenitsyn, Alexander (1973). One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (Reprint ed). Harmondsworth: Penguin Books. 143 pp. Paperback, very good condition. Solzhenitsyn was a Russian novelist and outspoken critic of the Soviet Union and totalitarianism (and a later Nobel Prize winner). The story is set in a Soviet labor camp in the 1950s and describes a single day of an ordinary prisoner, Ivan Denisovich Shukhov. This was the first account of Stalinist repression openly published in the Soviet Union. He fled to the West to publish further books. ISBN: 0140020535. Our Book No: 3960. $12 AUD.

91. Souhami, Diana (2007). Coconut Chaos (Pitcairn, Mutiny and a Seduction at Sea) (Reprint ed). London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson. 257 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket). Novel based on the mutiny on the Bounty that weaves facts with fiction. At dawn on 27 April 1789 Fletcher Christian, master's mate on the HMS Bounty, took a coconut to quench his thirst from the supply on the quarterdeck. But the consequences followed: mutiny; Captain Bligh's navigation 3000 miles across the Pacific in an open boat in violent weather without maps or supplies and with starving men; the colonising of Pitcairn Island; the shipwreck on the Great Barrier Reef of HMS Pandora sent to capture the mutineers; and, two hundred years later, the seduction of the narrator in a rudderless yacht on stormy seas. This singular tale by a Whitbread Prize-winning writer connects the famous mutiny on the Bounty in the Pacific Ocean in 1789 to the plight of the islanders of Pitcairn now. Its conceptual core is chaos theory: how a small chance thing, the taking of a coconut by Fletcher Christian from William Bligh's stores on the ship, had dramatic ramifications that continue today. ISBN: 9780297847878. Our Book No: 15901. $15 AUD.

92. Stein, Garth (2008). The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel (A Heart Wrenching Love Story and a Moving Tale of Redemption, as only a Dog Could Tell It) (Reprint ed). London: HarperCollins. 321 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This is the moving American novel of a family with a very special dog named Enzo, who tells most of the story from how he looks at life. ISBN: 9780007284764. Our Book No: 28082. $15 AUD.

93. Stonex, Emma (2021). The Lamplighters (1st ed). London: Picador. 366 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, as new condition (in as new dustjacket), tiny bump bottom corner tip rear cover, ribbon bookmark, autograph (author's written name title page). Autographed: First edition. This exciting novel is inspired by real events in 1900, and Emma Stonex's love of anything nautical. Three keepers vanish from a remote lighthouse, miles from the shore (Cornwall, 1972). The entrance door is locked from the inside. The clocks have stopped. The Principal Keeper's weather log describes a mighty storm, but the skies have been clear. What happened to those three men out on the tower?This is an unforgettable story of love and grief that explores the way our fears blur the line between the real and the imagined. (Independent Bookshop Numbered Limited Edition: This is No. 822 of 1500 autographed copies.). ISBN: 9781529047318. Our Book No: 40831. $60 AUD.

94. Stuart, Douglas (2021). Shuggie Bain (1st this ed). London: Picador. 430 pp. Paperback small trade, very good plus condition, minimal edgewear, autograph (author's written name label title page). Waterstones Signed Exclusive Edition. The 2020 Booker Prize Winner. A debut novel about a boy growing up in 1980s Glasgow, and the dysfunctional love he has for his alcoholic mother. He struggles to grow up in a hostile world. ISBN: 9781529019292. Our Book No: 40837. $40 AUD.

95. Swift, Graham (2012). Last Orders (Reissue ed). London: Picador. 323 + 32 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, pages faintly toned, light crease front cover, minor edgewear. This novel won the Booker Prize in 1996. This is a reissue by Picador to celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2012. They are reissuing a selection of classic fiction. This book is the author's most poignant exploration of the complexity and courage of ordinary lives. ISBN: 9781447202820. Our Book No: 29009. $14 AUD.

96. Tegner, Esaias; Hamel, Leopold (translator) (1874). Frithiof's Saga: Translated from the Swedish, with Notes, Index, and a Short Abstract of the Northern Mythology (1st ed). London: Trubner & Co. 279 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket, good condition, dark green embossed pictorial boards, gilt lettering front cover & spine, gilt border front cover, spine ends slightly worn, light foxing & rubbing edges, pages lightly toned, front hinge partly split (pages firm), covers little rubbed, flyleaves toned, some edgewear corners, errata slip tipped in, owner's name label inside front cover. Tegner's remarkable poem has been translated into almost every European language. The translator has produced an epic which is in the hearts of the Northern nations. He has written copious notes, although simple, and a brief abstract of the Northern Mythology, taken principally from the two Eddas. He hopes to succeed in introducing, to those unacquainted with the Northern lore, the hero-gods of the ancient Vikings. The glossary, at the end of the book, is worthy and useful. The abstract (p233), the preface to Canto XXIV (p208), may also be helpful to glance over before reading the poem, because some parts, which may seem obscure, will then be clearer to the mind. Our Book No: 40556. $60 AUD.

97. Tessa, Duder (2007). Night Race to Kawau (Reissue, reprint ed). New Zealand: Puffin Books / Penguin Group (NZ). 206 pp. Paperback, very good condition, pages faintly toned, faint foxing edges, top corner creased front cover, minor edgewear. This novel for young adults is about a 12-year-old girl named Sam who is excited to learn that her Dad has decided that their family will take part in the night race to Kawau Island in their boat Aratika. When a gale blows up, her father is knocked unconscious while trying to take the spinnaker down. Can Sam and her mother sail the Aratika through the gale and get the family to safe harbour? Winner of the Gaelyn Gordon Award for a Much-Loved Book. ISBN: 9780143303459. Our Book No: 29626. $15 AUD.

98. Thomas, Dylan (1956). Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog (Reprint ed). London: Guild Books / J. M. Dent. 128 pp. Paperback small, good plus condition, heritage pictorial cover, pages toned, edgewear. Autobiographical novel based on the young Welsh poet's childhood, before he moved to London. In this, his third book, the author deepens his now recognisable gift of Blake-like fantasy with a sense of drama. He introduces realism into the story, enriching it with bold character studies, bizarre and humorous scenes, moments of revelation and terror, and paroxysms of love and hate. Our Book No: 11832. $10 AUD.

99. Timms, E. V. (1955). Ten Wicked Men. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 250 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear, owner's written name front free flyleaf, protected by removable semiarchival plastic sleeve. An abridged version of the his novel "Maelstrom", first published in 1938. A powerful and fascinating novel of high drama and deep-chuckling mirth, about the maelstrom of events in New France surrounding the great Cardinal Richelieu and his clever successor Mazarin. Includes adventures in England (mentions Cromwell) and French Canada. ISBN: B0007J0CDE. Our Book No: 14593. $15 AUD.

100. Timms, E. V. (1956). The Falcon. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 235 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in good dustjacket), pages lightly toned, edge tears & minor loss jacket (minor edgewear), endpapers toned. First edition, as this title. The writer of Australian historical romances here produces an historical novel set in the 17th century England. During the reign of Charles II, Englishmen saw the power and ambition of Louis XIV of France a deadly threat to their nation. Plot and counter-plot simmered under the glittering surface of court life, ever ready to explode into violent action. Originally published in 1931 as "Whitehall". Our Book No: 25069. $15 AUD.

101. Toibin, Colm (2014). Nora Webster. Sydney: Pan Macmillan. 311 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. A magnificent seventh novel, set in Wexford, Ireland, about a fiercely compelling young widow and mother of four, navigating grief and fear, struggling for hope. Widowed at 40, Nora has lost the man who rescued her from a stifling world. Now she fears she may be drawn back into it. Wounded, strong-willed, clinging to secrecy in a tiny community where everyone knows your business, Nora is drowning in her own sorrow and blind to the grief of her young sons, who have lost their father. Yet she has moments of stunning empathy and kindness, and when she begins to sing again - after many years - she finds solace herself - a memorable heroine. ISBN: 9781743532195. Our Book No: 16898. $20 AUD.

102. Toohey, John (2002). Quiros (1st p/b ed). Sydney, Potts Point: Duffy & Snellgrove. 262 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, cover creased along spine, minor edgewear, remainder stripe. Maritime adventure novel based on the life of the Spanish explorer and navigator, Quiros (d. 1615), who sailed across the Pacific in search of the Great South Land, to tragic consequences. ISBN: 1876631244. Our Book No: 25644. $16 AUD.

103. Torday, Paul (2012). The Legacy of Hartlepool Hall. London: Orion Books. 280 pp. Paperback octavo, as new condition. Novel from the bestselling author of "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen". Ed Hartlepool has been living in self-imposed exile for five years, but with a settlement regarding his inheritance looming, he returns to his ancestral seat, Hartlepool Hall. He discovers his father has left him a seven million pound tax bill, massive overdrafts, an 80-year-old butler, and a vast dilapidated country estate. Furthermore, there is a strange woman in residence, Lady Alice. With debts mounting, iEd turns to a property developer who plans to turn the Hall into luxury flats and a golf course. Can Ed save his inheritance without this drastic move? Is Lady Alice the lady she claims to be? ISBN: 9780297863212. Our Book No: 15040. $15 AUD.

104. Tournier, Michel; Bray, Barbara (translator) (1997). The Ogre (Reprint ed). Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. 373 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, minimal edgewear. Winner of the Prix Goncourt, France's most prestigious literary award. This is a novel of innocence, perversion, and obsession. It follows the passage of strange, gentle Abel Tiffauges from submissive schoolboy to "ogre" of the Nazi school at the castle Kaltenborn, taking us deep into the dark heart of fascism. A remarkable blend of myth and realism. ISBN: 080185590X. Our Book No: 27704. $18 AUD.

105. Trout, Nick (2013). The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs. Sydney, Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. 337 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. This book is a tale of new beginnings, forgiveness, and the American vet who finally finds his way home. He has a lot of help from his animal patients who help him to heal. ISBN: 9781743316627. Our Book No: 28100. $15 AUD.

106. Twain, Mark; Tuckey, John S. (foreword, notes); Gibson, William M. (text); Mark Twain Project, Staff (2003). No. 44, the Mysterious Stranger: The Authoritative Text from The Mark Twain Project: Being an Ancient Tale Found in a Jug, and Freely Translated from the Jug (New ed) [Mark Twain Library Series]. Berkeley: University of California Press. 202 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, bottom corner rear cover little creased, covers little scratched, minor edgewear. This Mark Twain Library text of this surprising and little-known novel (No. 44) is a photographic reproduction of the text published in Mark Twain's Mysterious Stranger Manuscripts. Based on boyhood memories of the Mississippi River Valley and the printshops of Hannibal, the story is set in medieval Austria at the dawn of the printing craft. It is a psychic adventure, full of phantasmagoric effects, in which a penniless printer's apprentice - a youthful mysterious stranger with the curious name 44 - gradually reveals his otherworldly powers and the hidden possibilities of the mind. Ending on a startling note, this surprisingly existential novel reveals a darker side to the author's genius. Presents for the first time the novel as Mark Twain wrote it. Features expert notes and commentary, and - for the first in the Mark Twain Library edition - a glossary of printer's terms. ISBN: 0520242068. Our Book No: 30563. $25 AUD.

107. Whittemore, Edward; Hazleton, Lesley (introduction) (2002). Jerusalem Poker. Baltimore: Old Earth Books. 424 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition. Volume 2 of the "Jerusalem Quartet". Breathtaking espionage novel, set mainly in Jerusalem from 1921 to1933. Chronicles the 12-year poker game for control of Jerusalem among an unusual trio of gamblers representing Europe, Asia and Africa. Written by a former American CIA officer who worked in the Middle east for many years. ISBN: 1882968239. Our Book No: 16108. $25 AUD.

108. Zusak, Markus; White, Trudy (illustrator) (2008). The Book Thief (Reprint ed). Sydney: Picador / Pan Macmillan. 584 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear, cover photo differs from stock photo. This thought-provoking novel by an Australian author is set in Nazi Germany in 1939. Liesel picks up a book titled "The Gravedigger's Handbook", left at her brother's graveside by accident. It is her first act of book thievery. Liesel's love affair with books and words has begun. Soon, she is taking books from Nazi book-burnings, the mayor's wife's library, and any place that books are to be found. Liesel's foster family hides a Jewish fist-fighter in their basement, and her world is both opened up and closed down. ISBN: 9780330364263. Our Book No: 29010. $12 AUD.