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1. Abbott, Joyce (1955). Playabout: A Picture-story Reader (1st & only ed). Sydney: Angus & Robertson. Unnum 32 pp. Paperback small quarto, good plus condition, illustrated flexible card covers, black & single-colour drawings, centre page spread loosely inserted, edge tears few pages repaired, spine scuffed (school tape removed), staples rusted, minor edgewear corners. Charming picture story (school reader) about the traditional adventures of two Aboriginal children named Arua and Tidja in the bush. The easy-to-read text and the delightful 60 drawings will appeal to any age. Our Book No: 29111. $20 AUD.

2. Adams, Lee; Artstaff, illustrator (1972). The Tale of the Platypus (1st ed) [Australian Legend Series Book 1]. Sydney: Artstaff. Unnum 26 pp. Hardback small quarto, no jacket as issued, good condition, pictorial cover, colour drawings, spine ends scuffed, minor foxing covers & endpapers & most pages, spine little loose (pages firm), few tiny dents covers, minor edgewear & edge tears. An enchanting children's picture story about a platypus named Little Mooka who was swept away from his family, and the many adventures he had before he made it back home safely. Our Book No: 30368. $15 AUD.

3. Andrews, Peter; Kiernan, Ian (foreword); Turner, Ken (foreword) (2008). Beyond the Brink: Radical Vision for a Sustainable Australian Landscape (1st ed). Sydney: Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC). 231 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, tiny scuff base spine, slight crush bottom edge rear cover, spine lightly faded, minor edgewear. This is the sequel to "Back from the Brink". The Australian farmer outlines a radical, yet achievable, plan to bring the Australian landscape back to life, and become sustainable, particularly farming and agricultural practices. ISBN: 9780733324109. Our Book No: 40234. $30 AUD.

4. Askey-Doran, Roni (2013). I'm Bipolar and I Know it: It Works Out ! City Not Stated: Unicorn Press. 175 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, black & white illustrations, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear, autograph (author's written dedication title page). The author tells her story, the challenges and triumphs, the fears and failures, and her ultimate success in learning to live alongside her mental illness drug-free, with inner-peace and happiness. Part memoir and part self-help guide, providing essential and practical information for people with bipolar disorder, their families and friends. . ISBN: 9780975760062. Our Book No: 30364. $30 AUD.

5. Ball, Duncan; Bishop, Michael (illustrator) (1995). First I Bought a House (1st ed). Montville, QLD: Walter McVitty Books. Unnum 28 pp. Paperback large wide octavo, very good condition, colour drawings, spine & front cover little creased, minor edgewear corners, autograph (written dedication by illustrator). This charming children's picture story is about a little boy and the old run-down house he "buys" and fixes up all by himself. The illustrations are by a young, self-taught artist who lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. He was only 18 years old when he began work on the closely observed, intricately detailed and amusing pictures for the subtly understated text. A beautiful book for everyone in the family to enjoy. ISBN: 0949183768. Our Book No: 40235. $18 AUD.

6. Begbie, Jeremy (2008). Resounding Truth: Christian Wisdom in the World of Music (New ed). London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK). 412 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures, base spine lightly bumped, small crease bottom edge front cover & first few pages, minor edgewear. An introduction to the connections between music and Christian theology by using scripture, musical history and contemporary culture. This well-rounded study aims to develop discernment and wisdom, both in thinking about music in the church and Christian life, and in responding to one of culture’s most influential touchstones. ISBN: 9780281059843. Our Book No: 40231. $40 AUD.

7. Berndt, Ronald M. (1974). Australian Aboriginal Religion: Four Fascicles in One [Iconography of Religions Series: Section V: Australian Aboriginal Religion]. Leiden: E. J. Brill. 44 + 42 + 28 + 37 pp. Hardback quarto, no jacket, good plus condition, burgundy cloth cover (gilt lettering), black & white photos, foldout maps, stain top edge map (chapter 1), marks & thinning repaired top & bottom edge map (chapter 5), minor pink highlighting one chapter, minimal pencil annotation, otherwise excellent condition overall without loss. Heavy (1.2 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. The Australian social anthropologist provides a detailed report on Aboriginal religion, mythology and rituals. This is the four volumes (fascicles) in one edition, as follows. 1: Introduction and the south-eastern region [General discussion of cosmology and religion, Lake Eyre region, lower Murray and Victoria]. 2: Northeastern region and north Australia [Cape York and north Australia (Arnhem Land and Kimberleys), birth, initiation, mortuary rites]. 3: North Australia (continued), fertility rites and conclusion. 4: Central Australia [birth, initiation, mortuary rites, ritual objects and sacred sites]. Maps and photographic plates are collected at the end of each volume. Lavishly illustrated with 220 informative photos and 5 maps. ISBN: 9004038612. Our Book No: 17720. $150 AUD.

8. Berthon, Peter (editor); Hall, Marjorie (editor); Hall, William (editor); Harris, John (editor); Robertson, Andrew (editor); Robertson, Carol (editor) (2008). We are Aboriginal: Our 100 years: From Arnhem Land's First Mission to Ngukurr Today (1st ed). Ngukurr, NT: St Matthew’s Anglican Church. 88 pp. Paperback oblong quarto, stapled, very good condition, photos inside covers, CD inside rear cover, colour text-photos, few black & white & single-colour text-photos, corners covers little creased, minor edgewear & scuffing. This book has been written as a permanent record of the Ngukurr people of Arnhem land. The Ngukurr people know their history (including Roper River Mission and Ngukurr today), but they want to ensure the young people and those not yet born will have pictures and written history to look at. The many photos make this a fascinating book. ISBN: 9781875126262. Our Book No: 30385. $30 AUD.

9. Bishop, W. (William) (1977). The Goulburn and District Directory for 1882 - 3: First Year of Publication. Sydney, North Sydney: Library of Australian History (LAH). 72 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket as issued, very good plus condition, brown leatherette cloth cover (sharp gilt spine lettering), adverts, minimal edgewear. (Copy 199 of a limited edition of 300 copies.) Facsimile of an early directory of the Goulburn district, southern New South Wales (NSW), compiled by William Bishop. Includes alphabetical lists of residents, trades and institutions. Many contemporary adverts. A valuable source for local historians. Intended as an annual publication, but 1882-3 was the only edition produced. ISBN: 090812001X. Our Book No: 12766. $75 AUD.

10. Blackadder, Jesse (2014). Paruku: The Desert Brumby (1st ed). Sydney: HarperCollins Australia. 216 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, light foxing top edge, bottom corner rear cover creased, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This moving novel for young adults is inspired by the true story of the Kimberley brumbies and their journey to Dubai for the pupose of horse racing. There is a photo of the author meeting Timana in Dubai. ISBN: 9790733331794. Our Book No: 30362. $15 AUD.

11. Bova, Tiffani (2018). Growth IQ: Master the 10 Paths to Grow Your Business. London: Macmillan. 337 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, few black & white drawings, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. The author lists the ten simple paths to growing your business. She uses her first-hand experience of helping companies solve there most vexing problems. There are 30 fascinating in-depth business stories of how to keep growing in the face of stiff competition and a fast-changing business environment. ISBN: 9781529004670. Our Book No: 40248. $30 AUD.

12. Brambles, Woody (2017). From Farm to Table: Grains. Melbourne, Clifton Hill: Louie & Ted. Unnum 24 pp. Paperback small wide quarto, colour photos (most full-page), minor edgewear. Target audience: Primary school age. The educational story of how grains like rice, wheat and corn make the long journey from the ground to be used in food for human use, livestock - and industrial products such as ethanol, which is often made from corn or sugarcane, and is used in many cars and small vehicles. ISBN: 9781742034416. Our Book No: 30377. $18 AUD.

13. Brooke, Cori; Forward, Megan (2016). All I Want for Christmas is Rain (1st ed). Sydney, Glebe: New Frontier Publishing. Unnum 24 pp. Hardback quarto, very good condition, pictorial cover, colour drawings, minor edgewear, autograph (written dedication by illustrator), non-author written dedication front flyleaf. A beautiful children's picture book about the drought taking hold and threatening the Christmas celebrations. A girl named Jane wished for rain. Will her wish come true? The large colourful lifelike drawings and easy-to-read rhyming text will interest children of any age. ISBN: 9781925059717. Our Book No: 30365. $18 AUD.

14. Brown, Bob; Ellis, Bob (2001). The Valley of the Giants: A Guide to Tasmania's Styx River Forests. Hobart: Bob Brown. 66 pp. Paperback thin wide trade, very good plus condition, full-page colour photos, few black & white text-photos, maps, minimal edgewear. Contains basic information about Tasmania's monumental Styx River Valley, its natural glory, and why it is in dire danger of destruction. Bob Ellis adds his personal account of the Styx forests. ISBN: 064641142X. Our Book No: 30369. $25 AUD.

15. Calder, James; Fitzsymonds, Eustace (editor); Bock, Thomas (artist) (1979). Brady: McCabe, Dunne, Bryan Crawford, Murphy, Bird McKenney, Goodwin, Pawley, Bryant, Cody, Hodgetts Gregory, Tilley, Ryan Williams and their Associates: Bushrangers in Van Dieman’s Land 1824 - 1827 (1st ed). Adelaide: Sullivan’s Cove. 179 pp. Hardcover folio, dustjacket, dark blue cloth boards, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), endpaper maps, black & white portraits, minor edgewear jacket (light foxing reverse side). Heavy (1,1 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. From James Calder's text of 1873 together with newly discovered manuscripts edited by Eustace Fitzsymonds. Sketches by the convict artist Thomas Bock are contained on two leaves between pages 78 and 79. This is the first time James Calder's text has been reproduced in book form. This 1873 account of the bushranger Brady, and his associates and contemporaries, is firmly based upon 1820s documentation. (No. 215 of a limited edition of 750 copies. ISBN not printed in book.) ISBN: 0909442096. Our Book No: 30358. $120 AUD.

16. Cantril, Hadley; Gaudet, Hazel (assistant); Herzog, Herta (assistant) (1982). The Invasion from Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic: With the Complete Script of the Orson Welles Broadcast (Reprint ed). Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. 224 pp. Paperback small trade, good condition, tables, light edgewear, spine little creased, light foxing edges, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear. A case study of collective panic in the American community after a fictional (but realistic sounding) broadcast by Orson Welles in 1938, being a radio adaptation of War of the Worlds, by H. G. Wells, about an alien invasion from Mars. Considered in the context of community concern about pending war in Europe. ISBN: 0691028273. Our Book No: 40216. $15 AUD.

17. Clark, Gary (1984). Up to the Neck in The Swamp! Selected Strips from the Swamp Cartoons (1st ed). Broadway, QLD: Swamp Productions. 80 pp. Paperback small quarto, good condition, stapled, black & white cartoons, colour cartoon covers, staples lightly rusted, spine little creased, light foxing edges & middle pages near staples, minor edgewear corners. All the cartoon fun of the Swamp with Wart & Mort, Old Man Croc, Nit Picker Bird, Ding Duck, Turtle & Snail, Lungfish and the many visitors to the swamp. There are two pages about all the characters in the cartoons. ISBN: 0959253327. Our Book No: 40222. $15 AUD.

18. Clark, Gary (1986). Swamped: 80 More pages of the best Humour Swamp Can Serve Up! (Reprint ed). Brisbane, Paddington: Swamp Productions. 80 pp. Paperback small quarto, good condition, stapled, black & white cartoons, colour cartoon covers, slight colour loss tiny patch front cover (sticker removal), spine slightly worn, light stain bottom edge first few pages, crease top corner few pages (bookmark), minor edgewear corners. All the cartoon fun of the Swamp with Wart & Mort, Old Man Croc, Nit Picker Bird, Ding Duck, Turtle & Snail, Lungfish and the many visitors to the swamp. ISBN: 0959253351. Our Book No: 40220. $15 AUD.

19. Clark, Gary (1987). Swamp: Another 80 pages Oozing with Mirth Deep from the Swamp (Reprint ed). Brisbane, Paddington: Swamp Productions. 80 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, stapled, black & white cartoons, colour cartoon covers, staples lightly rusted, spine little creased, minor edgewear corners. All the cartoon fun of the Swamp with Wart & Mort, Old Man Croc, Nit Picker Bird, Ding Duck, Turtle & Snail, Lungfish and the many visitors to the swamp. There is a photo and story about Gary Clark on the back cover. ISBN: 095925336X. Our Book No: 40221. $18 AUD.

20. Cole, E. W. (1910). The Blessing and the Curse of Tobacco and the Substitution of a Healthy Apple-eating Habit for an Unhealthy Tobacco-smoking Habit [Apples and Tobacco, No 1]. Melbourne: E. W. Cole, Book Arcades. 64 + 48 pp. Paperback small octavo, good condition, cancelled EX-LIBRARY, stapled, colour photos tipped in covers, black cloth spine repair, corners clipped cover (small edge tears), pages lightly toned, edgewear. A scarce self-help pamphlet written and published by the iconic and eccentric Melbourne bookseller. Provides heavy criticism of tobacco smoking (64 pages), and the value of substituting eating apples (48 page insert). Colour photos of an apple tipped in on front & rear covers, and inside both covers. (Estimated date, about 1900 to 1920. Cancelled stamp of the State Library of New South Wales, dated 15 Feb, 1977.). Our Book No: 17716. $150 AUD.

21. Committee, Great Barrier Reef; Hedley, Charles (1923). The Great Barrier Reef of Australia: A Popular Account of its General Nature (1st ed). Brisbane: Queensland Government Intelligence and Tourist Bureau. 32 pp. Hardback small, no jacket, very good condition, leatherette cover (gilt embossed), black & blue text-photos with coloured edge, frontispiece, gilt edges, decorative endpapers, colour fold-out map inside rear cover, spine rubbed, pages lightly toned, spine rubbed (small piece missing bottom edge), boards slightly lifted outwards, printed dedication, minor edgewear. A beautiful little book about the history of The Great Barrief Reef. Describes the general nature and the many early visitors to the Reef including Captain James Cook. A fascinating way to learn about the history of this important part of Australia, and look at what it was like at the time this book was compiled. (Printed dedication states: With best Christmas and New Year wishes, from the Premier of Queensland and Mrs Theodore.). Our Book No: 40237. $40 AUD.

22. Community, Lockhart River; Thompson, Liz (2012). Miiku and Tinta: A Story from Umpila Country [Sharing Our Stories]. Melbourne, Port Melbourne: Pearson Australia. 24 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, stapled, colour text-photos & drawings, slight colour loss top corner title page, cover corners & spine little creased, minor edgewear, old price marks. The Lockhart River Community is situated north of Cairns in Queensland. Residents of the Umpila community in Lockhart River have chosen to share one of their traditional stories. This is a Creation story that tells of Miiku (the black-headed python) and Tinta (two parrot sisters). The story is traditionally told in Umpila language and has been presented in English for this series. The book is illustrated with original artwork by school children from the community, and concludes with interviews with children and elders. ISBN: 9781442562905. Our Book No: 17723. $15 AUD.

23. Cooper, Blair; Smith, Cheryl (illustrator) (2014). Pee Wee the Lonely Kiwi Finds a New Friend (1st ed). City Not Stated: Flying Books Pty Ltd. Unnum 24 pp. Paperback small square quarto, very good condition, full-page colour drawings, bottom corner covers creased (light mark inside covers), minor edgewear. This delightful children's picture story is about a kiwi named Pee Wee who is looking for a friend. He visits a few New Zealand birds until he finds Noah the baby Moa. The full-page very colourful illustrations bring this story to life, and will bring a smile to any face. There are Kiwi facts at the rear of the book. ISBN: 9780473295462. Our Book No: 30375. $15 AUD.

24. Cox, David (2013). The Fair Dinkum War (1st ed). Sydney: Allen & Unwin. Unnum 30 pp. Hardback oblong quarto, no dustjacket, pictorial cover, very good plus condition, colour drawings. A colour picture book for children and young adults about his memories of World War Two. He was a young boy, and in the second year of WW2, he moved with his family to the city, his Dad stayed to work on the sheep station because he had fought in World War One, and was a little too old for this war. He remembers his class racing outside to watch a line of soldiers in trucks and jeeps from the American army base passing by, and how the children played war games and knew every aeroplane and tank and warship. Everyone became a part of the war effort, and they waited for the day when it would end. ISBN: 9781743310625. Our Book No: 30382. $20 AUD.

25. Crabtree, Judith (2001). The Time Fliers (1st ed). Sassafras, VIC: Benchmark Publications. Unnum 32 pp. Hardcover small quarto, no jacket, very good condition, pictorial cover, colour drawings, few pinhead dents front cover, spine ends cover corners lightly bumped. Australian children's picture book about Amy who goes to stay with her grandmother at her country home. Amy meets time-travelling owls, helps a friend, and two girls of different generations are linked through destiny. This is a mysterious journey into the past. The beautiful illustrations bring the story to life. The story would appeal to older readers and adults who are interested in owls. ISBN: 1876615028. Our Book No: 40232. $20 AUD.

26. Curby, Pauline (2015). Pictorial History: Sutherland Shire (Reprint ed). Sydney, Alexandria: Kingsclear Books. 139 pp. Paperback oblong quarto, very good condition, black & white text-photos, map, minor edgewear corners. A text and pictorial history of Sydney's Sutherland Shire. The book starts at 1788 and includes Dharawal Occupation, First Contact and the First Fleet. The years from 1789 to 1946 cover the changes that occurred in the Shire. The many photos will interest anyone wanting to learn about the history of this fascinating part of southern Sydney. ISBN: 9780994445605. Our Book No: 30367. $25 AUD.

27. Day, Susan X. (2008). Theory and Design in Counseling and Psychotherapy (2nd ed). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole Publishing. 556 pp. Hardback wide octavo, very good condition, pictorial cover, tables, figures, top spine lightly bumped, spine ends little creased, small crush mark bottom edge few pages, minor pencil annotation. Heavy, and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. This straightforward, example-rich, and often amusing book captures the flavor and flair of influential theorists. Connecting theory to identity, self-exploration exercises throughout encourage readers to reflect on their own predilections and practices. ISBN: 9780618801459. Our Book No: 40224. $30 AUD.

28. de Kretser, Michelle (2008). The Lost Dog (1st p/b ed). Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 343 pp. Paperback small trade, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This novel by an Australian writer is set in present-day Australia and mid-20th century India. It is a mystery and a love story, an exploration of art and nature, a meditation on ageing and the passing of time. A gripping modern novel which examines the weight of history and different ways of understanding the world. A beautifully written novel that brilliantly contrasts new cityscapes and their inhabitants with the wild, ancient continent beyond. The collision of the primal and the civilised, modernity and the past, and home and exile. ISBN: 9781741756067. Our Book No: 30379. $15 AUD.

29. de Kretser, Michelle (2017). The Life to Come (1st ed). Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 375 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, top corner front cover little creased, minor edgewear corners covers & few pages. This novel by Australian writer is set in Sydney, Paris and Sri Lanka. About the stories we tell and don't tell ourselves as individuals, as societies and as nations. Pippa is a writer who longs for success. Celeste tries to convince herself that her feeling for her married lover are returned. Ash makes strategic use of his childhood in Sri Lanka but can't face the memory of a tragedy from that time. ISBN: 9781760296568. Our Book No: 30380. $15 AUD.

30. Denholm, Carey (editor); Evans, Terry (editor) (2007). Supervising Doctorates Downunder: Keys to Effective Supervision in Australia and New Zealand. Melbourne: ACER Press. 271 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, spine little faded, minor edgewear. These comprehensive essays aim to assist doctoral supervisors from candidate selection, to thesis examination and postdoctoral life. Includes chapters on supervision-candidate agreements, ways to build effective supervision relationships, helping candidates write and think like a researcher, reviewing progress, oral presentations, health concerns of candidates, negotiating intellectual property, working with Indigenous candidates, part-time candidates and workplace issues, and preparing a thesis for examination ISBN: 9780864314307. Our Book No: 17714. $30 AUD.

31. Dethlefs, Noriko; Jeffries, John (foreword) (2011). In His Strength: Letters from Afghanistan 2005 - 2009 (1st ed). Melbourne, Box Hill: CBM Australia. 111 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, colour photos, bottom corner rear cover creased, minor edgewear corners. This is a personal account of what living in Afghanistan was like for the author when she followed her husband's calling with CBM to live and work in Herat and then Kabul between 2005 and 2009. This book contains the letters sent home to family and friends. For security reasons the letters often omitted real names and Christians were referred to as "like-minded" people. The spelling of Herat is changed to Hirat in the letters. ISBN: 9780646551029. Our Book No: 30361. $15 AUD.

32. Eddy, David; Mallinson, Dave; Rehwinkel, Rainer (illustrator); Sharp, Sarah (2007). Grassland Flora: A Field Guide for the Southern Tablelands (NSW and ACT) (4th reprint ed). Canberra: Environment ACT. 156 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, spiral binding, glossy card covers, black & white drawings, colour text-photos, small crease rear cover, minor edgewear corners. A superb field guide to grassland plants on the Southern Tablelands of NSW & the ACT. A glossary inside the back cover explains the technical terms used in the text. Line drawings are used throughout the book to show fine details of the subjects described. Aims to assist readers to identify plants commonly found in grassy ecosystems of the Southern Tablelands. The lowland communities are described. The chapters include: Threatened plants and communities, animals of the grassy ecosystems, grasses, rushes, lilies, orchids, ferns, shrubs and trees. ISBN: 0731360214. Our Book No: 40230. $25 AUD.

33. Emery, Linda (2011). Pictorial History: Hunters Hill (1st ed). Sydney, Alexandria: Kingsclear Books. 137 pp. Paperback oblong quarto, very good condition, black & white text-photos, map, front cover minimally creased, minor edgewear corners. A text and pictorial history of Hunters Hill (Sydney's inner west), including Woolwich, Gladesville, Boronia Park, Henley, Huntleys Point, Huntleys Cove, up to the 1950s. A glimpse of the area in days gone by where much has changed, but, where a lot has remained the same. Produced to celebrate the Sesquicentenary of Hunter’s Hill Council. (The Geographical Names Board assigned the name Hunters Hill dropping the apostrophe. Hunters Hill Council still use the apostrophe.). ISBN: 9780987184009. Our Book No: 30366. $40 AUD.

34. Esposito, John L. (1993). The Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality? (Reprint ed). Oxford: Oxford University Press (OUP). 247 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, bottom corner rear cover creased, pages & inside covers lightly toned, minor edgewear, remainder stripe, sticker mark free flyleaf. Addresses a significant issue in the political development of the Middle East and in relations between the Muslim world and the West. The book is suited to use in courses on Islam, comparative religions, and Middle Eastern history and culture. ISBN: 019508666X. Our Book No: 40246. $15 AUD.

35. Flanagan, Richard; Quilty, Ben (illustrator) (2016). Notes on an Exodus: An Essay (1st ed). Sydney: Penguin Random House Australia. 53 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, single-colour drawings, minimal edgewear. In January 2016 the Australian author and artist travelled to Lebanon, Greece, and Serbia, to follow the river that marks the great exodus of our age: refugees from Syria. The notes and sketches bear witness to the remarkable people they met on that journey. The individual portraits combine to form a powerful testament to human dignity and courage in the face of war, death, and suffering ISBN: 9780143782353. Our Book No: 40229. $16 AUD.

36. Flannery, Tim (2009). Now or Never: A Sustainable Future for Australia? (Revised ed). Melbourne: Black Inc. 193 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, crease front cover, light toning edges, minor edgewear. Discusses the idea of sustainability and asks whether humanity can rise to this challenge. He discusses in detail three potential climate-change solutions, with special reference to Australia. This edition includes nine responses to this book, by leading figures, and the author’s reply. ISBN: 9781863954297. Our Book No: 40238. $15 AUD.

37. Flora, Stephen Ray (2004). The Power of Reinforcement (Reprint ed) [SUNY Alternatives in Psychology Series]. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press (SUNY Press). 269 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, bottom corner front cover creased (plus lightly several adjacent pages), otherwise excellent. States that reinforcement is a very powerful tool for improving the human condition, despite often being dismissed as dehumanising people. Counters the myths, criticisms, and misrepresentations of reinforcement. This includes false claims that reinforcement is "rat psychology”. Shows that building reinforcement theory on basic laboratory research is a strength, not a weakness, and allows unlimited applications to human situations as it promotes well-being and productivity. Also examined are reinforcement contingencies, planned or accidental, that can shape behavior in a positive way. ISBN: 0791459160. Our Book No: 17717. $30 AUD.

38. Fuhrer, Bruce; Robinson, Richard (1992). Rainforest Fungi of Tasmania and South-east Australia (1st ed). Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing. 95 pp. Paperback wide trade, very good condition, colour photos (most full-page), inside covers little marked, small stain bottom edge rear cover and last few pages, minor edgewear. This book introduces the rich fungal flora of southeastern Australia, and to provide a guide book to help the layperson with naming fungi which they will find on a rainforest walk. This very special book will be of interest to anyone wanting to learn about and do further study of these fascinating organisms. ISBN: 0643053115. Our Book No: 30363. $35 AUD.

39. Gambles, Harriet; Gambles, Patrick; Kurczok, Belinda (illustrator) (2001). Tiger Trail: A Tasmanian Epic (1st ed). Launceston: Regal Publications. Unnum 22 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, stapled, colour drawings (mostly full-page), spine & front cover little creased, light foxing title page, minor edgewear corners. Delightful children's picture story about a white-bellied sea eagle named Tikkia who flies from the forests of Indonesia to Australia to deliver a message from Suma, the great tiger who is dying, to his cousin Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger now extinct). The illustrations tell the story. ISBN: 9781876261160. Our Book No: 40227. $25 AUD.

40. Gleitzman, Morris (2010). Now: A Holocaust Story like No Other - both Haunting and Beautiful [Morris Gleitzman Collection]. New York: Square Fish / Henry Holt and Company. 184 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. This novel for young adults by the Australian writer is a sequel to "Then". This is the conclusion to Felix’s story. From the summary: While her physician-parents are working in Africa, eleven-year-old Zelda is living in Australia with her 80-year-old grandfather, Holocaust survivor Felix Salinger, when a disaster leads them both to deal with unresolved feelings about the first Zelda, Felix's childhood friend. ISBN: 9781250034175. Our Book No: 40252. $16 AUD.

41. Graham, Julia; Oliver, Tony (illustrations) (1979). Opo the Happy Dolphin (1st ed) [Australian Golden Book]. Sydney, Gladesville: Golden Press. Unnum 30 pp. Hardcover small square quarto, very good condition, colour drawings, minimal foxing title page, spine little faded, minor edgewear. A children's picture story from Australia about a dolphin who loved people and was happy to near them. ISBN: 0855586729. Our Book No: 30373. $18 AUD.

42. Grant, Stan (2017). Talking to My Country (New ed). Sydney: HarperCollins. 229 pp. Paperback small trade, good condition, small tear rear cover, spine & rear cover creased, light foxing edges, minor edgewear. This is the Australian Aboriginal television presenter's very personal meditation on race, identity and history. He talks to every Australian about their country - what it is, and what it could be. Heritage Awards Winner 2016 National Trust of Australia NSW, and Shortlisted NSW Premiers Literary Awards, 2017. ISBN: 9781460751985. Our Book No: 30374. $12 AUD.

43. Graphic (1915). Panoramic Pictures, New South Wales - Blue Mountains - Bulli Pass - Hawkesbury Etc. [Graphic Series]. Sydney: C. B. & Co. Ltd. Unnum 24 pp. Paperback narrow oblong quarto, good condition, grey pictorial card cover, full-page black & white photos, some vertical rippling pages (no tide marks from previous water contact), string binding (frayed, slack), edgewear, non-author written dedication inside front cover. A photographic promotional pamphlet of scenic locations in New South Wales. (Estimated date, 1910s, Trove.). Our Book No: 17700. $60 AUD.

44. Grayling, A. C. (2009). Scepticism and the Possibility of Knowledge (1st p/b ed). London: Continuum. 208 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, front hinge split between flyleaf and title page (pages firm), minor edgewear. The noted British philosophy professor looks at important alternative approaches to solving the problem of how sceptical (skeptical) challenges can be met. In this book, he sets out an answer drawing the best of them together with his own investigations into the problem, investigations that stretch over thirty years. He offers a survey of important discussions of scepticism, and offers a solution that connects the most valuable insights in them with his own view of the structure of cognition and the framework of knowledge it supports. ISBN: 9781441154361. Our Book No: 30371. $18 AUD.

45. Greenwald, Glenn (2014). No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the Surveillance State (Australian printing ed). London: Hamish Hamilton / Penguin Books. 259 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, figures (mainly black & white computer screens), corner tip front cover creased, minor edgewear. In 2013, Greenwald visited Hong Kong to meet an anonymous source who claimed to have astonishing evidence of pervasive American government spying. That source was NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden, and his revelations about the agency's widespread, systemic overreach were the most explosive and consequential news in recent history. Greenwald fits all the pieces together, recounting his high-intensity ten-day trip to Hong Kong, examining the broader implications of the surveillance that he reported for "The Guardian" newspaper, and revealing fresh evidence of the NSA's unprecedented abuse of power with secret documents entrusted to him by Snowden himself. ISBN: 9780241146705. Our Book No: 17722. $12 AUD.

46. Gruen, Sara (2006). Water for Elephants (1st Australian ed). Sydney: Allen & Unwin. 331 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, pages lightly toned, corners front cover little creased, minor edgewear, sticker on cover. Bestselling novel, set in the backblocks of America in the 1930s, about a circus and a very special elephant named Rosie. This is a warm, funny novel full of energy and spirit. ISBN: 1741149819. Our Book No: 30360. $18 AUD.

47. Hamilton, Hugh; Thomas, Pete (1971). They Dig Queensland: Development, Who For? (Reprint (revised) ed). Brisbane: Building Worker's Industrial Union, Queensland Branch. 64 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, stapled pamphlet, card cover, black & white text-photos, staples rusted, faint foxing covers, spine faintly faded, minor edgewear. This pamphlet critically examines the character and purpose of Queensland development. Based on a fact-finding tour by a union concerned that the foreign owners of mines are ripping off the Queensland government regarding royalties and other matters. Our Book No: 21042. $10 AUD.

48. Hare, Robert D. (1999). Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us (Modern reprint ed). New York: Guilford Press. 237 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good plus condition, minimal edgewear. Based on 25 years of academic research, the author describes - with numerous case histories - the con artists, hustlers, abusers and other predators who charm, lie and manipulate their way through life. ISBN: 9781572304512. Our Book No: 8394. $20 AUD.

49. Hayward, Janet (2007). Living Proof that Cats do have Nine Lives (1st ed). Wollombi, NSW: Exisle Publishing. 151 pp. Hardcover small wide octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket, spine ends little rubbed. This book is a collection of true stories from around the world, in which the heroes and heroines appear to prove these theories without a shadow of doubt. The stories include cats who have survived horrendous natural disasters, others who have travelled unbelievable distances to return home, and heart warming stories of once neglected and abandoned cats who have gone on to become show winners! ISBN: 9780908988983. Our Book No: 40251. $18 AUD.

50. Hemphill, Rosemary (2004). The Master Pearler's Daughter: Memories of My Broome Childhood (1st ed). Sydney: Pan Macmillan. 270 pp. Hardback small, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white photos, minimal foxing reverse side jacket (minor edgewear), pages lightly toned. This memoir by the well-known Australian herbalist is about her extraordinary childhood lived in this most isolated of Australian towns. The author writes about the heat and harshness of a frontier settlement, the racial divisions and strict social order of the 1920s and 30s, as well as the beauty and fun, the rich cultural influences, and the pearling way of life. This story is a fascinating look at a world that has changed. ISBN: 1405035838. Our Book No: 27906. $15 AUD.

51. Herfurth, C. Paul (1936). A Tune a Day: A Third Book for Violin Instruction by Individual Lessons of Class Tuition: Book Three - Advanced (in Group, Public School Classes or Individual Lessons) [Imperial Edition 929: Plate: B.8391]. Melbourne / Boston: Allan & Co. / Boston Music Co. 32 pp. Paperback quarto, good plus condition, card cover, stapled (rusted), few small black & white text-photos, corner tip front cover creased, rear cover & edges lightly foxed, some edgewear & spinewear. Sheet music for violin, advanced skills, plus a few paragraphs and photos of instruction. (Copyright date, 1936.). Our Book No: 17706. $10 AUD.

52. Hills, Ben (2014). Stop The Presses! How Greed, Incompetence (and the Internet) Wrecked Fairfax (1st ed). Sydney: HarperCollins Australia. 394 pp. Hardback thick octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus dustjacket), colour photos, minimal edgewear jacket. An insightful and vigorous look at the decline of the Sydney-based Fairfax Media by the veteran investigative journalist and Walkley Award winner Ben Hills. He also looks at the difficult questions about what the decline of a free press means not just for journalism but for Australian democracy as a whole ISBN: 9780733331930. Our Book No: 40214. $25 AUD.

53. Hilton, Nette; Rycroft, Nina (illustrator) (2014). Little Platypus (Reprint ed). Sydney: Koala Books. Unnum 34 pp. Paperback small quarto, very good condition, colour drawings, small crease bottom corner rear cover, corner tips few pages minimally creased. A delightful children's picture book about a little platypus looking for a friend who is just the same as him. The large colourful illustrations will appeal to any age. ISBN: 9780864619419. Our Book No: 17713. $12 AUD.

54. Howarth, Heidi; Howarth, Daniel (2013). The Otter Who Loved to Hold Hands. London: QED Publishing. Unnum 20 pp. Paperback small wide quarto, very good plus condition, full-page colour drawings, minor edgewear. This is a beautiful children's picture story about an otter named Otto who feels safest when he is holding hands with his family at night - so safe he wants to hold hands during the day as well! What will help him to face his fears and let go? This story will appeal to all ages with the easy-to-read text and large colourful illustrations. Discussion points for teachers and parents are also included. ISBN: 9781781717349. Our Book No: 40212. $15 AUD.

55. Howe, Michael J. A. (1992). The Origins of Exceptional Abilities (1st p/b ed). Oxford: Blackwell. 262 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, spine little creased (during manufacture), corner tip rear cover little creased, minor edgewear. Psychology professor investigates the circumstances in which children and young people acquire outstanding skills and knowledge. He uses both psychological and biographical evidence to explore the background factors which enable some to make exceptional progress in their earliest years, progress that can prepare the child for great achievements in later years. ISBN: 0631185615. Our Book No: 21134. $15 AUD.

56. Ikeda, Daisaku (2009). Embracing Compassion: A Revolution in Leadership: Volume 2 (1st ed). Santa Monica, CA: World Tribune Press. 152 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, bottom corner rear cover lightly creased, spine lightly faded (edge little creased), few tiny marks front cover, minor edgewear. How Buddhism helps us to have a clearer view of life. President Ikeda's speeches are from the 2004 and 2005 gatherings. The SGI leader discusses significant lessons that can be used in any leadership situation. ISBN: 9781932911831. Our Book No: 40250. $15 AUD.

57. Isham, Steve; Isham, Marion (2005). Tasmanian Traveller (2nd, revised ed). Margate, TAS: Bandicoot Books. 32 pp. Hardcover oblong quarto, no jacket, very good plus condition, pictorial cover, colour illustrations, minimal edgewear. Australian children's picture book, being the true historical story of Hugh Munro Hull who kept a diary of his excursions across Tasmania. He was a free settler. This new edition has been rewritten and the illustrations reworked. There are 34 riddles to be solved. There is a Tasmanian Tiger on every page. Over 100 rhymes, tales and other allusions are pictured. A list is in the back. A wonderful book to keep children & adults busy for hours ISBN: 0975049844. Our Book No: 30383. $30 AUD.

58. Jackson, Roy (2006). Fifty Key Figures in Islam (1st stated ed) [Routledge Key Guides]. Oxon: Routledge. 261 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear. A fascinating examination of the lives and thoughts of 50 influential figures in Islam and surveys a heritage which covers 1500 years. The book is fully cross-referenced. For each key figure, the book provides: biographical details, presentation and analysis of their main ideas, an account of their impact and influence within and, if appropriate, beyond the Islamic tradition. There is also a list of major works and further reading. ISBN: 0415354684. Our Book No: 40240. $20 AUD.

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60. Kaplan, Cyndi; Foley, Max (cartoons) (1997). Publish for Profit: How to Write, Market and Promote Your Own Book (1st ed). Sydney, Bellevue Hill: Cyndi Kaplan Communications. 168 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, black & white text cartoons, few small marks, minor toning & staining rear cover, top corner front cover creased, light foxing top edge, some edgewear. This book covers business, self-help, travel, biography, children's, craft and cookery books. The author gives step-by-step information on how to write and publish your own book. ISBN: 0646302396. Our Book No: 40213. $15 AUD.

61. Katakis, Michael (2014). A Thousand Shards of Glass: There is Another America (1st ed). London: Simon & Schuster. 122 pp. Hardback small octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket. The author discusses a changing America, very different to the one he still loves. These essays, letters and journal entries were written as a farewell to his country. A powerful and personal polemic, this book is the author’s appeal to his fellow citizens to change their course. He gives a glimpse beyond the myth, to a country whose best days could still lie ahead ISBN: 9781471131431. Our Book No: 30359. $18 AUD.

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63. Keene, Carolyn (2007). Password to Larkspur Lane (Reprint ed) [Nancy Drew Mystery Stories]. New York: Grosset & Dunlap. 175 pp. Hardback small octavo, no jacket, very good condition, pictorial cover, frontispiece, spine ends little bumped, spine little faded, pages faintly toned, minor edgewear, owner's written name inside front cover. In this crime novel for young adults, Nancy solves the mystery of a strange wheel of blue light, and a missing elderly woman is being held prisoner in a mansion. Are the two mysteries connected? (Originally published, 1933. No 10 in this series.). ISBN: 9780448095103. Our Book No: 40243. $12 AUD.

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65. Kelly, Gail (2017). Live Lead Learn: My Stories of Life and Leadership (1st p/b ed). Melbourne: Penguin Random House Australia. 243 pp. Paperback octavo, very good condition, colour photos, minimal edgewear. This is the story of the first female CEO of one of Australia’s big four banks. Listed by Forbes in 2010 as one of the eight most powerful woman in the world, and a mother of four (including triplets), she shares what she has learned over her remarkable career, drawing from her personal and professional life. An inspiring story of one of the world’s most prominent business leaders, who started as a Latin teacher, and became CEO of Westpac Bank, which she lead through the global financial crisis and the merger with St.George Bank. ISBN: 9780670079391. Our Book No: 40241. $25 AUD.

66. Kordin-Dindas, Galina (2002). Behind Closed Doors: Finding the Key to a Painless Life. Melbourne, Richmond: Helen Dindas / Spectrum Publications. 192 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, edges faintly foxed, minor edgewear. Autobiography of a brave and determined Australian woman's serious medical problems (back pain surgery), her struggle for quality of life, and her lengthy but fruitless battle with the health bureaucracy to seek address for the medical malpractice experienced. SALE PRICE. ISBN: 0867863269. Our Book No: 21105. $10 AUD.

67. Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth (2005). On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss (Reprint ed). London: Simon & Schuster. 235 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, pages lightly toned as usual, minor edgewear. On Death and Dying changed the way we talk about the end of life. Before her own death in 2004, Kubler-Ross and Kessler completed On Grief and Grieving, which looks at the way we experience the process of grief. Just as On Death and Dying taught us the five stages of death - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance - this book applies these stages to the grieving process and weaves together theory, inspiration, and practical advice, including sections on sadness, hauntings, dreams, isolation and healing. ISBN: 0743283448. Our Book No: 4543. $12 AUD.

68. Legat, Michael (2000). They Read Books and Go to Cocktail Parties. London: Robert Hale. 160 pp. Paperback small trade, very good condition, corners creased front cover, botrtom edge little marked, top corners few pages creased, minor edgewear. The author looks back at his long and distinguished career in publishing. This book has many fascinating and amusing anecdotes about Claire Rayner, Nicholas Monsarrat, Jacqueline Susann and the publishers Stanley Unwin and Victor Gollancz. ISBN: 070906635X. Our Book No: 40211. $15 AUD.

69. Lind, Michael (1996). Up from Conservatism: Why the Right is Wrong for America (1st ed). New York: Free Press. 295 pp. Hardcover octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), light foxing edges, minor edgewear jacket. He was an intellectual leader of American Conservatism but he became disillusioned at their cynical "culture war" strategy for capturing political power. ISBN: 0684827611. Our Book No: 40215. $25 AUD.

70. Lunn, Helen; Pugh, Clifton (illustrator) (1991). Digger's Mate. Melbourne, Flemington: Aird Books. Unnum 32 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, colour drawings, minor edgewear & creasing. Delightful children's picture story based on a true story about an orphaned wombat being raised in the same family as a household dog. Clifton Pugh is one of Australia's foremost artists and a passionate conservationist, and this was his last book. ISBN: 0947214178. Our Book No: 11164. $10 AUD.

71. Macaulay, Rose (1996). Life among the English (New ed) [Writers' Britain]. London: Piron. 95 pp. Hardcover small, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white & colour illustrations, spine ends & corner tips covers little rubbed, boards little faded, minor edgewear jacket. The author (1881 - 1958), a celebrated English novelist and essayist, goes on a very funny journey through the social life of the English from the ancient Britons to the present century, and finds a stubborn similarity of behaviour across the centuries. The book is a fascinating very amusing look at the social mores and a wonderful insight into the English character. Originally published in 1942. ISBN: 1853752312. Our Book No: 40239. $16 AUD.

72. MacFarquhar, Larissa (2016). Strangers Drowning: Impossible Idealism, Drastic Choices, and the Urge to Help (1st small p/b ed). New York: Penguin Books. 320 pp. Paperback trade, good condition, tiny bump base of spine, corners cover & spine ends little creased, few light impressions front cover & free flyleaf, edges lightly toned, minor edgewear. The author seeks out people living lives of extreme ethical commitment and tells their stories: their stubborn integrity and their compromises, and bravery and recklessness. Moving and provocative, this book makes us look at what we value most, and why. ISBN: 9780143109785. Our Book No: 30378. $15 AUD.

73. Macleod, W. N. (1966). The Geology and Iron Deposits of the Hamersley Range Area, Western Australia (2 volumes) [Geological Survey of Western Australia Bulletin, no. 117]. Perth: Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA). 170 pp. Paperback small octavo, very good condition, thick card covers (brown cloth spine), black & white photos, map, foldout colour maps in separate volume, tables, glossy paper, minor edgewear, owner's written name. The first comprehensive survey of the vast Hamersley region iron ore deposits of north-western Australia. This survey was necessary after the government lifted the embargo on iron exports in 1960. Huge economic potential is documented, over 15,000 million tons, one of the largest in the world. A separate supplementary volume consists of an atlas of 10 foldout colour maps, labelled Maps 2 to 11. (Written name of Alan Ives, Canberra book collector.). Our Book No: 17482. $70 AUD.

74. Melba, Dame Nellie (1926). Melba Method [Plate 28841]. London & Sydney: Chappell & Co. 64 pp. Paperback large quarto, very good condition, card cover (little foxed, rear cover little scratched), top corner section most pages creased, spine perfect binding (little foxed), minor edgewear. (Copyright date, 1926. Later printing, about 1970, decimal price sticker.) Sheet music for opera singing accompanied by piano. Introductory essay by Melba on her method. Then: Part 1: Breathing and other exercises, examples, and my daily exercises. Part 2: Vocalises for low and high voice. Our Book No: 17710. $30 AUD.

75. Moran, Joe (2016). Shrinking Violets: A Feld Guide to Shyness (1st ed). London: Profile Books. 280 pp. Hardcover octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), minor edgewear jacket. Examines the hidden world of shyness, providing insights on everything from timidity in lemon sharks to the role of texting in Finnish love affairs. He uncovers the fascinating stories of the men and women who were ‘of the violet persuasion’, from Charles Darwin to Agatha Christie, and from Tove Jansson to Nick Drake. The stories are often both heart-breaking and inspiring. ISBN: 9781781252645. Our Book No: 30372. $30 AUD.

76. Morozov, Evgeny (2012). The Net Delusion: How Not to Liberate the World (Reprint ed). London: Penguin Books. 408 pp. Paperback small trade, two tiny tears bottom edge rear cover, minor edgewear. Explains why internet freedom is an illusion. He says in many cases the net is helping oppressive regimes to stifle dissent, track dissidents and keep people pacified. Free information doesn’t mean free people ISBN: 9780141049571. Our Book No: 40217. $18 AUD.

77. Ness, Lachlan (2010). A Kangaroo Loose in Shetland: Excerpts from a Diary. City Not Stated: Lachlan Ness. 176 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, maps, minor creases covers & front flyleaf, minor edgewear. In this fascinating book, an Australian clergyman and his wife travel to Aberdeen, Scotland, from where they cross hundreds of kilometres of wild North Sea and arrive in Shetland in a snow storm in the Spring of 2008, unaware of the many adventures that await them while ministering to the warm-hearted folk of the North Isles, Britain’s remotest islands. By the author of "A Kangaroo Loose in the Top Paddock". ISBN: 9780980822809. Our Book No: 40226. $18 AUD.

78. Nicholson; Dusty, Slim; Morgan, Chad; Skinner, Phil (arranged); Phillips, Harry (arranged) (1957). Nicholson's 19th Bushland Song Album. Sydney: Nicholson's Pty Ltd. 24 pp. Paperback quarto, good condition, staples rusted, small edge piece front cover removed near spine, pages faintly toned, faint foxing rear cover, some edgewear & spinewear. Sheet music for 11 popular bush songs: Our wedding waltz - Just saddle old darkie - Since the bushland boogie came this way - Range of glory - Lonesome road of tears - Rodeo dance - King Bundawaal (of the tribe of Kurnai in Victoria) - The duckinwilla - Chasing sorts in Childers - The answer to a bachelor's warning - It's no fun. (Copyright date, 1957.). Our Book No: 17708. $20 AUD.

79. O'Hanlon, Ardal (1998). The Talk of the Town (Reprint ed). London: Sceptre 244 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, spine little creased, small indentation fore-edge, minor edgewear corners. First comic novel by the Irish comedian who plays Father Dougal Maguire in the TV comedy Father Ted. ISBN: 0340693088. Our Book No: 40249. $18 AUD.

80. Paling (1968). Paling's Piano Folio No. 3: 48 Famous Piano Solos [Plate: W.H.P.1520]. Sydney & Brisbane: W. H. Paling Pty Ltd. 96 pp. Paperback folio, good plus condition, pages lightly toned, tide marks top corner last few pages (previous water contact now dry), minor edgewear, owner's sticker front cover. A selection of sheet music for classic piano pieces. First piece is Invercargill March (Alex F. Lithgow). Last piece is Habanera, from Carmen (Bizet). (Estimated date, late 1960s, has price sticker, both one dollar and ten shillings). Our Book No: 17704. $20 AUD.

81. Paling (1970). Paling's Piano Folio No. 1: 42 World's Best Piano Folios (48th ed) [Plate: W.H.P.1518]. Sydney & Brisbane: W. H. Paling Pty Ltd. 96 pp. Paperback folio, good plus condition, vertical crease front cover (corner tip creased), pages lightly toned, minor edgewear, owner's sticker front cover. A selection of sheet music for classic piano pieces. First piece is The Turkish Patrol (Th. Michaelis). Last piece is Over the Waves Waltz (Juventino Rosas). (Estimated date, 1970s, has one dollar decimal price. 48th edition suggests 48th printing.). Our Book No: 17701. $25 AUD.

82. Paling (1970). Paling's Piano Folio No. 2: 45 World Popular Solos [Plate: W.H.P.1519]. Sydney & Brisbane: W. H. Paling Pty Ltd. 96 pp. Paperback folio, very good condition, pages lightly toned, minor edgewear, sticker mark front cover. A selection of sheet music for classic piano pieces. First piece is Beautiful Star of Heaven Reverie (Louis A. Drumheller Op.48). Last piece is The Raindrop Prelude Op.28 No 15 (Chopin). (Estimated date, 1970s, has one dollar decimal price.). Our Book No: 17703. $25 AUD.

83. Reardon, Mitch (1996). The Australian Geographic Book of the Nullarbor (1st ed). Sydney, Terrey Hills: Australian Geographic. 157 pp. Paperback oblong quarto, very good condition, maps (including liftout map), colour text-photos (some full-page), light foxing inside covers & title page, minor edgewear. A comprehensive illustrated guide to the mysterious, mostly uninhabited country sprawling north of the Great Australian Bight. From the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia to the West Australian goldfields, it reveals a stark landscape of natural beauty and wonder enriched by 20,000-plus years of human history. The Nullabor plain - the world’s largest semi-arid limestone landscape - the Bight’s vast cliffline, beautiful beaches and plenty of wildlife - Dreamtime stories and the feats of European explorers such as Edward Eyre - the modern era: tourism, mining, pastoralism and southern ocean fisheries. With over 220 photographs and detailed maps, advice, and a lift-out map, this book is an invaluable guide to The Nullarbor. ISBN: 1862760160. Our Book No: 30370. $26 AUD.

84. Rees, Leslie; Zouwer, Naomi; Rees Peterson, Dymphna; Clarke Wintle, Megan (2011). The Story of Shy the Platypus (New ed). Canberra: National Library of Australia (NLA). 82 pp. Hardback square octavo, dustjacket, very good plus condition (in very good plus condition), pictorial cover, colour drawings (some full-page), pencil drawings, few colour photos. This beautiful story was first published in 1944. The daughters of Leslie Rees, Megan Clarke Wintle and Dymphna Rees Peterson, have contributed to the making of this edition of "Shy the Platypus". Dymphna has introduced the story with a personal memoir of how her father wrote his children’s books, and has included photographs and some of his literary memorabilia. Pencil illustrations by Naomi Zouwer. The National Library suggests the reading age to be Primary School. This beautiful book will interest adults who love the original stories of Leslie Rees. ISBN: 9780642277411. Our Book No: 40225. $30 AUD.

85. Reid, Craig; Marshall, Justin; Logan, Dave; Kleine, Diana (2009). Coral Reefs and Climate Change: The Guide for Education and Awareness (1st ed). Brisbane: University of Queensland Press (UQP). 236 pp. Paperback quarto, very good plus condition, includes CD ROM and coral health chart, colour photos, charts, minor edgewear. Heavy (1.0 Kg), and extra postage may be requested to destinations outside Australia. This book places the focus on coral reefs, the astonishing abundance of life within them, and the impacts of climate change on this beautiful environment. Coral reefs are being lost five times faster than rainforest. It is important to act now to prevent further degradation. For educators, students, reef enthusiasts, professionals and interested people. ISBN: 9780646523606. Our Book No: 40223. $50 AUD.

86. Rennie, Anne (1998). Pain-free Living: A Cookbook for Arthritis Sufferers (Revised ed). Canberra: Aerospace Publications. 232 pp. Paperback wide octavo, very good condition, full-page colour photos, rear cover corner little creased, minimal edgewear, copy 2. Revised edition. About 200 tasty recipes, based on her personal experience of controlling the pain of crippling arthritis. Said to be suitable for both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Anne Rennie is a well-known writer of Australian historical novels. ISBN: 1875671412. Our Book No: 9916A. $20 AUD.

87. Rose, Anna (2012). Madlands. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press (MUP). 357 pp. Paperback octavo, very good plus condition. An idealistic young Australian environmentalist confronts a retired right-wing finance minister. All their lives, they've happily ignored each other. Anna is on a mission. This is the story of her biggest challenge yet - a whirlwind journey around the world with conservative powerbroker and arch climate skeptic Nick Minchin. From a remote Hawaiian volcano to a cosmic ray laboratory in Geneva, Anna rolls out the big names in science to try and change Nick's mind. Nick and Anna challenge each other's views, provoking each other to confront closely held assumptions. ISBN: 9780522861693. Our Book No: 17699. $16 AUD.

88. Snell, Danny (2015). Seagull (1st ed). Adelaide: Working Title Press. Unnum 28 pp. Hardcover small square quarto, no jacket, very good plus condition, pictorial cover, full-page colour drawings, minimal edgewear. A charming children's picture story about a seagull named Seagull who loved to fly. One day, Seagull got caught in a fishing line, and her bird friends tried to help, but could only loosen it a little. A boy came along the beach and gently helped to untangle the mess a little, and this was enough to free Seagull. Seagull rested and next morning was able to do what Seagull liked best, flying. The easy-to-read text and bright large illustrations will delight all ages. Text and illustrations by Danny Snell. ISBN: 9781921504815. Our Book No: 30386. $20 AUD.

89. Stead, Christina (1988). The Little Hotel (New ed). Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 191 pp. Paperback small trade, good plus, light foxing edges, pages little toned, minor edgewear. Novel by Australian writer about life in a Swiss town in the late 1940s. ISBN: 0207160295. Our Book No: 40218. $14 AUD.

90. Turnbull, Malcolm (1988). The Spycatcher Trial (1st ed) [The Spy Catcher Trial]. Melbourne: Heinemann. 228 pp. Hardback octavo, dustjacket, very good condition (in very good dustjacket), black & white photos centre spread, some edgewear. The trial of British spy, James Wright, by the Australian lawyer who defended him. The Thatcher Government tried to stop publication of his book that revealed penetration of MI5 by Russian agents. ISBN: 0855612398. Our Book No: 16230. $12 AUD.

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99. Windust, Allan (2000). Green Home Recycling: 16 Ways to Compost or Worm Farm. Mandurang, VIC: Allscape. 76 pp. Paperback trade, very good condition, stapled, black & white drawings, front cover little creased, minor edgewear. In this useful book the author explains how to set up a worm farm and a compost heap. The many tips and drawings will help anyone turn scraps into food for the garden. ISBN: 9780958616317. Our Book No: 40228. $25 AUD.