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1. Abdel-Magied, Yassmin (2016). Yassmin's Story: Who Do You Think I Am? (1st ed). Sydney, North Sydney: Penguin Random House Australia. 322 pp. Paperback octavo, good condition, colour photos, spine little creased, corner tips covers scuffed, minor edgewear. This book is about a Sudanese-Egyptian-Australian Muslim woman. At 21, Yassmin found herself working on a remote Australian oil and gas rig; she was the only woman working there. This is a story about Yassmin growing up migrant and Muslim in Australia post 9/11, navigating the usual teenage dramas, on top of adjusting to now being seen as the face of the 'enemy'. It is also about the strength of women, about learning to lead and understand the power of failure and a well-placed joke. This story challenges who we are as a society, and asks you to join the journey to a better society. ISBN: 9780857986153. Our Book No: 30562. $15 AUD.

2. Arbib, Helen; Clements, Pauline (illustrator) (1980). The Terrace Times Minimum Effort Maximum Effect Cook Book. Volume 3: Balmain Edition (Reprint ed). Sydney: Terrace Times. 64 pp. Hardback narrow octavo, very good condition, pictorial cover, black & white drawings, minimal fading spine (text intact), minor edgewear. This wonderful book combines recipes and history (of this inner western Sydney suburb) to make a very interesting and useful addition to any kitchen shelf. ISBN: 0959848622. Our Book No: 21729. $10 AUD.

3. Aswany, Alaa Al; Wright, Jonathan (translation) (2011). On the State of Egypt: What Made the Revolution Inevitable. New York: Vintage. 192 pp. Paperback small trade, good condition, top corners two pages creased, pages lightly toned, faint foxing top edge, minor edgewear corner tips. This is a chronicle of Egyptian society, stating the most urgent issues - economic stagnation, police brutality, poverty, the harassment of women and of the Christian minority - that led to the overthrow of the Mubarak government. The author is one of Egypt's most acclaimed writers. ISBN: 9780307946980. Our Book No: 40458. $15 AUD.

4. Beliveau, Richard; Gingras, Denis (2006). Foods that Fight Cancer: Preventing and Treating Cancer through the Diet. Sydney, Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. 214 pp. Paperback small square quarto, very good condition, colour text-photos, full-page colour photos, red spine lettering little faded as usual, minor edgewear. Two French-Canadian medical researchers describe how certain foods fight cancer. An understanding of the science behind these therapeutic benefits reveal why it is essential to add these foods to our diet, and how easily it can be done. Translated from French. ISBN: 9781741750102. Our Book No: 15142. $30 AUD.

5. Benson, Leslie (2001). Yugoslavia: A Concise History. Basingstoke: Palgrave. 201 pp. Hardcover octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), maps, minor edgewear jacket, boards lightly faded. The author traces the origins of the present crises, charting the making and destruction of Yugoslavia (twice) in the context of struggles between great powers for control of the Balkans. This book provides a convincing, rational explanation for the disaster that has destroyed this once-great nation. Concise and clearly written, this book explains why nationalist conflicts finally ended Yugoslavia's turbulent and tragic history, amid barbarism unknown in Europe for half a century. ISBN: 0333792416. Our Book No: 17855. $25 AUD.

6. Berlin, Irving (1925). Always (Australian ed). Sydney / New York: J. Albert & Son / Irving Berlin Inc. 6 pp. Paperback small folio, good condition, looseleaf, pages lightly toned, small edge tears, some edgewear & spinewear. Sheet music for this popular song written by Irving Berlin as a birthday gift for his wife. With Bishaw ukulele arrangement. Specially featured by Hyman's dance band, Bird's Columbian orchestra, Ambassador's orchestra, Allen's jazz orchestra, Frank Dennie, Ern Crawford, and all leading bands and orchestras. Facsimile autograph of Berlin on front cover. Advert rear cover: A quartette of real hits - Brown eyes - Cecilia - That's all there is - Poor little me? (Copyright, 1925.). Our Book No: 4585. $10 AUD.

7. Bonaparte, Napoleon; Luvaas, Jay (editor) (2001). Napoleon on the Art of War (New ed). New York: Touchstone / Simon & Schuster. 196 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, bottom corner last page creased, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. The editor spent over three decades poring through the 32 volumes of Napoleon's correspondence, carefully translating and editing all of his writings on the art of war, and arranging them into seamless essays. The author is a military historian who has brought together in one volume the military genius of Napoleon. This fascinating book will interest anyone interested in military writing, students of history, and business leaders looking for insights on strategy (selected, edited, translated. ISBN: 0684872714. Our Book No: 30573. $15 AUD.

8. Bowden, Mark (2006). Guests of the Ayatollah: The Iran Hostage Crisis: The First Battle in America's War with Militant Islam (1st ed). New York: Grove Press. 680 pp. Paperback thick octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, edges lightly toned, minor edgewear. Heavy, and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. This is the story of a group of radical Islamist students who on November 4, 1979, stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran. They were inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini. They wanted to stage a three-day sit-in protest of the American decision to allow the exiled Shah to enter the United States for medical treatment. The students took 66 Americans hostage, and kept the majority of them for 444 days in a conflict that riveted and changed the world ISBN: 9780802143037. Our Book No: 30574. $30 AUD.

9. Bowden, Tim (2004). This Can't Happen to Me: Tackling Type 2 Diabetes. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 207 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, top corner rear cover creased, minor edgewear. Written in a friendly and informative and accessible style, this book is a valuable aid not only for those with Type 2 diabetes, their families, carers and health professionals, but for all of us at risk. The well-known ABC journalist reports with humour his personal experience. ISBN: 1741143187. Our Book No: 19996. $18 AUD.

10. Brock, David (2002). Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex - Conservative (Australian ed). Melbourne: Scribe Publications. 336 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, pages lightly toned, faint foxing edges, front cover & spine little creased, minor edgewear. The author has written a very personal memoir about his rise to the pinnacle of the conservative movement and his painful break with it. In this book he tells his powerful story from the beginning, giving the first insider's view of what Hillary Clinton called a 'vast right-wing conspiracy'. . ISBN: 0908011867. Our Book No: 40464. $20 AUD.

11. Campbell, Anne; Carney, Terry (illustrator) (1995). Bridging Cultures. Canberra, Belconnen: Anne Campbell. 229 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good plus condition, few single-colour drawings, black & white photos, minor edgewear. The author, from the Faculty of Education, University of Canberra, presents eight fictional short stories about relating to other cultures (mainly Asian). Interspersed with bits of factual information: testimony of Asian students in Australia, plus comparison of Australian with various Asian education systems. Bridging cultures is rarely easy - even when there is a great deal of goodwill on both sides, you can end up in a mess ISBN: 0858894599. Our Book No: 21495. $12 AUD.

12. Campbell, Colin T. (2006). The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health (Late reprint ed). Dallas, TX: BenBella Books. 417 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, tables, minor edgewear, old price marks. A groundbreaking epidemiological study of diet and health, particularly death rates from cancer, from a diverse Chinese sample of 6500 persons. This painstaking research study presents a clear and concise message of hope as it dispels a lot of health myths and misinformation. The main finding is that plant-based diets are more healthy than animal-based diets (meat, dairy products). ISBN: 9781932100662. Our Book No: 25400. $15 AUD.

13. Carroll, Lewis ; Tenniel, John (illustrator) (1982). The Nursery Alice Containing Twenty Coloured Enlargements from Tenniel's Illustrations to "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" with Text Adapted to Nursery Readers (Facsimile ed) [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library]. London / Tokyo: Bodley Head / Holp Shuppan. 56 pp. Hardback small quarto, very good condition, pictorial cover, tissue guide title page, frontispiece, papered boards (olive green cloth spine), colour drawings. In cardboard slipcase, small bump fore-edge, small creases spine. Facsimile edition. A classic children's picture book, written by Lewis Carroll and illustrated by John Tenniel. Engraved and printed by Edmund Evans. Originally published in 1889 by Macmillan, London. The beautiful drawings would appeal to most ages. (One of a set of 35 handsome facsimiles in 28 slipcases.). Our Book No: 30577. $30 AUD.

14. Charlesworth, James H. (1990). Jesus within Judaism: New Light from Exciting Archaeological Discoveries (Reprint ed). London: SPCK. 265 pp. Paperback octavo, good condition, black & white photos, plan, light foxing inside covers, small stain bottom edge front cover & few pages, edges lightly foxed, spine little creased, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. This book is a timely assessment of current research into the Jesus of history. The author has written in a lively, non-technical style, to describe the archeological and manuscript discoveries that are helping scholars to construct an authentic picture of Jesus and the world in which he lived and taught. The author also offers a discussion of what we can know about Jesus' self-understanding and his concept of God. ISBN: 0281044066. Our Book No: 40455. $20 AUD.

15. Christianson, Dr Gerhard (2018). Complex PTSD for Beginners: An Easy Guide. City Not Stated: Gerhard Christianson. Unnum 74 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, few black & white drawings, frontispiece, few tiny marks bottom edge, minimal edgewear. From the front cover: "Overcome depression, anxiety, anger and worry. How to improve your moods, regain emotional control, find your purpose after trauma and rise from the depths of CPTSD". A simple short self-published book (large text) about self-help for complex PTSD, with a few resources. Not much detail here. ISBN: 9781791910945. Our Book No: 40468. $15 AUD.

16. Clark, Laurel (1994). A Touch of Montparnasse: Three Book Shops as Avant Garde Cultural Centres in Victoria: The Book Lovers, the Leonardo and the Book Nook [Bibliographica Historica Australiae]. Canberra: Mulini Press. 33 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, card cover, stapled pamphlet, black & white drawings, minimal edgewear. This booklet is about three bookshops in Melbourne and Geelong in the early part of this century called the Book Lovers' Library, the Leonardo Art Shop in Melbourne, and the Book Nook in Geelong. Their proprietors Elsie Champion, Gino Nibbi and Henry Tatlock Miller, all made their contributions to the cultural life of the country. This small book records some of their achievements. (No 3 in this series.). ISBN: 0949910511. Our Book No: 30119. $25 AUD.

17. Clark, Samuel (1982). The Ocean and Its Inhabitants, with Their Uses to Man (Facsimile ed) [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library]. London / Tokyo: Bodley Head / Holp Shuppan. Unnum 18 + 8 leaves of plates pp. Hardback wide octavo, very good condition, blind stamped red decorations covers, gilt title on cover and spine, illustrated cover, full-page full-colour drawings (8 leaves of plates). In cardboard slipcase. Facsimile edition. This book was the first of a series of instructive reading books for young children that publisher Darton and Clark initiated in 1844. Samuel Clark had an interest in the physical sciences, and he may have promoted, if not written and illustrated, this fine book. The beautiful drawings would appeal to most ages. (One of a set of 35 handsome facsimiles in 28 slipcases.). Our Book No: 30578. $30 AUD.

18. Cowx, Miss (1911). The Kendal Penny Cookery Book: 200 Plain Recipes and Instructions for Use in Elementary School Classes (Revised & enlarged ed). Kendal, UK: Titus Wilson Publisher and Printer. 68 pp. Paperback trade, fair condition only (reading copy), card covers, new staples, new black cloth spine, covers marked, covers & some pages have stains, letter scuffed title front cover, bottom corners some pages creased, corners covers creased, few marks inside covers, pages toned, few creases pages, few tiny holes repaired, some edgewear. This scarce little English cookbook, compiled by Miss Cowx, has plain recipes and instructions on how their preparation. The recipes are for use in elementary school classes. A very well loved copy for someone who would like to learn about early meal preparation. Published for National Association for the Prevention of Consumption & Other Forms of Tuberculosis. Our Book No: 40466. $60 AUD.

19. Daisey, Mike (2002). 21 Dog Years: Doing Time at Amazon Com. London: Fourth Estate. 222 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This book tells the funny and bizarre but real story of life in the dotcom world - as a staffer of Amazon, the pioneering internet success story. Amazon scoured temp agencies looking for “freaks” and weird people (that is, creative people). The author - slacker, performer and dilettante - was perfect for the job. ISBN: 1841157651. Our Book No: 21467. $10 AUD.

20. Dalla-Camina, Megan (2014). Getting Real about Having It All: Be Your Best, Love Your Career and Bring Back Your Sparkle (New ed). Sydney, Alexandria: Hay House. 236 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, top corner tips covers lightly creased, minor edgewear. This book brings together personal development guidance, expert career advice and the wellbeing support needed to build a meaningful life. This is a Kikki K Limited Edition design cover. ISBN: 9781401938499. Our Book No: 30561. $18 AUD.

21. Dengate, Sue (2004). Fed Up with ADHD: How Food Affects Children and What You Can Do about It (1st ed). Sydney: Random House. 260 pp. Paperback small trade, good condition, tables, few black & white drawings, corners creased, front cover creased, pages lightly toned, glue residue inside front cover (label). This book is a step-by-step guide to the elimination diet that the author has researched over a number of years. Sue documents the personal story behind the books and her 20-year quest for recognition of the harmful effects of food chemicals, which can cause severe problems in children. ISBN: 1740512308. Our Book No: 30552. $25 AUD.

22. Donnelly, Austin (1998). Good Advice: A Guide for Investors and Advisers. Melbourne, Elsternwick: Wrightbooks Pty Ltd. 135 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, bottom edge slightly marked, minor edgewear. A "try before you buy" guide to the quality of financial advice by one of Australia's most respected financial advisers. It includes a comprehensive check-list which can be used to show whether an adviser's report contains objective and unbiased investment advice, or whether it is mere sales talk for particular products. Helps you to distinguish between professional advisers and those who want to sell financial products. ISBN: 1875857834. Our Book No: 40453. $30 AUD.

23. Errington, Wayne; Van Onselen, Peter (2016). The Turnbull Gamble (1st ed). Melbourne: Melbourne University Press (MUP). 200 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, light crease in front cover, light sticker mark rear cover, minor edgewear. This book is about the replacement of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot with Malcolm Turnbull. The narrow election victory may have justified the gamble to place him in office. Shows concerns that Malcolm Turnbull has the leadership qualities needed to break the cycle of division and instability of the last decade. ISBN: 9780522870732. Our Book No: 40462. $18 AUD.

24. Falk, Richard (2001). Religion and Humane Global Governance. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 191 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear. An American academic lawyer argues that the failure to achieve humane global governance is partially due to the exclusion of religious and spiritual dimensions of human experience to the study and practice of global politics. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 033394707X. Our Book No: 12506. $20 AUD.

25. Gibbs, Bozena K. (2006). The Path to Eternity: An Insight into Christianity and Beyond. Beaconsfields, VIC: Bozena K. Gibbs. 162 pp. Paperback trade, very good plus condition, minimal edgewear. An Australian author examines Christianity. A revolutionary book which answers questions, from a Christian perspective. Where did the human race come from? Are humans born with immortal souls? What and where is the Kingdom of God? ISBN: 0977549003. Our Book No: 21514. $10 AUD.

26. Gilbert, Lionel (2000). Mr McLeay's Elizabeth Bay Garden: Plants, Privilege, and Power in Sydney's Early Scientific Community. Canberra: Mulini Press. 75 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good plus condition, black & white text-photos (including frontispiece), plans, minor edgewear. The gardens at Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, were started in 1828 and visited long before the beautiful Elizabeth Bay House was built. By 1835 plants from overseas were being planted. The house is all that now remains except for a few garden fragments. This book contains many of the lists of the exotic plants that Mr McLeay imported from all over the world. This study describes the development of the gardens by Alexander McLeay and his descendants. The plant additions to the gardens are listed with editorial work on the modern plant names by the author. A wonderful book for anyone interested in garden history. ISBN: 0949910767. Our Book No: 29780. $30 AUD.

27. Gilbert, L. Wolfe; Wayne, Mabel (music) (1927). Ramona Waltz Song, with Ukulele and Banjo Uke (Australian ed) [Plate B.1562]. Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide / New York: Allans Music / Leo Feist. Unnum 8 pp. Paperback small folio, very good condition, looseleaf (unstapled), pages little toned, minor edgewear. Sheet music for four pieces, mainly Ramona, and accompanied by: My Ohio Home Ballad - Sing Me a Song of Araby - What are You Waiting For Mary (Fox-trot Song)?. Dedicated to Dolores del Rio, star of the photoplay Ramona (her large photo on front cover). Produced by Inspiration Pictures and Edwin Carewe for United Artists. Rear cover: Advert for A Shady Tree, by Walter Donaldson. (The scarce Australian edition.). Our Book No: 17856. $20 AUD.

28. Gilding, Paul (2011). The Great Disruption: How Climate Crisis will Transform the Global Economy (Reprint ed). London: Bloomsbury. 292 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, corner tips few pages little creased, pages faintly toned, minimal edgewear corners. This book is a stark and confronting look at the challenge humanity faces - yet it also contains a deeply optimistic message. The coming decades will have loss, suffering and conflict as our planetary overdraft is paid. However, they will also bring out the best humanity can offer: compassion, innovation, resilience and adaptability. The author tells us how to fight, and win what he calls 'The One Degree War' to prevent catastrophic warming of the earth. ISBN: 9781408815410. Our Book No: 40456. $20 AUD.

29. Gladwell, Malcolm (2006). The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (Reprint ed). London: Abacus. 278 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, top edge lightly foxed, pages faintly toned, bottom edge lightly marked, minor edgewear. In this original book, the author explains and analyses the 'tipping point', that moment when ideas, trends and social behaviours cross a threshold, tip and spread like wildfire. He explains the fascinating social dynamics that cause rapid change. ISBN: 0349113467. Our Book No: 40461. $16 AUD.

30. Glover, Edward (1940). The Psychology of Fear and Courage (1st ed) [Penguin Special Edition S77]. London: Penguin Books. 128 pp. Paperback small trade, good plus condition, orange and white cover with black title, small mark fore-edge, light foxing inside covers, spine edges little rubbed, pages toned as usual, rear cover lightly marked, minor edgewear. Describes how fear can be detected and controlled in Britain during Woeld War 2 (WW2). The reinforcement of common courage in wartime by using solidarity between the various groups within the state is discussed at some length and the final solution for steadiness of purpose indicated, a determination to defend the standards of free civilisation that hold in the cottage as well as the castle. Our Book No: 40473. $16 AUD.

31. Greenaway, Kate (1982). Under the Window: Pictures and Rhymes for Children (Facsimile ed) [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library]. London / Tokyo: Bodley Head / Holp Shuppan. 64 pp. Hardback small quarto, very good condition, pictorial cover, papered boards (dark green cloth spine), colour drawings. In cardboard slipcase, minimal rubbing edges & corners. Facsimile edition. A classic children's picture book, written and illustrated by Kate Greenaway. Engraved and printed by Edmund Evans. Originally published in 1878 by George Routledge & Sons, London. The beautiful drawings and poems would appeal to most ages. (One of a set of 35 handsome facsimiles in 28 slipcases.). Our Book No: 30576. $30 AUD.

32. Greene, Robert; Elffers, Joost (1999). Power: The 48 Laws: Concise Edition (1st Australian ed). Sydney: Hodder Headline. 182 pp. Paperback very small, very good condition, thick card covers (with flaps), small mark bottom edge, minimal edgewear. This is the definitive pocketbook guide to modern manipulation. A piercing distillation of 3000 years of the history of power. This new concise edition of the 500-page book distils yet further the wisdom of great thinkers like Machiavelli, Sun-tzu and Carl von Clausewitz, and the legacies of conmen, seducers, statesmen, and warriors in the past ISBN: 073361227X. Our Book No: 40474. $15 AUD.

33. Harbach, Otto; Hirsch, Louis A. (music); Dale, Ena (vocal); Hall, Harry (staged by) (1921). Hugh J. Ward Presents: The O'Brien Girl: Learn to Smile. London / Sydney: Chappell & Co. 6 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, looseleaf, little fading edges front cover, minor edgewear & tiny tears, rubber stamp, owner's written name. Scarce Australian printing. Sheet music from Hugh J. Ward's company of comedians, being one hit (Learn to Smile: Eloise, Willie, Larrie and Boys and Girls) from nine listed hits for the musical "The O'Brien Girl". (Copyright date, 1921.). Our Book No: 17851. $15 AUD.

34. Haskell, Janetta (2002). A Voice of My Own. Sydney, Glebe: Wild & Woolley. 335 pp. Paperback large trade, very good condition, black & white photos centre spread, spine faintly creased, minor edgewear. A compelling and absorbing autobiography of a woman vocalist. Born in repressive South Africa, she escaped to Italy, and performed in Europe and London, and later after meeting a new husband migrated to Australia. Loosely inserted: newspaper clipping review of this book. ISBN: 0909331928. Our Book No: 23221. $15 AUD.

35. Hawke, Rosanne (2015). Kerenza: A New Australian (1st ed) [New Australian Series]. Sydney, Gosford: Omnibus Books / Scholastic Australia. 241 pp. Paperback small trade, very good plus condition, minor edgewear. This is a story for young adults of a girl's journey from the old world to the wild Australian bush in 1911. Kerenza leaves her village in Cornwall and takes a ship to Australia. Kerenza makes new friends and settles with her family in her new country. ISBN: 9781742990606. Our Book No: 30570. $15 AUD.

36. Henwood, Belinda; Martin, Shona (foreword) (2007). Publishing: Book Yourself a Brilliant Career [Career FAQs]. Sydney: Career FAQs Pty Ltd. 188 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, colour text-photos, black & white drawings, corner tips covers little creased. crease fore-edge title page, minor edgewear. This book looks at a career in the publishing industry. Current trends are discussed, and ways to get into the industry. Includes how to prepare top resumes and cover letters. This book will interest arts industry professionals, people in the publishing industry, and scholars of book history or publishing studies. ISBN: 1921106433. Our Book No: 40460. $30 AUD.

37. Hirst, John (1994). A Republican Manifesto (1st ed). Melbourne: Oxford University Press (OUP). 148 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, pages lightly toned, top corner front cover little creased, faint foxing edges, minor edgewear. Argues that Australia should cease to rely on Britain to provide its head of state. The book looks at the problems of how to elect a president and how to define the president’s powers, and offers its own distinctive solutions. ISBN: 0195536495. Our Book No: 30571. $15 AUD.

38. Holthouse, Hector (1997). River of Gold: The Wild Days of the Palmer River Gold Rush (Reprint ed) [A. & R. Classics]. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 217 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, maps, edges lightly foxed, minor edgewear. Describes the Palmer River gold rush, northern Queensland. About 35000 diggers swarmed the Cape York peninsula in the 1870s in pursuit of gold, featuring cannibal blacks, thousands of pig-tailed Chinamen, lynchings, gambling dens, shanty towns, murders, grog-shops. (Originally published, 1967.). ISBN: 0207187789. Our Book No: 22187. $12 AUD.

39. Hook, James; Voxman, H. (editor) (1956). Six Trios for Three Flutes, or for Three Clarinets, Three Saxophones, or Similar Like-Instruments (3 Parts). Miami, FL: Rubank, Inc. 20 + 20 + 20 pp. Each part: Paperback large quarto, very good condition, stapled card cover, minor edgewear, minimal black texta front cover, price stickers, owner's written name (1 part). Copyright, 1956. Sheet music initially published in 1796 (facsimile of the original title page reproduced in each part). Opus 83. This is the first reproduction, including correcting errors, omissions and ambiguities in the original transcript, located in the British Museum. Plates 1427-18, 1428-18, 1429-18 (parts), 1430-34 (complete). James Hook was an English composer, born in Norwich, who was popular in London musical life in the 18th century. Our Book No: 17845. $30 AUD.

40. Hounam, Peter; Hogg, Andrew (1985). Secret Cult: A Full Expose of a Strange and Destructive Organization that is Penetrating the Corridors of Power. Tring, Herts: Lion Publishing. 287 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, pages lightly toned as usual, minor foxing edges, minor edgewear, faint remainder stripe top edge. An expose of the School of Economic Science cult, London, by journalists from the Standard newspaper, England. ISBN: 0856488372. Our Book No: 3981. $20 AUD.

41. Huizenga, John R. (1993). Cold Fusion: The Scientific Fiasco of the Century (1st p/b ed). Oxford: Oxford University Press (OUP). 318 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, few tiny scratches covers, bottom edge rubbed, minor edgewear. This book documents the development of the cold fusion saga up to July 1993, and provides a careful and thorough study of the scientific and other issues relating to the controversy. A classic study of pseudoscience (Merin Feischmann & Stanley Pons, University of Utah). SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0198558171. Our Book No: 21579. $12 AUD.

42. Hyland, Michael (2011). The Origins of Health and Disease (1st p/b ed). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (CUP). 341 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures, tables, boxes, minor edgewear. British health academic develops a novel network theory for understanding health and disease, and demonstrates how this theory is supported by existing data, and how it explains currently unexplained phenomena. The author also shows how his theory leads to new testable predictions that, in turn, will lead to further scientific advancement and development (for example, regarding problematic conditions such as irritable bowel and chronic fatigue syndromes). ISBN: 9780521719704. Our Book No: 40469. $30 AUD.

43. James, Harold (2002). The End of Globalization: Lessons from the Great Depression (Reprint ed). Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press (HUP). 260 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition, tables, small mark bottom edge, minimal edgewear. A sobering historical perspective, exploring the circumstances in which the globally integrated world of an earlier era broke down under the pressure of unexpected events: the 1930s Great Depression. By professor of history, Princeton University. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0674010078. Our Book No: 21513. $12 AUD.

44. James, Ian Andrew (2011). Understanding Behaviour in Dementia that Challenges: A Guide to Assessment and Treatment. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 176 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures, tables, front cover corner tips little creased, minor edgewear. This book provides theory and practical guidance on the assessment and treatment of behaviours that challenge in dementia, with a particular emphasis on non-pharmacological approaches. The author describes the different categories and causes of challenging behaviour in people with dementia, and provides tried-and-tested models that will aid identification, assessment and treatment. The book has useful tools and protocol derived from his work at a specialist behaviour change unit, as well as case studies that demonstrate how the various models may be used in practice. ISBN: 9781849051088. Our Book No: 40459. $30 AUD.

45. Kerr, Judith (2007). Twinkles, Arthur and Puss (1st ed). London: HarperCollins Children's Books. Unnum 36 pp. Hardback wide quarto, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), colour drawings (mostly full-page), top corners covers slightly bumped, minor edgewear jacket (top corners & top spine little creased. This is another special story children's picture story by the author of Mog. This story is about three cats named Twinkles, Arthur and Puss. Arthur lives with Lady Daisy, Twinkles lives with the Jones family, and Puss lives with Grandpa. They go out and about a lot, and one day they all disappear. Where are they? ISBN: 9780007254460. Our Book No: 30553. $15 AUD.

46. Knight, Dominic (2017). Strayapedia: The 100% Fair Dinkum Guide to the World's Least un-Australian Country (Reprint ed). Sydney, Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. 232 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, black & white text-photos, minor edgewear. This book is as fundamentally Strayan (Australian) as bowling your final over underarm, not wanting to know what's in your meat pie, or naming a swimming pool after Harold Holt. The book offers definitive alternative facts about Tony Abbot, AC DC, Canberra, Kylie Minogue, the Hills Hoist, Bob Hawke, Hey Hey It's Saturday, Ned Kelly, koalas, Akubras and Shane Warne - plus other certified dinky-di topics. ISBN: 9781760296070. Our Book No: 40470. $20 AUD.

47. Kondo, Marie; Hirano, Cathy (translater) (2014). The Life-changing Magic of Tidying (1st translated ed). London: Vermilion. 248 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, small mark fore-edge front cover, spine little creased, pages faintly toned, few tiny spots rear cover, minor edgewear. This book shows a simple, and effective way to remove clutter forever. Written by Japan’s expert declutterer and professional cleaner. Translated from Japanese language. ISBN: 9780091955106. Our Book No: 30556. $18 AUD.

48. Kugler, George (2007). The Lipizzaners Spanish Riding School: A Guide for Visitors of the Spanish Riding School and the Lipizzan Museum. [Vienna]: Pichler Verlag. 64 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, colour & black & white text-photos (mostly full-page), corner tips covers slightly scuffed, small scratch fore-edge rear cover, minor edgewear. This new guide takes a look at the history, breeding, education and particularities of the Lipizzans with a technical view, and also a guide to the first encounter with these wonderful horses. Includes a comprehensive guide to the Spanish Riding School and the Lipizzan Museum. The photos and illustrations are just amazing. (Estimated date, 2007, but variant titles.). ISBN: 9783854314158. Our Book No: 30554. $25 AUD.

49. Leader, The; Viola, foreword (1934). The Leader Spare Corner Book: A Unique Collection of Home and Household Hints and Kitchen Recipes: Parts 4, 5, 6 (3 Parts) (Reissue ed). Melbourne: Printed and published by Quintin Thomas Bone for David Syme & Co at "The Age". 31 pp. Paperback trade, good condition (internally very good condition), card covers, new black cloth spine, black & white adverts, covers marked, few stains covers, bottom corners some pages & front cover creased, few marks inside covers, edges lightly foxed, pages lightly toned, some edgewear. This scarce cookbook contains recipes and hints sent in by readers of The Spare Corner in "The Leader" (a Melbourne weekly newspaper that was companion to the daily "The Age"). The booklets became so popular that it was decided to republish all three books in one volume, which makes this the fourth book to be published with the combined hints and recipes that had been originally issued in separate booklets. Our Book No: 40465. $80 AUD.

50. Loukakis, Angelo (1987). Vernacular Dreams (Reprint ed). Brisbane, St Lucia: University of Queensland Press (UQP). 179 pp. Paperback small trade, good plus condition, spine ends little scuffed, corner tip front cover little creased, pages lightly toned, spine little faded, small mark fore-edge, minimal edgewear. This new collection of short stories explores the variety of unfamiliar Australian lives. Exotic or marginal people in rural or urban settings, bird watchers, social climbers, bicyle enthusiasts, they all share a sense of isolation. The Australian author brings their inner histories to life with chilling credibility and disciplined intensity. ISBN: 0702220256. Our Book No: 30550. $10 AUD.

51. Lovelock, James (2009). The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning (Australian ed). Melbourne: Allen Lane / Penguin Books. 178 pp. Paperback large trade, very good condition, colour photos centre spread, pages little toned as usual, minor edgewear. The key insight of Lovelock's Gaia Theory is that the entire Earth functions as a single living super-organism. That organism is now sick. Here, he distils over 40 years of wisdom and observation of the Earth to reveal the faster than expected rate at which our climate is altering, how conventional green measures are not working, and how life as we know it is going to change forever. Only his Gaia model, he shows, can help us fully understand this, and prepare us for the future. ISBN: 9781846142413. Our Book No: 17859. $15 AUD.

52. Malone, Debbie (2018). Always with You: Messages from Beyond. Sydney, Summer Hill: Rockpool Publishing. 155 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white text-photos, top corner tips covers little scuffed, spine ends little rubbed, minor edgewear. From the front cover: True love stories from Australia's # 1 Psychic Detective. ISBN: 9781925017960. Our Book No: 30559. $18 AUD.

53. Mann, Ivan (2005). Breathing, I Pray. London: Darton Longman & Todd (DLT). 159 pp. Paperback large trade, very good condition, faint crease bottom corner rear cover, minor edgewear, barcode sticker inside rear cover. British Christian educator explores of the practice and power of prayer in Christianity. Using examples from his own life, the author acknowledges how difficult prayer can be, and offers encouragement to persevere. Includes Lectio Divina, the Jesus Prayer, St John of the Cross, the tole of silence and imagination. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 023252565X. Our Book No: 21702. $10 AUD.

54. Marr, David; Wilkinson, Marian (2003). Dark Victory (1st ed). Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 350 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor creasing spine, minor edgewear. First edition. The secret history of John Howard's campaign against boat people that began with the Tampa incident, and ended 10 extraordinary weeks later with the Australian voters giving Howard his third election victory. (This early printing does not have the cover subtitle at the base of the front cover.). ISBN: 1865089397. Our Book No: 12378. $16 AUD.

55. Marshall, Montgomery; Piantadosi, Al (music) (1925). Pal of My Cradle: A Beautiful, Mother Waltz Ballad: With Ukulele Accompaniment [Plate: B.1042]. Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide / New York: Allan & Co. / Leo Feist. Unnum 8 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, looseleaf, pages lightly toned, some edgewear. Australian edition of sheet music for this waltz ballad, being a mother’s lament. Lyrics inside front cover. Featured with enormous success by Peel and Curtis on the Tivoli Circuit. Adverts on rear cover for other Allans songs, eg, When I Think of You [and] Let It Rain ! / Let It Pour ! Our Book No: 17852. $15 AUD.

56. Marshall, Tim (2008). Composting: The Ultimate Organic Guide to Recycling Your Garden (New, reprint ed). Sydney: HarperCollins. 108 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good plus condition, colour photos, black & white drawings, charts, minimal edgewear. New edition. This book not only explores how composting works and outlines the multiple benefits for your garden, but it also shows how to build a foolproof heap and maintain it well. The author has been at the forefront of the Australian organic industry, as an innovative grower, inspector, trainer and writer. He is a contributes regularly to Gardening Australia magazine, and is based in South Australia. ISBN: 9780733324161. Our Book No: 29130. $20 AUD.

57. Melton, Keith H.; Wallace, Robert (2010). The Official C.I.A. Manual of Trickery and Deception Declassified (Reprint ed) [CIA]. New York: HarperCollins. 248 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, black & white drawings, pages lightly toned, spine front cover edge little creased, minor edgewear. In 1953, the CIA initiated a top-secret program, code-named MKULTRA, to counter Soviet mind control and interrogation techniques. The CIA hired America’s most famous magician, John Mulholland, to write two manuals on sleight of hand and covert communication techniques. In 1973, virtually all documents related to MKULTRA were destroyed. Mulholland’s manuals were thought to be with them - until a single surviving copy of the manuals, complete with illustrations, was recently discovered in the agency's archives. The manuals reprinted for this book represent the only known complete copy of the Mulholland instructions for CIA officers on the magician's art of deception and secret communications. ISBN: 9780061725906. Our Book No: 40463. $22 AUD.

58. Men's Association of Australia, Disabled (1936). Jams, Jellies, Marmalades, Etc.: Selected and Tested Recipes and Formulas (1st ed). Melbourne: Disabled Men's Association of Australia / Veritas Booksellers. 16 pp. Paperback small, stapled pamphlet, good condition, card covers, pages toned, staples lightly rusted, top corner rear cover creased, few light marks front cover, few light stains front cover, light foxing edges, owner's name & details front cover. These recipes have been published to aid the welfare and conserve the interests of Permanently Disabled Men. The pamphlet contains recipes for Salads and Dressings, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Jellies and Marmalades. Our Book No: 30572. $20 AUD.

59. Mills, John A. (1998). Control: A History of Behavioral Psychology. New York: New York University Press (NYUP). 246 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good plus condition, minor edgewear. This book provides the most comprehensive history of behaviorism yet written. John A. Mills balances the investigation of individual theorists and their contributions with analyses of the structures of assumption that underlie all behaviorist psychology. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0814756123. Our Book No: 21596. $20 AUD.

60. Mitchell & Co. Ltd, D.; Lake, Miss (1935). Mitchell Maid Est. 1866 Home Cookery. Sydney: D. Mitchell & Co. / Printed by Harbour Newspaper & Publishing Co. 32 pp. Paperback small, good condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, adverts, pages lightly toned, staples rusted, top corner rear cover & last few page corners creased, bottom corner tip rear cover creased, few light marks front cover, small mark rear cover, tiny edge tear first page, some edgewear. These recipes have been thoroughly tested and proved by Miss Lake, Expert-in-Charge, Domestic Science Laboratory of D. Mitchell and Co. Ltd. Some of the recipes include soups, meat savouries, puddings, cakes and scones. A great little book for the collector of old cooking pamphlets. Includes index and a list of "Mitchell Maid" products on the back cover. (No date but possible 1930s, Trove.). Our Book No: 30565. $30 AUD.

61. Morris, Norval (2002). Maconochie's Gentlemen: The Story of Norfolk Island [and] The Roots of Modern Prison Reform (1st ed) [Studies In Crime and Public Policy]. New York: Oxford University Press (OUP). 213 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), cloth spine, title on spine, black & white photo, map, minor edgewear jacket, pages lightly toned. This book is about Alexander Maconochie, a privileged retired naval captain, who became at his own request superintendent of 2000 twice-convicted prisoners on Norfolk Island, a thousand miles off the coast of Australia. In four years, Machonochie transformed what was one of the most brutal convict settlements in history into a controlled, stable, and productive environment that achieved such success that upon release his prisoners came to be called “Machonochie's Gentlemen”. Using a unique combination of fictionalized history and critical commentary, the author gives this story a powerful policy impact. ISBN: 0195146077. Our Book No: 30569. $20 AUD.

62. Norman, Donald A. (2002). The Design of Everyday Things (Reprint ed). New York: Basic Books / Perseus Books. 257 pp. Paperback large trade, very good condition, corner tips little creased, one page corner folded, minor edgewear. The bestselling classic (over 100,000 copies sold) that explains how correct design of products provides a significant competitive edge. He makes a strong case for the needlessness of badly conceived and badly designed everyday objects. Even simple objects, such as doors, and instructions for operating appliances, can cause confusion when poorly designed. (Originally published as "The Psychology of Everyday Things", 1990.). ISBN: 9780465067107. Our Book No: 17857. $15 AUD.

63. Offit, Paul A. (2011). Deadly Choices: How the Anti-vaccine Movement Threatens Us All (1st ed). New York: Basic Books. 270 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minimal edgewear. The disturbing story of anti-vaccine activity in the United States: its origins, leaders, influences and impact. ISBN: 9780465021499. Our Book No: 17853. $20 AUD.

64. Orbach, Israel (1995). The Hidden Mind: Psychology, Psychotherapy and Unconscious Processes. Chichester: John Wiley. 218 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, printed on acid-free paper, minor edgewear. Israeli academic clinical psychologist clarifies the concept of the unconscious, so as to take the mystery out of unconscious processes - and the role they play in therapy. Covers the psychoanalytic approach (substitution model), the humanist approach (inhibition model, dissociation (the unconscious as lack of control and inner split, the cognitive approach, the unconscious as internal incongruence, and relationships between the different theoretical models. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0471958646. Our Book No: 21485. $30 AUD.

65. Overton, Margaret (2012). Good in a Crisis: A Memoir. London: Bloomsbury. 237 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minor edgewear. This is a very funny story of divorce, dating and many other life experiences. On a date with one of many Mr. Wrongs, she discovered that she had a brain aneurysm. As an American medical specialist (anaesthetist), she had been so busy looking after other people she had forgotten to look after herself. ISBN: 9781408824351. Our Book No: 40457. $20 AUD.

66. Owen, A. R. G. [George] (editor) (1975). New Horizons: Journal of the New Horizons Research Foundation (6 issues). Toronto: New Horizons Research Foundation. 44 to 64 pp. Each issue: Paperback small octavo, good condition, stapled (rusted), foxing covers & edges (minimal internally). some edgewear corner tips (minor edge tears), rubber stamps, minimal annotation. Six issues of the main Canadian parapsychological research journal (two copies being duplicates): volume 1 (1 and 2), volume 2 (1, with duplicate), volume 2(4, with duplicate). Incorporates the Transactions of the Toronto Society for Psychical Research. This research group is best known for the Philip Experiment (creating a fictional ghost manifesting as rappings etc during simulated seances) (an update is provided), and for George Owen's book on poltergeists. Our Book No: 17846. $60 AUD.

67. Ozaniec, Naomi (1999). The Element Tarot Handbook: An Initiation into the Key Elements of the Tarot (Reprint ed). Dorset / Melbourne: Element Books. 180 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures, few tiny scratches covers, minor edgewear. This book is clearly written and easy to access. There are exercises on intuition and meditation included. ISBN: 185230488X. Our Book No: 21531. $10 AUD.

68. Papandroulakis, Aristos (2002). Cooking with Aristos. Sydney: Random House. 157 pp. Paperback large quarto (with flaps), very good plus condition, black & white & colour text-photos, minimal edgewear. This book is packed full of tasty recipes and Aristos shares his great ideas for simple flourishes which can transform a basic dish into a masterpiece. Chapters cover the entree, vegetables, the main course, sauces, salads and desserts. Interspersed throughout are family photos and memories spanning the sixty years that his Greek family have spent running restaurants in Western Australia. ISBN: 1740514548. Our Book No: 25515. $25 AUD.

69. Parker, Mary Ann; Fry, Gavin (commentary) (1991). A Voyage Round the World, in the Gorgon Man of War: Captain John Parker, Performed and Written by his Widow; For the Advantage of a Numerous Family (Facsimile ed) [Australian Maritime Series]. Sydney: Hordern House / Australian National Maritime Museum. 181 pp. Hardback octavo, no jacket, very good condition, quarter-bound, hand-bound maroon Scottish calf (gilt bands & title on spine, little rubbed, marbled paper boards, black & white drawings (commentary section & frontispiece), top edge little foxed, minimal edgewear. This is the first account by a woman of the hazardous voyage from England to the penal colony at Sydney Cove (in 1791) and her return to England. Her husband was the captain of the ship Gorgon. On the outwards leg they carried convicts, plus Major Grose, Captain Watkin Tench and others of the New South Wales Corps. On the return leg, they carried many plant and animal specimens (Sir Joseph Banks was a subscriber), the convict escaper Mary Bryant, and the Bounty mutineers. (Originally published in 1795, this facsimile is a limited edition of 675 copies. The text is 149 pages, plus a preliminary unnumbered 32-page commentary by Gavin Fry, Australian National Maritime Museum. Dedicated to Caroline, Princess of Wales.) ISBN: 187556702X. Our Book No: 12621A. $80 AUD.

70. Piesse, Ken; Ferguson, Ian; O’Reilly, Bill (foreword) (1986). Bradman and the Bush: The Legend of Australian Bush Cricket. Melbourne: Cricketer Publication / Newspress Pty Ltd. 138 pp. Paperback small quarto, good condition, thin card covers, stapled (rusted), black & white photos & cartoons, colour cartoon front cover, spine worn (spine ends little scuffed), minor foxing edges, pages lightly toned, light creases covers, minor edgewear. The many photos help to tell a story about bush cricket. In his foreword, Bill (Tiger) O’Reilly says that his love of bush cricket has taken him all over New South Wales (NSW) - from Broken Hill to Lismore and Albury, with hundreds of happy settlements in between. This book will appeal to cricket lovers everywhere. (No date but 1986, Trove.). Our Book No: 30564. $15 AUD.

71. Rauf, Iman Feisal Abdul (2005). What's Right with Islam: A New Vision for Muslims and the West (Is What's Right with America) (1st p/b ed). San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco. 314 pp. Paperback large trade, very good plus condition, pages faintly toned, minimal edgewear, cover design differs from stock photo. By the iman of a mosque in New York City who has strived to build bridges between American Muslims and the American public. Shows the importance of assiduous cultivation of mutual respect. ISBN: 9780060750626. Our Book No: 13045. $15 AUD.

72. Reiss, Celia; Reiss, R. L. (1965). R. L. Reiss: A Memoir by Celia Reiss. Swindon, Wilts: Printed by Swindon Signcraft Ltd. 42 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket, good condition, dark green boards, cloth spine, gilt title, frontispiece, spine rubbed, slight loss top spine, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. This is the memoir of R. L. Reiss who was an important participant in the founding and building of Welwyn Garden City, UK. The memoir has been written by his wife using his notes and letters and contributions from friends to write about his life. (Estimated date, 1960s.). Our Book No: 30551. $50 AUD.

73. Rossignol, Jim (2009). This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities (Reprint ed). Michigan: University of Michigan Press / University of Michigan Library. 213 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, base spine & top edge little creased, minor edgewear. In 2000 the author was fired from my job as a finance reporter because of an obsession with a video game. So begins this story of personal redemption through the unlikely medium of electronic games. Quake, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, and other online games not only offered author Jim Rossignol an excellent escape from the tedium of office life. They also provided him with a diverse global community and a job - as a games journalist. Part personal history, part travel narrative, part philosophical reflection on the meaning of play, describes Rossignol's encounters in three cities: London, Seoul, and Reykjavik. Introduces us to a vivid and largely undocumented world of gaming lives. ISBN: 9780472033973. Our Book No: 26838. $15 AUD.

74. Sai, Yasutaka (1995). The Eight Core Values of the Japanese Businessman: Toward an Understanding of Japanese Management (1st ed). New York: International Business Press / Haworth Press. 177 pp. Hardcover octavo, no jacket, very good condition, grey & white boards, black title front cover, black & white text-photos, minor edgewear & marks, cover design differs from stock photo. Published to assist in understanding the Japanese businessmans' ways of thinking and acting. The author and a team of researchers in the Japan Management Association, undertook a special research project in 1989, and the summary report in Japanese later became the basis of this book. The eight main values commonly shared by Japanese in the business world are: group orientation, diligence, aesthetics and perfectionism, curiosity and emphasis on innovation, respect for form, a competitive mind and outlook on reward, the importance of silence, and perceptions of time. ISBN: 156024870X. Our Book No: 40471. $20 AUD.

75. Saw, Ron; Moir, Alan (cartoons) (1985). Stroke and How I Survived It. Melbourne: Penguin Books. 137 pp. Paperback, very good condition, black & white text-photos and cartoons, pages toned as usual, minor edgewear, old price marks, owner's written name. A moving and inspirational account of life after a stroke by the award-winning Australian journalist and humorist. He says: A stroke is no more than a temporary illness - a lousy one, with permanent marks - but anything but the close of play. ISBN: 0140077588. Our Book No: 4589. $16 AUD.

76. Sayers, C. E.; Syme, David (1965). David Syme: A Life (1st ed). Melbourne: F. W. Cheshire. 311 pp. Hardcover octavo, dustjacket, good condition, (in good dustjacket), few black & white photos (including frontispiece), top & bottom edges on covers rubbed, top & base of spine little rubbed, edges & pages lightly toned, faint foxing edges, written name free flyleaf, light toning & foxing reverse side of dustjacket, edge tears dustjacket, tiny scuff fore-edge dustjacket, slight loss top corners dustjacket, light foxing edges of dustjacket flaps. This biography is about David Syme who was the strongest individual force in newspaper publishing and editing in 19th century Australia (The Age newspaper). This life of the man tells his story from the time of his arrival in Melbourne, 1852, until his death February 1908, a span of more than half a century. Our Book No: 40454. $20 AUD.

77. Shakeshaft, Bernie; Knight, James (2019). Back on Track: How One Man and His Dogs are Changing the Lives of Rural Kids. Sydney: Hachette Australia. 323 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, two black & white photos, colour photos, corner tips front cover little creased, top corner rear cover creased, front hinge slightly split (pages firm). This is the autobiography of Bernie Shakeshaft who is making a difference by helping young people to stay alive, out of jail, and wanting to chase their hopes and dreams. He started BackTrack in Armidale (NSW) after spending his early years finding his own place in the world. He put dogs into the program to work with the lost boys (and girls), and fourteen years later it is still working. The juvenile crime rate in Armidale has dropped significantly. Bernie has been named Local Hero for 2020 for his work with disadvantaged youth in Armidale. ISBN: 9780733642128. Our Book No: 40472. $20 AUD.

78. Sharp, Ilsa (1999). Culture Shock! Australia (A Guide to Customs and Etiquette) (Reprint ed). Portland, OR: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company. 295 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white text-photos & cartoons, tiny scuff top spine, front hinge slightly split (pages firm), minor edgewear. A remarkable insight into the Australian character by a migrant from Singapore - a must for new migrants and travellers to Australia (and Australians trying to understand themselves). ISBN: 1558680942. Our Book No: 40452. $12 AUD.

79. Simon, William H.; Ehrlich, George E.; Sadwin, Arnold; Arnot, Bob (foreword) (2002). Conquering Chronic Pain after Injury: An Integrative Approach to Treating Post-traumatic Pain. New York: Avery Publishing. 302 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, pages faintly toned as usual, minimal edgewear. A comprehensive book (by an orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist and psychiatrist) that proposes a refreshing application of therapies that, alone or in a combination, may put an end to years of confusion, suffering, and debilitating pain. ISBN: 1583331409. Our Book No: 20433. $10 AUD.

80. Sinclair, Andrew (2000). Dylan the Bard: A Life of Dylan Thomas (1st US ed). New York: St Martin's Press. 251 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), light foxing edges, pages faintly toned, faint foxing reverse side jacket (minor edgewear). This book explores how and why this very skilled British writer, torn between a search for personal peace and international notoriety, was slowly defeated by his own self-destructive nature. The author has used new material, including personal letters from the poet himself and recently discovered photographs, to shed new light on the life, work, and death of Dylan. This is the tragic and exuberant story of a cult figure in his own time and a poet for all time. ISBN: 0312265808. Our Book No: 30558. $20 AUD.

81. Springfield, Tom; Seekers, The; Langdon, Chris (arranged by) (1965). A World of Our Own [Plate 21016]. Sydney / London: Chappell & Co. / Springfield Music. 4 pp. Paperback quarto, very good condition, one folded sheet, minor edgewear. Scarce Australian edition. Sheet music for one the most famous songs made by The Seekers during the 1960s, for voice and piano. Recorded by The Seekers on W & G Records. (Copyright, 1965.) Large cover photo of The Seekers. Our Book No: 17848. $15 AUD.

82. St. Columba's Church, Balwyn; Thomas, J. (President); Irwin, M. (Hon. Secretary) (1965). Happy Cooking Days with Our Tried and Tested Recipes: St. Columba's Church Balwyn. Melbourne, Balwyn: St. Columba's Church / Printed by Modern Printing. 45 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, stapled pamphlet, card covers, pages lightly toned, staples slightly rusted, bottom corner rear cover & last few page corners creased, covers little marked, front cover & spine creased, inside covers & endpapers lightly foxed & toned, light creases rear cover, few marks single page, sticker mark front cover. These recipes have been recommended by the members and friends of the ladies of St. Columba's Ladies Auxiliary, Balwyn, Melbourne. Some of the recipes include soups, meat savouries, puddings, cakes and scones. A great little book for the collector of old cooking pamphlets. Includes loosely inserted hand-written recipe. (No date but 1960s, Trove.). Our Book No: 30567. $20 AUD.

83. Stewarts and Lloyds, Ltd (1930). Welded and Weldless Main Steam Pipes: Section "S" (New and Enlarged ed). Glasgow: Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd. 93 pp. Paperback small wide quarto, good condition, card covers, metal rivets with flat fasteners, figures, tables, drawings, spine split, small brown mark front cover, cover creases, tiny scuff front cover, cover corners & some pages little creased, title page LOOSE, small edge tears some pages, foldout plan (foldout part loosely inserted), title page little marked, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. From the introduction to this scarce catalogue from a Scottish manufacturer: This new and enlarged edition of our Steam Pipe Catalogue contains information that will be of use to engineers in the preparation of designs and specifications for steam pipe installations. The details in this catalogue are intended as a general guide to the best practice at the time of issue. (No date, but Worldcat states two editions, 1926 and 1930, the latter presumably being revised.). Our Book No: 40467. $40 AUD.

84. Stott, Rebecca (2012). Darwin's Ghosts: The Secret History of Evolution (Reprint ed). New York: Spiegel & Grau. 396 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white drawings, base spine lightly bumped. Examines theory of evolution as it started long ago with Aristotle, and mainly developed by Charles Darwin. A masterful retelling of the collective daring of a few like-minded men who had the imagination to speculate on nature's ways and the courage to publish at a time when to do so, for political as well as religious reasons, was to risk everything. ISBN: 9781400069378. Our Book No: 30575. $30 AUD.

85. Trollope, Anthony; Dow, Hume (editor) (1966). Trollope's Australia: A Selection from the Australian Passages in Australia and New Zealand by Anthony Trollope (1st ed). Sydney: Thomas Nelson (Australia). 200 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, good condition, black & white drawings, endpapers lightly toned & little foxed, pages lightly toned, jacket lightly foxed, small scuff front endpaper, protected by removable archival sleeve (Brodart). This book is a selection from the voluminous book the novelist Anthony Trollope wrote about his visit to Australia in the 1870s. The book has been edited with an introductory chapter, by Hume Dow, Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Melbourne. He has rearranged the material from Trollope's original volume to avoid repetitions and to concentrate attention on those comments and observations which retain their interest today. The illustrations are taken from the journals of the period. Our Book No: 30555. $20 AUD.

86. Turner, Ethel (1950). Mother's Little Girl. London & Melbourne: Ward, Lock & Co. 255 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket, good condition, green boards, black lettering spine, edges lightly foxed, faint foxing endpapers, edges covers little rubbed, spine ends slightly bumped, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear, label & written name front pastedown, written name & date front free flyleaf. Novel for young adults by the author of "Seven Little Australians”. (Originally published, 1904. Estimated date, about 1950s. Printed by Butler & Tanner. No frontispiece or other illustrations. Funny, 1926, is last listed title on front flyleaf. Perhaps Burnet 13.5 or 13.6 variant without illustrations, but could be earlier as Judy & Punch, 1928, is not listed on flyleaf.). Our Book No: 40451. $35 AUD.

87. Twain, Mark; Tuckey, John S. (foreword, notes); Gibson, William M. (text); Mark Twain Project, Staff (2003). No. 44, the Mysterious Stranger: The Authoritative Text from The Mark Twain Project: Being an Ancient Tale Found in a Jug, and Freely Translated from the Jug (New ed) [Mark Twain Library Series]. Berkeley: University of California Press. 202 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, bottom corner rear cover little creased, covers little scratched, minor edgewear. This Mark Twain Library text of "No. 44" is a photographic reproduction of the text published in Mark Twain's Mysterious Stranger Manuscripts. Based on boyhood memories of the Mississippi River Valley and the printshops of Hannibal, the story is set in medieval Austria at the dawn of the printing craft. It is a psychic adventure, full of phantasmagoric effects, in which a penniless printer’s apprentice - a youthful mysterious stranger with the curious name 44 - gradually reveals his otherworldly powers and the hidden possibilities of the mind. Ending on a startling note, this surprisingly existential novel reveals a darker side to the author's genius. This book presents for the first time the novel as Mark Twain wrote it. Features expert notes and commentary, and - for the first in the Mark Twain Library edition - a glossary of printer's terms. ISBN: 0520242068. Our Book No: 30563. $30 AUD.

88. Upton, Elizabeth (1982). The Birthday-day Gift or the Joy of a New Doll from Papers cut by Elizabeth Upton (Facsimile ed) [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library]. London / Tokyo: Bodley Head / Holp Shuppan. 7 pp. Paperback small oblong quarto, very good condition, seven tipped-in black on green plates, bound unlettered marbled paper covers, thin card spine. In cardboard slipcase, reprint of printer and stationery label inside front cover, small bump fore-edge. Facsimile edition. A classic children's picture book which is one of the earliest examples held by The Osborne Collection, and originally published in 1796. The pictures were engraved from free-hand paper cuttings made without preliminary sketches by Elizabeth (Boughton) Upton (Lady Templetown). The edition reproduced here bears mounted engravings on tinted paper. Peltro William Tompkins published the original editions. He was an artist whose print selling business is advertised on the label inside the front cover. The beautiful drawings would appeal to most ages. (One of a set of 35 handsome facsimiles in 28 slipcases.). Our Book No: 30579. $25 AUD.

89. Welch, Edward T. (2004). Depression: A Stubborn Darkness: Light for the Path. Greensboro, NC: New Growth Press. 279 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, figures, front cover lifting slightly, minor edgewear. This book looks at depression in a spiritual way. Some of the chapters are: The Path Ahead, How Depression Feels, Definitions and Causes. Written for people with depression, but will be helpful to anyone seeking to understand how depression can impact your life. ISBN: 9780976230809. Our Book No: 30566. $25 AUD.

90. White, Patrick (1974). The Cockatoos: Shorter Novels and Stories (1st ed). London: Jonathan Cape. 307 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), blue-coloured top edge, corner tip one page creased, bottom corner tip cloth cover little bumped, all corners jacket tips little clipped as issued (minimal edgewear). First edition. The wild and beautiful birds of the title are welcome trespassers in a suburban garden, and they transform the lives of the people they visit. The cockatoo appears in many disguises in this masterly collection of novellas and short stories. Essentially, the theme is intimacy, that close relationship in which possessive love can invade and cripple the spirit. The six stories are: A Woman's Hand - The Full Belly - The Night the Prowler - Five Twenty - Sicilian Vespers - The Cockatoos. The Australian author was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. ISBN: 0224009923. Our Book No: 28439. $20 AUD.

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93. Whitlock, Gillian (editor); Carter, David (editor) (2001). Images of Australia: An Introductory Reader in Australian Studies (Reprint ed). Brisbane, St Lucia: University of Queensland Press (UQP). 268 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, top corner tips front cover little scuffed, tiny tear base spine, top corner rear cover creased, minor edgewear. This collection of readings offers an introductory guide to Australian Studies. The historical development and changing contours of Australian culture and identity are traced through contemporary debates on nationality, Aboriginality, multiculturalism, gender, the bush legend, and suburbanism. This book is ideal for general readers as well as students and teachers of Australian Studies. ISBN: 0702224472. Our Book No: 30560. $16 AUD.

94. Williamson, Miryam Ehrlich; Nye, David A. (foreword) (1998). Fibromyalgia: What You Can Do About Chronic Pain and Fatigue (Reprint ed). Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 206 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, minimal edgewear. A thorough, user-friendly resource that outlines the causes, symptoms and a full range of treatments for fibromyalgia (FM) - a condition that affects half a million Australians. By American journalist and sufferer of FM, via the Fibromyalgia Discussion Group. ISBN: 1864486929. Our Book No: 21819. $10 AUD.

95. Wilson, Kelly (2016). For the Love of Horses: The Wilson Sisters' Inspiring Journey to Save New Zealand's Wild Horses (And: Stallion Challenges) (Omnibus ed). Sydney, North Sydney: Ebury Press. 179 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, colour photos, laminate coating top edge rear cover lifting slightly, minor edgewear. The Wilson sisters became aware of the plight of the wild Kaimanawa horses as they were rounded up and sent to the slaughterhouse. They became involved in their welfare. The girls set out to train the horses many believed to to be untrainable. This is a heartfelt story with humble beginnings in rural New Zealand. (Omnibus edition, two books in one: For the Love of Horses [and] Stallion Challenges.). ISBN: 9780143783138. Our Book No: 30568. $30 AUD.

96. Wolpert, Stanley (2009). Shameful Flight: The Last Years of the British Empire In India (1st ed). Oxford: Oxford University Press (OUP). 238 pp. Paperback large octavo, very good condition, black & white photos, top corner front cover little creased, minor edgewear. Britain’s precipitous and ill-planned disengagement from India in 1947 - condemned as a "shameful flight" by Winston Churchill - had a truly catastrophic effect on South Asia, leaving hundreds of thousands of people dead in its wake and creating a legacy of chaos, hatred, and war that has lasted over half a century. A vivid behind-the-scenes look at Britain's decision to divest itself from the crown jewel of its empire. ISBN: 9780195393941. Our Book No: 30557. $20 AUD.